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  1. I had a game versus Raspy with Von Schill, completely forgot about Blow it to Hell and the pillars weren't a big deal. VS can move guys out of range with the Push from equipping and Librarian can Consolidate Power.
  2. Can't find the Scavengers in the the Outcasts pdfs or on Drive thru?
  3. I was told Lion Rampant received product at their warehouse yesterday afternoon...
  4. I assume he meant M3E upgrades which haven't been ever OP during the design. or presently.
  5. Yeah. TBH I forgot all about that...
  6. Outcast upgrades were never OP...
  7. Von Schill vs. Rasputina in Reckoning Von Schill Steam Trunk Arik Lazarus Friekorps Librarian Friekorps Scout Friekorpsmann The Midnight Stalker Went with Search the Ruins and Vendetta (Scout vs. December Acolyte) Various Game Notes and Thoughts: Have tried multiple Friekorpsmann but one is probably enough if you are planning to use the Reinforced Shield trick to keep a second equipment. Having the second Reinforced Shield on Arik or Von Schill seems a better use. than another Friekorpsmann. Combo withRocket Launcher is okay on them but I think I like the Rocket Boots better. Gives a pretty good mobile scheme runner. Arik took down Ice Golem pretty easy with Charged Fists and armor piercing trigger. Need to remember that he is a Henchmen now and only started using stones for the trigger on the 2nd attack. Shield equipment made him pretty tough and denied my opponent any Vendetta points as he was the target. What damage did get through was healed. Von Schill spent a lot of actions attaching equipment to move my models outside of Ice pillar range. Combined with Librarian's Consolidate Power impact of Ice Pillars was limited. Still not getting the most out of Steam Trunk. I think the ideal combo is Rocket Launcher >Mine Field>Rocket Launcher if you have the card to discard and don't need one of it's other Bonus Actions.
  8. Also Prospector can Appraise Corpse and Scrap markers. On later turns they can eat those for cards so you are not as dependent on generating Scheme markers. Also can disrupt Enemy Schemes by Appraising their markers off the board. With their free push towards a Scheme Marker they don't need to be stuck in the back, they can get in on the action if necessary albeit slowly. The "free" SS they make every turn means you can essentially always draw 2 extra cards.
  9. 1 or 2 Abominations were an always hire for me in M2e because of the card draw. Now they are nothing more than an incidental summon which is sad. Plentiful (8) is a big lol.
  10. I would prefer they had HtK over the HtW they got but any boon however small is better than nothing. Still never going to hire one though. But it's free versus paying 2ss for SoDP. If you still buy the upgrade it's Terrify 13 which isn't anything to sneeze at.
  11. Copying my comments from the last Leveticus batrep here: Generally agree with most of what was said but I disagree that Leve's tactical is niche. Getting to look and order your top 3 cards is great and you can set up your attack. Essentially can replace a Channel by removing the unknowns (of your cards at least) I kick myself every time I forget to use it. Deso Engine needs to have Terrify 11 from SoDP to have a slim chance to survive. Sad. They tried to make Scavengers more appeal with Tools for the Job but still a pass for me. Tolls will let you trade for a good card but I would rather have a Prospector and get SS and draws.
  12. Forgot to talk about the Prospector. Agree that Stunned as a penalty for Mining Soulstone on them is meaningless. This is not to say that the penalty needs to be worse but that the Prospector has no meaningful bonus Action or triggers so Stun has no effect. I would definitely fault the models design as it's an easy choice. Going back to the old Slow penalty and this model is very questionable for 6ss. The only real thing it brings is Appraisal and if you nerf that action this model is pointless.
  13. Pass tokens only counter insignificant/fluff activations (ie Rats and the like) Outside of wanting the final activation you are rarely ever using Pass tokens and sitting there getting pummeled.
  14. Thoughts as the Leveticus player Game in general: I really screwed myself by forgetting I had Take Prisoner and not making sure Marlena was outside of blast range lol. Also I didn't need to be aggressive with A&D or the Necropunk but that would have been a pretty boring game. Have expressed this before but the M3E Strategies don't promote interaction. There is nothing like the old Turf War that required moving models into the center or Symbols of Authority that required going into the enemy side. Outcasts: Marlena Webster: gave her a try as I hadn't used her in a while and not with the new Soul Tether. She's fine but I don't think you need her and Hodgepodge Emissary, the latter being my preference. Leveticus hiring pool is quite shallow so options are limited. Hard pass on hiring Scavengers or Abominations. Desolation Engine is a big point sink considering you really need Servant of Dark Power to make it worthwhile. Sad that an upgrade needs to stapled to him when there is still an opportunity to fix his design. Why Df 3 persists on Deso confuses me. Compare him to Metal Golem who has Armour +2 and can layer Shielded on top with his trigger and bonus action. Yes Deso can heal with its attacks but that doesn't help when you're getting pummeled. Reforming is not going to happen. Versatile Outcasts are slim pickings as well. Arcanists: Ride the Rails is pretty ridiculous mobility. Potential 13" of move that ignores intervening terrain & models and engagement for zero cost. And doesn't require any LoS. Yes you need scrap markers but from my games vs Foundry there have never been issues getting scrap where needed. Sparks/Explosive upgrades: questionable that a non-master upgrade is this good and persistent. Imo it needs to be discarded after use or if it stays the damage needs to get reduced. Something like a blast marker that does 1 damage.
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