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  1. Yeah, I've been waiting on the starter to dive into TOS. Hoping for news soon!
  2. Thank you for the update guys! It may be worthwhile to start taking pre-oreders on the web to mitigate the issue of unknown demand. I would happily put in an order for future releases well in advance, especially if it helped the company logistically.
  3. Amazing episode. I'm hoping we can go back and get deep dive episodes on some of the masters who were covered in the shorter videos/casts. Would love deep dives into Lady J, Levi, and the Viks.
  4. Hopefully we'll see an alt at some point. Thankfully the mask sculpt isnt very pronounced, so you can paint her without it (I attached mine, which hopefully shows it can be done).
  5. I'd love to see an alt Leveticus crew parodying Harry Potter. Leve himself as Voldemort Rusty as Beatrix LeStrange Abominations can be dementors or bratty Slitherin students Waifs could be anything used as Horcruxes, perhaps the professor from the first movie and a sniveling Harry
  6. Very helpful breakdown. I really like their new format.
  7. Will there be M3E cards available for the alt models? I think this would be useful, especially for models which look significantly different than their original versions.
  8. Given the change to shielded from armor (effectively removing the floor on damage reduction), it seems like Pandora is going to be pretty different in M3E. All I want to know is if she’ll still be able to summon in the new edition (Summoning Pandora is probably my favorite crew to play). Maybe @Mason can shed some light on the issue?
  9. Yep. I mean... that combo DID beat Lilith all the way out of the game 🤣
  10. you can hire her as a beatstick in another master's crew!
  11. Agree. This list also includes models that have multiple keywords, some of which will still be in faction in M3E (e.g., Tannen is a Woe for Pandora, Graves is a Nephilim for Nekima).
  12. Speaking of the starter box, I'm actually super excited to see those models get a rework in M3E. Looking forward to Nekima leading Angel Eyes and the Scion into battle.
  13. As a neverborn player that’s “losing” a master, I have to say that I’m super excited about these changes. The new cards look great and suggest that there’s still plenty of depth. I’m also more than happy to give up a couple “staple” masters in the name of flavor and getting some fresh blood in the faction. Really curious: will the old Nekima models work for the master or should we expect a 30mm version in M3E?
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