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  1. Kassket

    Pandora, Kade, and Teddy is it good?

    I don't have my card with me for the wisps at the moment, but they have an aura that allows them to place a scheme marker when something happens with 3. I really wish I could remember how it works, but they can get markers down with it. It might be from failing a WP duel.
  2. Kassket

    Titania 101

    I like the idea of the Mature with her for "deal with him" but another thing I tried last week to great effect was with Teddy, being as his attack action has a built in suit trigger to push the model after, if you've got pounces around, you can chain 2, or more, attacks off the one AP from Titania.
  3. Kassket

    H Seamus Foil W: Lilith Foil

    As the topic says, i have a Seamus Foil card, looking for Lilith. Lemme know if you have one your looking to trade.
  4. Kassket

    Voodoo. Who do? You do!

    My Sandeep Crew.
  5. Kassket

    Painted Works

    Photos of my painted stuff.
  6. Kassket

    Alternate Amina

    Anyone find any alternate models for amina to use until the official model comes out? Other than the female multiparty kit.
  7. Kassket

    Help with Kaeris crew please

    I have loved Union Miner's with my Kaeris crew for a long long time, now with the new Errata they have gotten MUCH better, they are a great way to add Burning in large amounts. If you want a big Beater model, and dont like Howard, I really enjoy Rail Golem with Kaeris. Union Miner can give lots of Burning to a Rail Golem very quickly. Also, Carlos is amazing, I grabbed him up on the black friday sale, if your going to stick with Kaeris, grab him up asap. To the list above, id probably keep the Gunsmith, drop both Arachnids, and pick up Johanna and a Union Miner. Rail Workers are a lot of fun with Kaeris as well with Shovel Faster.
  8. Kassket

    Wargame Vault cards

    1. Order Date: 12/30/16 2. Ordered: Your Order Colette Du Bois x2 $1.00 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Rotten Belle A x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Rotten Belle B x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Rotten Belle C x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Daydream A x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Daydream B x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Daydream C x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Union Miner A x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Union Miner B x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Union Miner C x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Francisco Ortega x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Ironsides x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Seize the Day x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Arcane Reservoir x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Guild Austringer A x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) Guild Austringer B x1 $0.50 Print Format: Premium US Poker Card(s) 3. All Correct with the Current Errata updates.
  9. Kassket

    W: Kaeris Foil H: $$

    Like the title says, I'm looking to purchase a foil Kaeris card, let me know if you have one, PayPal only, US based.
  10. Kassket

    So the last little help to begin

    Poker deck would work, however in practice I've found it very annoying to have to convert suits, fate decks are cheap, and very worth it Imogen. As far as starting a crew, I would say between Collodi and Dreamer, pick up Stitched Together as they work well with both masters, the crew boxes themselves however don't really work all that great together as Dreamers box comes with 3 Totems, and Lord chompy bit, all of which can only be used with dreamer, and 3 alps which...are better summoned than hired. The only model that works ok with Collodi from the dreamer box is Coppulos. The same applies to Collodi's box set, there isn't much that works well for dreamer from it. Generic models that work well in both would be Stitched Together, and Teddy. If you go with one crew box, the stitched and a teddy, that would give you a great starting point for a balanced crew for most scheme and Strat pools to start out. Add more models once you learn the ones you own, and buy them for a job in mind. You will need a measuring device, dry erase markers and card sleeves, and I would suggest grabbing a box of 30mm plain bases that you can write on for scheme markers and scrap/corpse markers. Hope that was helpful, sorry for the wall of text.
  11. Kassket

    Iconic Fate Deck

    Anyone have any idea if the replacement cards for the Iconic Fate decks have gone out, I havnt seen nor heard anything yet for mine. Didnt know if I should reapply for the mispack or not.
  12. thank you for the suggestion, I have sense sent in the missing parts form and am awaiting word.
  13. Hello all! I picked up 2 boxes of malifaux raptors last month and was surprised to see there were no flight stands included, but with having 2 boxes the same way, I assumed that was intentional. Then, I was talking to one of my club mates last night and he had mentioned missing the stands and that they were supposed to be included. I thought I would jump on here and try to ask some of the powers that be what the case is with this. Should they be in the box or no? Second thing would be, I certainly dont have my reciept any longer, and do you need that to process the missing parts request should it be that they are actually missing? Anyone who could chime in on that would be awesome. Thanks much, K
  14. Kassket

    Lilith and Jacob painting list help

    as far as a painting list, you've got a good start, as your model selections are pretty good for multiple crews. the ones that come to mind as follows: Nekima- pretty great in almost any neverborn crew Graves- Same as above, good mobility, pushes both friendly and enemy models around really well, has good synergy with Lilith from black blood, etc Illuminated- Great middle cost beater minion. pretty much good in any crew. Waldgeist- Love these guys through the whole faction, great for holding down an area in certain strategys Doppleganger- pretty much, for me, the only model I think is almost always an Auto-include. Love everything about this model. Terror Tots- Good for Scheme running of course, and work well in most crews. Primordial Magic- Another of those auto include models for most Neverborn masters. Obviously, as most players will tell you, if your planning to walk into games with a set list, thats kind of against the idea behind Malifaux, however, ive often taken the same crew, built before the game is decided, just to learn the models, and see what I can do with them in any given situation. I learn the best by doing it over and over again. You can take this approach, and I think it works ok if your not really worried about being hyper competitive, and not really worried about building the exact perfect list for the strat/schemes/opponents you might be facing. The big thing I would mention with the Lilith crew however, you have listed Nekima and the Mature Neph. I would suggest maybe dropping the Mature Neph, you already have a huge beater model in Nekima, and that many points between 2 models just seems like way to much of an investment. If I were running that list id trade the Mature for Doppleganger. She has good mobility and can copy Nekima's attack, if you need that second big damage dealer. Also the rest of what Doppleganger brings to any crew just works. This would free up some stones to add a couple more upgrades if you need them for schemes like Show of Force, at least it would end up giving you options.
  15. Kassket

    I lost my Head! Literally!

    not sure if this helps or not, but I feel like this might be a very difficult piece to find. Might be easier to take a plastic Zombie head from any random kit and use that, if you want to get as close to the original you might sculpt hair on it to give it the effect. I do wish I could have helped more, good luck!