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  1. blue-white uniform with red and bronze details is working fine for me.
  2. Whelks are top priority if you expect to see Britts often. Eggs are a must have all around in all other instances you can choose what ever you want, but strongly advise you to switch into 2 commander type, it's the game-size where TOS really shines
  3. really like how carvers attack changes in glory (df turn to wp) hope this mechanic will be seen more often in future TOS releases, due to it makes a player think glory or not to glory each unit
  4. Just check latest news and my sight stuck on "one of them" ability of the court. This is plenty of opportunities for the hordes players due to our glory mechanics. Just want to discuss your thoughts on this matters
  5. hope this is the right topic but... will we got an update for TOS? it'll be very cool to got a tos crew builde, suppose it is not hard to add cards and other stff to the already existing app
  6. that's very pitty. suppose people should understand that the epoch in malifaux world is about racial oppression and the other things. i'm voting against sterilized world)
  7. reading all this.. please give me the reaction "shocked" for the posts. it's very needed
  8. from my point of view she's transfered from the most simple res master to the hardest lampads and vins are the mast the other is up to you prefer her with golem and digger
  9. actually the term itself is pretty simple and quite understandable, the problem of not understanding - it is not related to the game, there is no appropriation in the game. some people in the topic just really struggle to find it
  10. Do not understand you yeh, he is a slave master in a world where slavery exist and he also a reference to literature character with slave-master theme but I don’ get it? Why is it bed? Or out of place
  11. ok, lets get rid of half of the books aivengo got issues with jews, terrible
  12. why not? it's a direct reference to a book or you consider that book was too match?
  13. hope Wyrd will make Scoffer Admin or something he is toо good, too good 11\10
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