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  1. What's your best "griefer" neverborn crew list?

    Not a full list but I find a Titania, Barbaros and Tannen combo with their overlapping auras to be pretty grief inducing if you have strats and schemes that cause you to cluster around a point on the board
  2. If you are set on one of those 3 masters whoch are unfortunately all from different factions and the look of the minatures are the main factor for you, I would look at other models and crew boxes in the respective factions and go with the one where you like the most models as if you get into this game you will definitely be expanding your collection. Of those 3 be a little wary of Levy as he is the most complicated rules wise and has an unusual hiring pool where he can hire in out of faction undead or constructs depending on the upgrades you pick for him. That said if you are an experienced gamer and he is a standout favourite dont let it put you off him. However for your friend who is completely new to table top gaming there are definitely a few masters I would suggest avoiding until they have a decent understanding of the rules As to the apps mentioned my clear favourite is crewfaux it won't give you the stats for models but is an excellent crew builder that takes things like upgrades alloing out of faction hires in to account it also has the rules for the schemes and strats as well as a scenario generator. I use it in most games
  3. Your Neverborn crew cores

    I'd say either Iggy or a nurse are also staples of a Zoraida crew due to their synergy with the Voodoo Doll.
  4. LGBT characters?

    I agree that forcing a creator to do something is a bad thing and will ultimately hurt the end product, but I don't think that is what is happening here this is an attempt to change a creators mind. No one here is threatening some sort of punishment or reprisal if LGBT characters aren't included they are just saying hey guys have you considered representing this group of people? We really like your work and the world you have created and would like to see how LGBT people live in this environment. Or they are saying we think what you are doing is great but we think it would be better if it included a well written gay character. There is a big difference between forcing someone to change their creation under the threat of punishment where they make something they don't want to under the kosh, and making a someone change their creation by showing them a viewpoint they haven't considered or putting forward some criticism which changes their mind and makes them want to make something different. To the people who argue that homosexuality wasn't accepted in that time period asside from the counter argument that there already a lot of discrepancies between real history and Malifuax history particularly in regards to gender roles. There is an argument to say keep the socail attiude historically accurate so most people find it distasteful or even make it illegal as it was in many countries during the time period. A character who is struggling with how their sexuality is perceived buy their society can be a good and interesting character. For example a Guild official is being blackmailed by the Ten Thunders who are threatening to out him costing him his job and his freedom or a mercenary who can't join any official force because of his open homosexuality but is still begrudgingly hired due to his skill, showing how he interacts with people he knows hate him for what he is but need him for his talent. In a world where there is sytematic oppression and exploitation, nightmare horrors, and barely contolled magic as issues faced by the characters you can definitely have homophobia as a foil to a gay character The main issue I think a lot of straight writers have with writing gay characters is not so much that they don't think gay people should be represented, and more they are concerned they will get it wrong and offend people in the LGBT community. By making their characters too camp or too butch or any number of other faux pas that could unintentionally upset someone and they don't write homophobes for fear that their characters views be accredited to them, so they tend to play it safe and write what they know or something that is so fantastical it can't represent and therefore offend anyone. Also if you want an interesting and historical example of a skilled soldier who had to face discrimination due to his sexuality but ultimately became very influential and instrumental to a historically significant war effort I suggest you check out Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben even if he is about 100 years too early to be in Malifaux.
  5. Your Neverborn crew cores

    The most common cores people I see people using Doppleganger, dark omens, don't mind me and the ability to copy other models attacks make her useful in any situation. Mr Graves for a tough reliable beater with a good push mechanic and to a lesser extent Nekima because she is just plain scary as hell. Also Primordial Magic for masters whos totem isn't a key part of how they work. For good minions to cycle depending on satrats and schemes. Terror Totts are great cheap scheme runners, Illuminated are respectable beaters with good staying power, Wildgeist are great for holding points on the board and Silurids are expensive for scheme runners but very efficient in a lot of set ups. A lot of people like a lure minion and will usually Choose lilu or a Beckoner. But it is worth taking note of what master/s you want to play because there are a number of models that would be considered core for some masters due ro thwir synergy but not worth it with others.
  6. Von Schill Question

    The thing that needed fixing about him wasn't that he was awful he just needed a niche. There wasn't a combination of strats and schemes where you weren't better off picking another master. As long as those upgrades allow him to do something unique in the faction I'll be happy.
  7. Von Schill Question

    Well it looks like Wyrd have had the same idea and Von Schill (as well as every other master in the game) will be getting new upgrades. I am very excited about Broken Promises
  8. Von Schill Question

    @hydranixx I completely agree I wouldn't expect him to get that many upgrades they were just suggestions for one's that I think would suit him thematically and give him a niche to fill and therefore a reason to take him. If I had to pick 2 I'd go Augmented Kick as pushes are rare in Outcasts and it gives him some great utility in Extraction, Guard the stash and Interference. My second would be Walked right into it as it is somthing unique in the game. That said I also think Mess with the bull... would allow him to play as a propper mixed arms master supporting and ranged attacking in the first couple of turns and swiching to a serious combat beater in later turns. But I wouldn't have both Augmented Kick and Mess with the Bull as I think individually they would be good upgrades for him, together they would get out of hand.
  9. Mercs in gremlins

    I'm a fan of glowy Taylor especially if you have flipped a scenario where you expect to face a summoner where she becomes a real pain. Even without that the min damage 4, ability to cheat/stone in no soul stone reduction and ignoring armour etc from glowy make her a powerhouse. Also the combination of hard to kill, regeneration and dirty cheater make her hard to shift
  10. Von Schill Question

    Following on from my post above the more I think of it replacing his awful upgrade selection with more characterful and useful abilities could really turn VS arround without messing with his card too much. There is a lot of fixing that can be done to Von Shill with upgrades as his existing ones almost never get taken Other options include a nod to his enhanced legs and his Hulk Hoganyness Put the boot in 1ss Von Svhill gains the following attack action Augmented Kick: Ml 6 1/2/4 push target 6" away from this model Say Your Prayers: After pushing target push this model into base contact with it Take Your Vitamins: Target gains the slow condition Or somthing that shows he is a tough old man and also gives him one of his 1.5 ablities back Slow to Die 1ss Dying Breath: when this model is killed it may make a 1AP action before removing it from play. (0) Shrug off: This model may discard 1 card to remove one Condition from this model
  11. Von Schill Question

    Asside from his cashe being raised which I agree with. I think he could do with a couple of upgrades as his current selection asside from the shirt comes off is very poor. I'd like to see one that shows he is a respected mercenary with connections and command experiance such as On the books 2ss Pressed into service: All models with the mercenary characteristic gain the Friekorps characteristic Connected: May hire out of faction mercenaries without paying an additional 1ss Or somthing showing he is a tough old guy you don't want to rile up like Mess with the Bull.... 2ss Enrage: when this model is reduced to 6 or fewer Wd this model gains +2 to Ml and damage flips caused by its Ml actions gain Hard to kill: Or somthing that shows he is a wiley veteran who knows how to use the battle field to his advantage like Walked right in to it 1ss Don't flip for set up. This model's crew always chooses their deployment zonre and their opponents crew always sets up their models first. Ignore this ability if both crews have it. Also spoils of war should be changed to Friendly Friekorps minions or enforcers
  12. Condition Removal

    There are no factions that particularly like conditions more than the others but there are certainly masters that do. The trick is figuring out when you are likely to face them, for example the Brewmaster works best in a bubble so he is much more likely to show up in Extraction than he is in Interference. It's a bit of a balancing act Johan is a decent beater who is pretty tough so if you need that then take him. If the conditions come in to play then great he can get rid of them for you, if you need lots of scheme runners or controll pieces probably best to leave him at home and concentrate on scoring VP's.
  13. Is Brewmaster worth playing in Gremlins?

    Much like everyone else I agree that Trixiebelle is a key model with Gremlin Brewmaster, cheating intiative, pushing your opponent and her poison shenanigans make her an auto take in my opinion. Another piece I would always consider taking with him are the performers as mercenaries more board pushes great poison synergy and don't mind me mean they work really well with him they are also just good mercenaries to have in your collection regardless of faction but with Brewmaster the fact you are loading people up with poison means sip of wine becomes a serious threat. My main issue with brew master is his need to maintain his bubble. He can be very good in Extraction, decent in guard the stash, sub par in head hunter and pretty useless in interference.
  14. Expansion advice wanted

    If you are looking for another box set I'd suggest Lillith as terror Totts are great 4 stone minions who work well with most masters and she plays differently enough from your other masters to be interesting but is straight forward enough to learn fairly easily. If you want to avoid a new master for now Doppleganger, Nekima, Mr Graves and Wildgeist are all great choices. I am also personally a big fan of Mr Tannen and Iggy but they are a bit less conventional in the way you use them so mileage may vary.
  15. Fixed Crew Taunements

    Thanks for all the responses guy and I have got to say I agree with Dogmantra when he says to have lax proxy/lending rules when it comes to new players I think it really helps to give them the chance to try out things they are thinking of buying against experienced players. I also want to be clear when I say taunement this is going to be at my local club but will be several games scored like a taunement so I shouldn't have too much of a problem getting players together. However if it's not going to be an interesting format I might just run it under standard rules.