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  1. RumbleMunkey

    crew contains more totems than allowed

    I’m seeing this when building Dreamer crews also.
  2. RumbleMunkey

    NoVa TTB LFG

    I’m a longish time malifaux player in Northern VA looking to get into TTB. I’m most interested in being a fatemaster and wanted to get a sense for who was out there looking to play.
  3. RumbleMunkey

    Fatemaster kit 2e compatible?

    Hi everyone. My lgs has a copy of the fatemaster kit for ttb. Is the screen compatible with the 2e core rules?
  4. RumbleMunkey

    Adze proxies/conversions ideas

    Anyone have any ideas on what to use as an Adze until the model comes out? I had planned on repurposing one of the wisp models (hanging arms flying one). Any other ideas are welcome!
  5. RumbleMunkey

    Coordinated Strike Episode 5

    Really enjoying the cast! You've discussed build lists in the past and those have been excellent. Have you considered doing a "Buylist" episode for people looking to maximize their Backerkit? I'm checking out Abyssinia and can't quite afford all the things. It would be great to get your thoughts on what you see as critical pick ups to start the game.
  6. Just coming back to this to say thanks for the help. Really looking forward to this game.
  7. I'm looking into backing the game at the Dual Commander level, but I can't see where I enter my second allegiance choice. I get all the way to the page where you enter credit card information and it doesn't prompt me with the option to choose which other faction I want. Am I missing something obvious?
  8. RumbleMunkey

    Next Allegiances

    I may just jump in anyway and find players. This is probably not publicly shareable, but has there been any word on how much longer the backerkit will be up?
  9. RumbleMunkey

    Next Allegiances

    Yeah, that would make sense. I'm just impatient to get in on the game, and they're willing to wait for the new Allegiances.
  10. RumbleMunkey

    Next Allegiances

    Hey all, with the GenCon (and elsewhere) revelations of two additional upcoming allegiances, I'm having trouble convincing others to buy in now. They're feeling like they'd rather wait and see if in of the two future allegiances appeals more. Any hints on when those two might come out? It was unexpected to get spoilers this early when the backerkit is still rolling.
  11. RumbleMunkey

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Neverborn

    Can't dig graves with primordial magic, unfortunately. It can only count as a scheme marker at the end of a turn.
  12. RumbleMunkey

    Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    Thanks everyone. I was getting caught by the idea of simultaneous damage as solkan stated.
  13. RumbleMunkey

    Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    That makes sense, but I was more wondering about the technicality where a model at 0 wounds isn't removed until after the damage resolution step (relevant for post damage pushes, etc). So the stitched is a 0 wounds but still on the board until all damage is resolved. Wouldn't that technically allow Collodi to target and sac him to prevent the damage?
  14. If I have Collodi standing next to a stitched together and both take lethal damage from the same blast, can Collodi kill the Stitched to reduce the damage he's taking from the blast to 0? I've been playing it that he cannot, but I wasn't sure on the timing.
  15. RumbleMunkey

    Tournament Scoring and Placement Opinions

    There was no printed scoring rubric. The Henchman walked by, looked at each crew for a few seconds, wrote some stuff down, and then moved on. I think there were definitely problems with implementation, I just wasn't sure if typical Malifaux tournies gave this much weight to painting.