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  1. Another question on perverse metabolism and Catalyst : Does model suffering (or healing) damage from poison when activating in a Catalyst aura get the additional damage every 3 full points beyond the fist ? Thank you
  2. Thanks. In your module, it's the standard DZ at 6''. And you can find the corrected standard DZ on this new link : https://we.tl/t-HPoYscUhVP
  3. A friend of mine made the new ZD (with a small erroe). You can find them there :
  4. Hello, A friend modified the image of the deployment zone so we can use the new standard and wedge. You can download the files there : https://we.tl/t-y55pmZTNMd In order to use them, open the malifaux vassal module file (.vmod) with a software like winrar or bandizip. Then copy the new image in the archive and replace the existing files. There is a size error in the standard DZ for the area symbolizing the no from the shadow zone. It is 8" instead of 6". Enjoy
  5. I'm curious about the shockwave too. But I don't understand it with the info leak until now. And does someone has info about the standard crew size ? They seem to be 60 for the démo.
  6. Matrim

    Making vassal map

    Thanks a lot Dogmantra ! Following your answer, I reread the manual and it helped a lot.
  7. Matrim

    Making vassal map

    Hello, I tried to make my own map for the module. However, when I put down a terrain element, I can't go back to previous element. For example, if I need to nudge a house I have dropped 3 terrain elements away I can't? Did I miss a functionnality or is it making a map truly that difficult ? Thank you for your help (Sorry for the language, english is not my birth language)
  8. Hi, Does anyone want to play right now ? I am on vassal for the next 30 minutes if someone is interested.
  9. Thank you for your quick answer. As a french player, I will just have to wait a bit more to have the new upgrades. I will buy the cards as soon as they are released.
  10. Could we know when this book will be available on Drive Thru RPG ? I prefer the pdf version to the paper version. Thank you
  11. Firstly, thank you for your answers. So nothing stop me (rulewise) from placing the shards in a wall, with a piece in range of the cast and the other inside the building ?
  12. Hello, Following a game with a friend last week on vassal, I need some help. Does the shards of kythera of the Carrion emissary may be placed in contact or overlapping terrain? The card states: ”[…] not in base contact with a model or other marker.” So, I would say yes, but, how do you manage it ? Does the trees or the crates are pushed upward ? Yhank you
  13. Hello, What happen when more than one scheme marker are placed within 3" of a model with the upragde Well rehearsed ? (for example, an union miner using false claim) Does it push 2" for each marker or only 2" in total ? Well rehearsed : When a scheme marker is placed within 3" (area) of this model, this model may push up to 2" in any direction. Thanks
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