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  1. Lilith's offspring ;)

    I don't build a list around it but there have been times where a thousand faces has been changed into the grow upgrade when the right opportunity has presented itself surprising my opponent
  2. Learning Malifaux, need advice for next purchases

    What you have already is a pretty solid start and you will be able to take on all of the strats and schemes with it. Between Lynch and Luicius Lynch is a better choice in terms of what will work well with your existing collection as you can take everythingin his box in Neverborn and illuminated are great minions to have while the models in the Luicius box are all guild models (and not that great guild models to boot) so can only be taken with him in Neverborn and getting some of the best models to take with Luicius would require you to buy more guild only models that only he would be able to ise in Neverborn. I also think Lynch is a bit easier to get your head arround as a new player. Both of those masters play quite differentlyfrom eachother but they are also both different enough from the 2 masters you have to give you a varied play style by just swapping your masters arround. Personally I would recommend Lynch for best synergy with your existing collection but if you are a big fan of Luicius and would prefer a expanding into Guilld then do it.
  3. Revisionist History Vs Gamble Your Life

    That was the point I was trying to make if you think Nellie can cheat against gamble your life then you have to think flay can cheat against Nellie. But seeing as that is such a mess it makes more sense neither work.
  4. Revisionist History Vs Gamble Your Life

    I didn't think about comparing it to flay but thinking about it. Its probably the best example to use as it brings up the issue of flay vs revisionist history if the can cheat regardless of meant you could chaet flips that you wouldn't normally be able to it would also mean that flay would allow the attacking model to ignore the "Damage flips against this model may not be cheated by other models" part of revisionist history meaning both models may cheat the damage flip making the whole thing a total mess. @wizuriel as you are in the pro being able to cheat camp (or anyone else who also is) can you how you would resolve the interaction between Flay and Revisionist History
  5. To me it is pretty clear that the damage flip on gamble your life may not be cheated however I have encountered a couple of Nellie players including a taunement organiser who ruled against one of my friends who claime that revisionist history can be used by Nellie to cheat the damage she suffers from it. The wording on Revisionist history is "Damage flips against this model may not be cheated by other models. This model may cheat damage flips against it, regardless of any or jokers." To me this does nothing to get arround damage flips from gamble your life not being cheatable. But there are a players out there who think it does.
  6. It depends on the wording. Some will say push in any direction so jaunty angles are fine but it still has to be in a straight line but anything that says towards or away from has to be directly towards/away from by the shortest route possible. They dont have to end in base contact if for example the model being pushed towards is further away than the distance of the push or it comes into contact with impassable terrain or another model, but they will still have to travel in a line directly towards the object model even if they could end up closer or in base to base by taking a less direct angle.
  7. Joe Walker: Concept Character

    It was an ability the Friekorps Trapper had in 1.5 which I thought was due a comeback
  8. Joe Walker: Concept Character

    I had a couple of Ideas for abilities I would like to see on models and decided to roll them into one character. He is a support peice with a very average stat line and attacks. His niche is he will allow dual faction masters to take their henchmen to their 2nd faction but retain their abilities and also change how some mercenaries are played. He also has a range of situational 0Ap actions to support his crew. Let me know what you think. Joe Walker Born with a wonderlust Joseph Walker was always Joe was one of the first men through the breach when when the guild started to allow civilians to cross and has spent his time in malifaux exploring and foraging. The reason why joe has survived so long isn't because of his physical prowess or skill at arms, He himself will openly admit he is decidedly average in both regards. But because of his knowledge of when to keep his head down, which path will offer the least resistance, what you should take with you on an expedition as well as not being squeamish about what he eats, and finding a use for items others would consider junk. These days Joe sells his skills as a guide helping the less experienced navigate thier way around this side of the breach he is happy to take anyones scrip and delights in getting the chance to show people what he knows. Joe Walker Outcast/ Enforcer/ Rare: 1 /SS:5 Df:5 Wp:5 Wd:6 Wk:5 Cg:6 Ht:2 base size:30 Living, Mercenary Abilities: Bring that with ya: Models in this crew may attach upgrades they are named on ignoring faction restrictions. Man of many talents: At the begining of this models activation flip a card and apply the following result: Gain 1 additional Ap this turn that can only be used for Ml actions Gain 1 additional Ap this turn that can only be used for Sh actions Gain 1 additional Ap this turn that can only be used for Walk actions This model may take two different 0Ap actions this turn Attack Actions (1) Machete: (Ml: 5 / Rst: Df / Rng: 1) Target model suffers 2/3/4 damage (1) Trusty Rifle: (Sh: 5 / Rst: Df / Rng: 12) Target model suffers 2/3/4 damage Tactical Actions (0) Take Cover: This Model gains the following ability until the start of its next activation "Keep your head down" Friendly models within 3 that are in soft cover count as being in hard cover. (0) This is the way: This Model gains the following ability until the start of its next activation "Through here" Friendly models within 3 ignore penalties for severe terrain. (0) Jerky time: Remove a corpse marker in base contact with this model then heal this model for 1/2/3 (0) I can use that: Remove a scrap marker in base contact with this model and gain the following condition for the rest of the game handy doodad +1: this model may reduce this condition by 1 to re-flip its Man of many talents ability
  9. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    Although it would mean changing his card I miss the passage of time concept the hoodedrider had in 1.5 being able to cycle his abilities throughout the game again would give him a uniqe play style so he wasn't competing so directly with pure agro pieces. It wouldn't even have to mirror the 1.5 version but being able to have him addapt to the battle field could make him a viable choice especially if you aren't sure what you are going to be facing.
  10. Tannen uses

    Personally he is one of my favourite pieces to play and he ends up in quite a few of my lists chatty can be invaluable and his aura is a massive resource drain on your opponent. An obvious pairing for him is Mr Graves as he can show him the door to make up for his low movement and has a built in trigger on his fence post attack which means Tannen doesn't loose his manipulative (It's worth noting that Tannen doesn't have to have activated lost his manipulative first so you can activate graves hit something and set it up so that when Tannen activities he will still be manipulative after he activates) You are right in thinking he is best in situations where people are clustered together to make the most out of his aura, my personal favourite use of him is taking him in a list with Titania and Barbaros. With Barbaros' challenge up and Titania targeting key models with her "she will end us all" trigger your opponent will very quickly find themselves burning through their hand just to target anything and when they do if they want to cheat the to hit flip thats even more of a drain. This is doubly effective if you take a list with a lot of terrifying or manipulative in it. It's not for all schemes but where you expect your opponent to bunch up it can be very effective.
  11. What's your best "griefer" neverborn crew list?

    Not a full list but I find a Titania, Barbaros and Tannen combo with their overlapping auras to be pretty grief inducing if you have strats and schemes that cause you to cluster around a point on the board
  12. If you are set on one of those 3 masters whoch are unfortunately all from different factions and the look of the minatures are the main factor for you, I would look at other models and crew boxes in the respective factions and go with the one where you like the most models as if you get into this game you will definitely be expanding your collection. Of those 3 be a little wary of Levy as he is the most complicated rules wise and has an unusual hiring pool where he can hire in out of faction undead or constructs depending on the upgrades you pick for him. That said if you are an experienced gamer and he is a standout favourite dont let it put you off him. However for your friend who is completely new to table top gaming there are definitely a few masters I would suggest avoiding until they have a decent understanding of the rules As to the apps mentioned my clear favourite is crewfaux it won't give you the stats for models but is an excellent crew builder that takes things like upgrades alloing out of faction hires in to account it also has the rules for the schemes and strats as well as a scenario generator. I use it in most games
  13. Your Neverborn crew cores

    I'd say either Iggy or a nurse are also staples of a Zoraida crew due to their synergy with the Voodoo Doll.
  14. LGBT characters?

    I agree that forcing a creator to do something is a bad thing and will ultimately hurt the end product, but I don't think that is what is happening here this is an attempt to change a creators mind. No one here is threatening some sort of punishment or reprisal if LGBT characters aren't included they are just saying hey guys have you considered representing this group of people? We really like your work and the world you have created and would like to see how LGBT people live in this environment. Or they are saying we think what you are doing is great but we think it would be better if it included a well written gay character. There is a big difference between forcing someone to change their creation under the threat of punishment where they make something they don't want to under the kosh, and making a someone change their creation by showing them a viewpoint they haven't considered or putting forward some criticism which changes their mind and makes them want to make something different. To the people who argue that homosexuality wasn't accepted in that time period asside from the counter argument that there already a lot of discrepancies between real history and Malifuax history particularly in regards to gender roles. There is an argument to say keep the socail attiude historically accurate so most people find it distasteful or even make it illegal as it was in many countries during the time period. A character who is struggling with how their sexuality is perceived buy their society can be a good and interesting character. For example a Guild official is being blackmailed by the Ten Thunders who are threatening to out him costing him his job and his freedom or a mercenary who can't join any official force because of his open homosexuality but is still begrudgingly hired due to his skill, showing how he interacts with people he knows hate him for what he is but need him for his talent. In a world where there is sytematic oppression and exploitation, nightmare horrors, and barely contolled magic as issues faced by the characters you can definitely have homophobia as a foil to a gay character The main issue I think a lot of straight writers have with writing gay characters is not so much that they don't think gay people should be represented, and more they are concerned they will get it wrong and offend people in the LGBT community. By making their characters too camp or too butch or any number of other faux pas that could unintentionally upset someone and they don't write homophobes for fear that their characters views be accredited to them, so they tend to play it safe and write what they know or something that is so fantastical it can't represent and therefore offend anyone. Also if you want an interesting and historical example of a skilled soldier who had to face discrimination due to his sexuality but ultimately became very influential and instrumental to a historically significant war effort I suggest you check out Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben even if he is about 100 years too early to be in Malifaux.
  15. Your Neverborn crew cores

    The most common cores people I see people using Doppleganger, dark omens, don't mind me and the ability to copy other models attacks make her useful in any situation. Mr Graves for a tough reliable beater with a good push mechanic and to a lesser extent Nekima because she is just plain scary as hell. Also Primordial Magic for masters whos totem isn't a key part of how they work. For good minions to cycle depending on satrats and schemes. Terror Totts are great cheap scheme runners, Illuminated are respectable beaters with good staying power, Wildgeist are great for holding points on the board and Silurids are expensive for scheme runners but very efficient in a lot of set ups. A lot of people like a lure minion and will usually Choose lilu or a Beckoner. But it is worth taking note of what master/s you want to play because there are a number of models that would be considered core for some masters due ro thwir synergy but not worth it with others.