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  1. Champignon

    Kiss the bottle

  2. Champignon

    Burn it all!

  3. Champignon

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I’m in!
  4. Champignon

    (Spoilers) Speculation on Chronicles 33 story

    So, friends, what do you think, how long we’re going to wait for a mech body for Nico. It will be very interesting to get a real steampunk iron necromancer:) also i’ve Got an idea of a zombie horde on big base with kind of hive mind of Nico. The question is when their be a continuation of Nico’s misadventures?
  5. Champignon


    In stitch in time was interesting male spirit summoner. Could be cool to see alt.kirai based on him. With spirit ravens instead of seishins:)
  6. Champignon

    Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    I can mistake, but this make him completely useless. Especially the enforcer change. This support unit you talk about should be 5-6 stone summonable model. Frankly speaking, resseres now are the most balanced fraction (not Seamus) from my point of view, don't understand this fear of summon at all. In our meta other players cope really well with it and summon can scare only new players for 1-3 times. Than you learn how to deal with it
  7. Champignon

    Lore question

    Hello friends! I have read the Nico vs LJ story in the chronicles and saw an interesting thing. When Yan Lo threatening Nico, Nick himself mentioned that was dead once. Can you please point a story where this happened?
  8. Champignon


    Nightmare marcus crew with werewolf theme. Like miranda half-transformed oh something. Want him to look more savage and nightmerish. Actual one has a bit of a kind druid lookalike
  9. Champignon


    Lilith in her demonic form will be just great
  10. Champignon

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Thanks @tomjoad for your answer.
  11. Champignon


    Vintage nico with vulture
  12. Champignon

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    So if no one ask...:) Can you folks tell me what happens to Reva? Will be happy to receive one more cool answer
  13. Champignon

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Big thanks to @Pyrflamme
  14. Champignon

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Can anyone tell what is happening with Nico and Tara?
  15. Champignon

    Fluff question

    Hello folks.as long as I know almost every master in Malifaux is allusion to someone.can you help me determine Mei Feng,Kaeris and Reva.to whom they refer