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  1. Ooff that sounds tiring to deal with, has there been a lot of trouble here? normally things are pretty chill on the forums, but I've been away for a while @Flatulous_Khan I'm so sorry, I did not mean to be insolent I just thought you did not know the word. Once again I'm very sorry I misunderstood you. @Fetid Strumpet is the name of the podcast just Team Covenant? it sounds like something worth checking out.
  2. @Adran and @Kelly thank you both for being so active and aware of the discussion. This weekend I'll pop up to my local store and see if they are up for special orders. I'm not really upset with Wyrd, I have the models and I can print the new rules and cards. It just seemed weird to me and I did not see any communication about it. If I'm being positive it can help me be patient since so many thing are instant gratification. @Flatulous_Khan Allocate, al·lo·cate [ˈaləˌkāt] VERB allocates (third person present) · allocated (past tense) · allocated (past participle) · allocating (present participle) distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose. "the authorities allocated 50,000 places to refugees" · [more] "he has been allocated a generous slice of the annual budget" synonyms: allot · assign · issue · award · grant · administer · devote · share out · apportion · portion out · distribute · hand out · deal out · dole out · give out · parcel out · ration out
  3. OK...so good news people are buying M3E left and right that's awesome, now only if they were playing around my area I love that Wyrd tries to support local stores but mine is not going to carry it...so yeah I do think it sucks to have a June release but not have it easily available in hard copy. I would prefer to wait longer for the release if it meant I could order it as I want. It seems to be a common occurrence in the world of nerdy thing that they underestimate the demand for product. @solkan Adran responded to the forum topic saying "For those worried about the issue, Nathen talks about it in this thread. For those of a nervous disposition, M3e release had already left the warehouse. " so that should not be affecting this. Sigh I guess I'll just have to wait until August for the GenCon sale....
  4. Morning everyone, I'm really excited for the release of third edition and last Friday I ran to the web store ready to purchase the new rulebook and the Arcanist and Neverborn faction packs only to find nothing there...like absolutely nothing. No listings, no sales not even the words Malifaux third edition anywhere. Ok that's weird well Google will help me out but the only place I can find selling the new edition is eBay and a few places that are sold out. What gives? did I miss something about how it was being released? PS. Yes I know I can download it for free but I want the nice book and cards. I also want to support Wyrd. PPS I hope this was the right area to post this if not I'm sorry in advance.
  5. I think I would use Graves to push Tannen more often since he is only walk 4 and Pandora has some movement tricks of her own. I'm surprised by the Teddy baby Kade choice, while I think its a cool and very thematic choice its 18ss and a lot of set up to get the high damage when I could just higher Nekima for 13ss and please let me know if there is something I'm missing there. As I played that first game I liked how the Madness messed with the enemy/supported Pandora but I agree they really felt more like scheme runners I'm not sure if I'd hire changelings with Pandora but if another model is making them for me, I'll certainly use them. @I'm a Teapot! OH! I thought he could only copy actions now I understand why he would be used more. I love the idea of getting 2 flip auras up and since they are both on 50mm bases that's a pretty big area Also Incorporeal you take 1/2 damage from ML and SH attacks. Is that damage round up or down? I assume down, but I wanted to find it in writing. I failed to find it in the core rule book mind you I was looking though it on my phone and with drop box so not the best why to look things up.
  6. @le_sphinx Mr. Tannen could replace an insidious madness how often do you run him with Mr. Graves? For this mysterious emissary what action are you normally copying? same question for the changelings and I assume the changelings are used to provoke more WP scheme run and jut tie up other models? With Widow weaver I love the idea of lowering peoples WP but I know if I saw it hit the board I'd go "KILL IT!! KILL IT NOW!!!" I guess the only thing to do is buy her and hope my opponents are a little slow about killing her I love how Pandora has three different builds she can use. The woe is me build just being her and at least 2 models that bring condition and whatever you feel like using sounds like it will have a lot of versatility. I can have enough love for two
  7. Morning everyone, I just had my first game with Pandora and it was great!. I ran the box opens build and used the Schemes and Stone building on a budget list (Pandora, Candy Iggy, 2xsorrrows 2xInsidous Madness and Poltergeist) it was vs. Kari with extraction...there were no survivors I loved all of the overlapping auras and how the damage and effects start small oh 1 point of damage whatever...then it jumps to 3 or more with a to WP duels and discard a card to just to cheat. You really can kill friendships with crews like this. So I was wondering what other models should I be looking at to round out this crew? I have Nekima. Barbaros and Lilitu are on order. I know the first suggestion is doppelganger and widow weaver but what else? I'm hesitant about widow weaver, I feel she is a HUGE target and not that survivable Also everyone is talking about the summons build for her and it sounds AWESOME! what are some models people would suggest for that crew? Any tips for running it? does and don't, scheme to take or avoid at all costs Thanks a lot and don't tell the Arcanists I was here I'm kind of cheating on them with Neverborn right now
  8. You take that back you Guild sympathizer!! @emiba your are so right that performer was the real MVP
  9. I'm 18 min into the video and I really like it. GO ARCANISTS! (it looks a little grim for them right now ) It's really hard finding battle reports that are worth watching, I love the narration and the showing of the card flips. Oh! and the way you have corrected mistakes during the match and the narration is great. Some battle reports don't even mention them and it's pretty frustrating. Please keep up the great work.
  10. What @hydranixx said warding runes gives a big F you to lures from belles especially and annoys other casting actions. The first time I ran Ironsides it was vs. McMourning and my opponent did not know about the Warding runes, unsurprisingly he was pissed once he could not put poison on Ironsides then could not debuff her and could not pulse damage onto her either. He now makes it a point to kill my Oxfordian mage ASAP.
  11. @Myyrä oops sorry I missed you there @nicodemus I've never seen Sue but after looking him up, each that would work nicely
  12. I'm really surprised I only see one person talking of Carlos. Run Carlos w/ Sandeep. Just those two models get armor 2 and incorporeal and heal 2 for 1 discarded card on Carlos. So you would have to do 12 points of damage to just have 2 point actually stay. (12 damage, cut in half cause of incorporeal so 6 minus 2 for armor so 4 damage then he heals 2 at the end of turn so he only took 2 damage). And that is not even counting what you can add with warding runes (regen 1 and immune to conditions and pulses) a Steamfitter(reduce damage), Amina (can't be hit), Medical Automaton (avoid flurries and H2K), Imbued protection(Def 7 reduce 2 damage) Silent one (more heals) and of course SS use. There is a small weakness to CA and blasts actions but I think you can work around that. @Ludvig as a good point no matter how tanky you make a model if there is a will there is a way to kill it, but its fun to theorize these weird crews and model combos
  13. I love Ramos but his normal play style gets a little dull so anything new is worth trying. Thanks for the ideas
  14. @Aaron It's awesome to see that you are reading these nerf (cuddle?)/buff forums, whether or not any of these actually happen. Just wanted to say these are some interesting posts, and I think it's really awesome to see people giving balanced criticism and buffs for models. I'm not sure what I would like to see nerfed but I'd love to see some buffs to the unused models in the faction, like cojo, the captain, slateridge mauler etc. Most have been talked about in earlier posts but the more options there are the better.
  15. I did not know about Kaeris (I don't have her) Sandeep I don't fully count for card draw since you had to discard a card first so your just staying even, and imbued energies gets you 4 cards but the model has to be killed and I tend to use IE before that happens. Your right about limiting the amount of discard models you take, it more that is a tend I'm seeing with a lot of newer models Stemfitter, Amina, Icedancer, Vogel that's four that jump to mind with out my books around to check Tough one for me is the Steamfitters, I have really wanted away to make scrap makers for a while now and two cards a turn adds up, its a third of your hand if you don't have Arcane Reservoir I'd also like to clarify I don't think we need a massive card engine like Phillip and the Nanny + Necro Punk that's really powerful right now, maybe just a Hench or enforcer that has a 0 action draw a card something simple like what you said retnab @Adran Damn I completely forgot about the surge triggers. I use Arcane reservoir on almost all of my masters that extra card is so handy. I've only run mei a little and I did not have much luck killing with her, oh she was great at covering my models is steam and getting all over the board just did not wow me with killing things. Ironsides hand picked men is great, I've been working on how to activate it better. In the same vein of the plus flips ramos and give constructs to defense and attack That's a really good point about the TN of abilities I did not think about that at all , I would love to see a comparison different factions CA VS TN. I guess that's a good side of the discard it forces us to make a choice do I want a scrap marker now or a card to cheat with? And that is one of my favorite parts of the game is how much thinking/planning you can put into it.
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