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  1. Forgot to talk about the Prospector. Agree that Stunned as a penalty for Mining Soulstone on them is meaningless. This is not to say that the penalty needs to be worse but that the Prospector has no meaningful bonus Action or triggers so Stun has no effect. I would definitely fault the models design as it's an easy choice. Going back to the old Slow penalty and this model is very questionable for 6ss. The only real thing it brings is Appraisal and if you nerf that action this model is pointless.
  2. Pass tokens only counter insignificant/fluff activations (ie Rats and the like) Outside of wanting the final activation you are rarely ever using Pass tokens and sitting there getting pummeled.
  3. Thoughts as the Leveticus player Game in general: I really screwed myself by forgetting I had Take Prisoner and not making sure Marlena was outside of blast range lol. Also I didn't need to be aggressive with A&D or the Necropunk but that would have been a pretty boring game. Have expressed this before but the M3E Strategies don't promote interaction. There is nothing like the old Turf War that required moving models into the center or Symbols of Authority that required going into the enemy side. Outcasts: Marlena Webster: gave her a try as I hadn't used her in a while and not with the new Soul Tether. She's fine but I don't think you need her and Hodgepodge Emissary, the latter being my preference. Leveticus hiring pool is quite shallow so options are limited. Hard pass on hiring Scavengers or Abominations. Desolation Engine is a big point sink considering you really need Servant of Dark Power to make it worthwhile. Sad that an upgrade needs to stapled to him when there is still an opportunity to fix his design. Why Df 3 persists on Deso confuses me. Compare him to Metal Golem who has Armour +2 and can layer Shielded on top with his trigger and bonus action. Yes Deso can heal with its attacks but that doesn't help when you're getting pummeled. Reforming is not going to happen. Versatile Outcasts are slim pickings as well. Arcanists: Ride the Rails is pretty ridiculous mobility. Potential 13" of move that ignores intervening terrain & models and engagement for zero cost. And doesn't require any LoS. Yes you need scrap markers but from my games vs Foundry there have never been issues getting scrap where needed. Sparks/Explosive upgrades: questionable that a non-master upgrade is this good and persistent. Imo it needs to be discarded after use or if it stays the damage needs to get reduced. Something like a blast marker that does 1 damage.
  4. It's always been one damage since the beginning. When the Trunk was actually good and didn't need a discard, the Friekorpsmann wouldn't need to camp in its aura to keep reusing the equipment. Disadvantage was all equipment is Plentiful 2, so you wouldn't get to pass them around (ie Rocket Launchers.) Recycle ability is pretty nerfed now so it needs more action investment from Von Schill. I suppose a Friekorpsmann with Reinforced Shield and Rocket boots could be decent scheme runner though I think they would be a better investment on VS or Arik.
  5. I was giving the trigger some thought since our game and the latest stealth update. What would you think of there being two triggers: One built in for any Attack action to gain +1 Adrenaline (though the Damage reduction might need a lower cap) and another for punch back on that is not baked in. I think the problem with Nice shot right now is that it is trying to do everything. Split up the two aspects (adrenaline & counterattack) and you have a better chance to make them balanced.
  6. Why I understand what the OP is saying is it real or anecdotal? Outside of a playgroup where there is knowledge of who has what crews in each Faction can you really hard counter with another Master? I'm using Hoffman as the example as it was mentioned previously. In a game of Guild vs. Outcast, there's no reason for me to guess that Hoffman (unless I know my opponent and use outside knowledge) will be selected, prompting a counter pick of Leveticus. Outside of Leve's irreducible attack and Unmaking is he really hard counter? I don't think so, as there is no irreducible or armor ignoring attacks outside of what's previously mentioned; 1 attack and a defensive trigger. The other possibility is to build a super crew regardless of which Master I selected to counter yours. Using the same example do i build a crew with 3x Ronin, Mad Dog, Arik, etc. How much tax am I paying to build a crew with all anti-armour and how much of a handicap have I given myself?
  7. It's a little better. At least you only need to discard a single card. A moderate will now Heal 2 vs. 1 previously and Severe 3 vs. 2. 🤷‍♂️ Now if they only did something for the Scavenger...
  8. You already know the answer...
  9. My general thoughts on the game and Amalgam in the event anyone is still listening... Leveticus: Is fine. I never got to use the heal aura though. No enemy models ever got close enough and Leve stayed in an area trying to push back Ironside et all after Rusy, Deso Engine and A&D folded. Rusty Alyce: Didn't to do anything before dying. Aetheric Healing is terrible and too expensive. It requires passing both a TN (which should pass 76% of the time) and discards. It should at least heal 1 + additonal +1 for each card discarded. Or have the Surge added like Marlena at a minimum. Seeing as how the ability still exists in other forms (ie Reach of the Union) Alyce should have kept her anti-Charge aura from 2e. Ashes & Dust: Model is fine though reforming is too difficult now. There should be a buff once you do Initiate Reformation. Desolation Engine: Df 3 is too fragile even with built in Unmaking trigger, which isn't much of deterrent. Really feels like to have to take Servant of Dark Power upgrade to give it a chance to live with the Terrifying 12. Reforming is a pipe dream as I don't think hiring an Abomination is worthwhile and summoning them is infrequent. Hollow Waifs: Really aren't much other than fluff activations and extra lives for Leve. I wouldn't be aggressive with them but they are a little more capable than I previously gave credit. Not much worse then most 4ss Minions in any event. Abominations: I would never hire one. I shouldn't expect much for 4ss but they don't really do much. I've tried starting with a few in hopes of getting a Deso Engine reformed but that whole mechanic is too fragile. Aboms are too slow and die easily. If you need a scheme runner hire a Necropunk. Thoughts on Amalgam stuff I didn't hire: Marlena: Personally I prefer Hodgepodge Emissary. Playing with both is an option but it's a lot of points to babysit Leve. Comments on Aetheric Healing are the same, though Marlena needs it more and has a worse chance of success (52%) Necropunks: nothing bad to say about them. Leve is lucky to have access to a good efficient schemer. Scavenger: I don't really have much motivation to hire these guys. Tools for the Job sounds appealing but I'd rather have a Prospector for real card draw rather than a single recycle. Weird Device is a difficult buff unless targeting Abominations, who I think I have said enough bad stuff about already. If the success was on a 7 I would actually give them a chance. M&SU: Not going to talk about the whole crew but just the things that stood out during the game. Ironsides: I do think the baked in Riposte trigger with Df/WP duels from Unionized is too much. With Amina it can be triggered on Resolving rather than just Success. Gunsmiths: if Convicts were worthy of nerf than these guys are also deserving. Being able to pick your trigger (easy with Amina) is overly strong and having what is essentially a built in Attack on a Stat 6.
  10. My main issue with it is that it's built-in trigger combined with a keyword aura ability that gives Df/Wp flips. Also bypasses Incorpreal since its not an attack action which is just odd...
  11. SuperFly TNT


    Waifs are okay for trying to get injured out. With Emissary you can push them a drop a scheme marker with Weary Road. Prospector is gold imo.
  12. New trigger will also allow another Vik to take advantage of shooting buff.
  13. There were some comments pre-nerf comparing VS to Marcus. Mutation upgrades are permanent and more powerful than Equipment. Equipment are essentially one-shot items in most circumstances and even the instances where you can keep or change them, it's not free.
  14. Personally I don't want multiple masters but as it is not being removed it, does need some relevance. There needs to be some interaction otherwise the system is pointless. That being said I understand what you are saying. However I wouldn't exclude Masters from having Equipment but it should be one per model limit or a bonus Casting to attach to Friekorps.
  15. SuperFly TNT

    Drache Trooper

    The Drache is back to having the same problems as they did in 2nd: too slow and too expensive.
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