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    Will O' Wisps and Penance

    That's a pretty cool interaction that I had not thought of. Sweet!
  2. Goopy

    Moments of Levity

    I think this debate should be done in the rules discussion forum rather than five pages into a master's thread. I am fine with either interpretation, but I don't see conclusive evidence either way, and therefore can not go to my meta and make a case for one or the other. I would probably do it your guys way, but the counter argument is 1. It's not a normal duel, you can stone to reflip on jokers. 2. The rules say 'elect' to reflip which could be interpreted as the loser 'elects' first to stone then the winner then then both flip. 3. In other duels, one player elects to use a stone (to add a positive flip or suit or whatever), then the opponent elects to use a stone before they flip. Why should it be different just because it is initiative? I think these are pretty powerful arguments that someone could make and I am uneasy to just make a decision based on what I think 'should' happen. Here is a link to another discussion. The most popular 'answer' may be different, but that doesn't mean a whole lot until Wyrd makes an official ruling. Please take a look for different perspectives. There may be some other arguments that I did not cover.
  3. Goopy

    Must have upgrades?

    In my Tara crew I actually don't really take any generic upgrades. But I think important outcast upgrades would be, Oathkeeper (fast), Bigger They Are (more damage to people with upgrades), Return Fire (on things like Sue and Convict Gunslinger). You should be okay for now though. There is nothing that is mindblowing like Dirty Cheater, Recall Training, or some of the Neverborn ones.
  4. Goopy

    Start with Gremlins

    Ophelia is a great starting master. Before the Lenny change (not giving rams to masters) I would suggest buying the Somm'er and Ophelia boxes together and just going from there. Now, if you get the Ophelia box, I would also get slop haulers, Merris, and Burt. That gives you enough play to switch things up but really learn Ophelia's style. Plus if you get any other masters, you won't have to re-buy any models.
  5. Goopy

    Is the pigapult mandatory?

    Yeah, I barely even use it and do well most games. I consider it more of a trap for good play. You can take it in a couple of scheme pools and it will seem OP, and people will hate getting shot by it, but once people figure it out, it will probably hurt you more. Its a big SS sink and can be ineffective unless you plan your whole strat around it. Very overrated model.
  6. Goopy

    Worst models in Outcast

    I agree with the desperate mercenary. He is a bit dated and does not see much use. I want so bad to use the specialist but he is so slow and I have not figured out how to keep him up with the team to make up for his SS cost. Aionius though, that guy is super dope. I use him in a Tara crew and he ends up being the MVP for half the games. He is also really good for the void crew because whatever counters incorporeal only does half damage to Aionius. I've found attacking things that are fast and slow are really powerful.
  7. I think it speaks to what a great game Malifaux is, that games are won or lost on the game board rather than in the list building. You can get an edge by being smart when you know the schemes and strats but netlisting generally doesn't work great. I don't want a warmahordes 'gotta have this list to counter that list unless they pick this other list.' Just play me Malifaux foo.
  8. Goopy

    Som'er the Bayou Boss

    I would always take 3 bayou gremlins and try to summon 3 more on turn one. Otherwise I'm on board with what the first poster said. Alex Schimd has good videos on Sommer but he does talk fast so that it hard.
  9. Goopy

    are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    I don't really see a big deal with stuffed piglets. Used well they are efficient for their cost. If you are in their face then after turn one activation control doesn't matter as much. Gremlins have some good 7 point models but they generally rely on healing to make them really good. There is a lot of background support in the gremlins faction that once you can break that down they fall apart. Gremlins seem broken when played at high skill cap against people who are not intimately familiar with them. I just one a three game tournament with an overall 26 positive differential. I had one stuffed piglet in each list and had fingers so that was 10 points that does no damage. It just felt broken to my opponents because they didn't know what was going on or the synergy. Against my normal gaming group I end a lot of games with gremlins with no models left on the table because we are not a hearty faction. I think if you don't play against stuffed piglets or just gremlins in general frequently it can seem op but the cost is pretty good if you know how to punish them. If they take six stuffed piglets what didn't they take with the 12 SS?
  10. Goopy

    Zipp - rather good fun

    Cool, thanks for the ideas.
  11. Goopy

    How Does a Turtle Learn to Charge?

    I like the 'ask' idea. I think most people are pretty chill and want to win based on skill rather than their opponent not knowing stuff or 'gottya' type play. If someone asks me the threat range of a model I'll say Burt can charge easily at 12" threat range but also I could drop him off with Gracie or this Iron Skeeter here so its really more of a 24" threat range (or whatever). Most people should be okay with giving this info in causal play and others like me would even give this info to you in a tournament setting as well.
  12. Goopy

    Zipp - rather good fun

    I've been lurking and reading the thread over the last few months. I've tried out hovering airship on Zipp and have not had good luck. Maybe because we play with lots of terrain but I always feel that even with not needing LOS they will still have cover so its either focus and shoot while risking a miss or just do the walk and get up in their face to charge. How are you able to use this ability effectively while maintaining AP efficiency and not risking failure in missing and then not being where you need to be?
  13. Goopy

    Lighting Bugs?

    Unless you want to do a crazy themed list or something for kicks and gigs then I don't think there is much reason for more than 2. 3 if you are really into them.
  14. Goopy

    Focusing my Gremlins for competitive?

    Here are a few of the models that I use on a regular basis in competitive games. It obviously all depends on the master. Burt has to be the one model in the entire faction that I find hard to leave out playing competitively. He can just get so many things done for the price and with dirty cheater he is a pain in the butt for enemies to remove. Being immune to pulse damage is good when around stuffed piglets, black blood or other random things. Fingers (generally with stilts) can be game changing in the right strategy or scheme pool. I would argue that he is even better in GG17 because he is immune to tail em and can deny interacts and flip scheme markers very easily. Stilts are great on him since he has the Loudest Squeal trigger. If a huge beater catches up with him he can burn a stone to push away and if he does get hit by a lot of damage from an MI attack you can reduce it away. Lightning bugs are great models for their price. They have a lot of tricks and ignore armor and incorporeal. Here is a straight list of 'good models' (always open to debate) that I think have a good place in Gremlin Competitive lists when you just throw them in. Most models in faction can be useful but some need more of a plan than others. These ones I consider to be very generalist. Burt Fingers Lightning Bugs Slop Haulers Francis (Effective trader) Merris (Scheme marker queen) Trixie Stuffed Piglets (Alexander Schmid on youtube has a good episode on how to use these guys really effectively) Taxidermist Gracie (saddle can be game changing sometimes) Lucky Effigy (try combning with Wong and randomizing into combat with Gremlin Luck upgrade) Swine Cursed
  15. Has Wyrd come out with a definitive FAQ or something on the order of soulstone use and card flip timing on initiative. The two camps are "starting with the lower number, you both elect to spend a stone to reflip and then reflip at the same time" "starting with the lower number, player spends a stone and reflips, after seeing the opponents reflip, the original higher number may choose to stone and reflip" I understand the arguments for both sides. Please let me know how you play, think, and if there is an Official Wyrd Clarification. Thanks
  16. Goopy

    Who unbury from Tara bury?

    Thanks mate.
  17. Goopy

    Who unbury from Tara bury?

    When Tara or the Nothingness Beast buries someone with their trigger, who unburies the model when it comes back? Does the Tara player unbury it or does the model's owner unbury it?
  18. Goopy

    Jack Daw remembering injustice

    I'm gonna say no because it is clearly talking about damage flips, not straight damage. The examples are accuracy modifiers and focus which only apply to damage flips. I don't think that we can use that FAQ to make this ruling. There is another one that comes to the same conclusion but I believe is more in line with the circumstances of Jack's attack. 93) Can we get some more details on how the Nurse’s Hallucinogens Condition works? Sure! The Hallucinogens Condition causes any Ml Actions which deal damage to deal +2 damage. So if the Action causes no damage, it does not benefit from the +2. However, if the model creates multiple damage sources with a single Attack (such as with Hammerfall) each damage source would also benefit from the +2 damage as it is a part of the Action.
  19. Goopy

    Jack Daw remembering injustice

    I would just like to point out that stuff like critical strike isn't actually changing the damage track. from 2/3/4 to 3/4/5. Its more like 2/3/4 + 1. This matters for red joker damage because even with a ram you would still only add two to the total. 2/3/4 + 1 + 2 = 7. In the case of dumb luck it has been argued for a Glowly Pere (makes him +1 damage) and his dumb luck. Dumb luck states that you take half the flipped damage and the flipped damage track is 2/6/8. With glowy it becomes 2/6/8 + 1 but the + 1 isn't part of the flip its an extra addition. So instead of taking 5 damage for 9/2 rounded up is 5, Pere would take 4 because 8/2 is the flipped then you add 1 but flip itself is 8. This argument was poorly explained but I hope I made it somewhat legible. Please let me know your thoughts.
  20. Goopy

    Jack Daw remembering injustice

    I think it can go either way. I personally would go for just 2 damage on the trigger because doing 8 damage on minimum is kind of ridiculous. Stilts prevents damage from MI attacks. Francis does 10 damage to target and prevents the 5 to himself that are caused by the trigger so therefore triggers are considered part of an attack action. In this case the 2 damage is obviously a second source of damage and could go around hard to kill but would be reduced by armor again, separate from the first instance of damage. The thing we are trying to figure out is if the +1 damage from either upgrade will be reapplied for the separate instance of trigger damage. You can either argue that you already got your plus 1 damage for the attack so you don't get it again or if it applies every single time the attack generates damage. Assuming minimum damage on the attack (2 + 1 + 1 = 4) then trigger for (2 + 1 + 1 = 4) for a total of 8 or (2 + 1 + 1 = 4 then trigger for + 2) = 6 Until an official ruling comes out we should probably default to the lesser reading. But I can see how it can be interpreted both ways.
  21. Goopy

    Swine Curse + Old Major Rile em' Up

    I don't agree with you. When you say that the ability is applied at the beginning of the activation rather than the attack where are you getting that information? I don't know of any other rules that would make that precedent. I believe that you can read it either way.
  22. Goopy

    Swine Curse + Old Major Rile em' Up

    I don't know, I think it really can be read either way. Just try to be consistent with the way that you play it. This should definitely be FAQ'd. If there was a condition applied then it would be a lot easier.
  23. Goopy

    Malifaux noob likes the Ork-y gremlins, but... ?

    If you want to buy those models then I would get the Zipp boxset. He is a good master to use with constructs. This is definitely doable and could be a good starting point.
  24. Goopy

    What would you like to see for Gremlins?

    Since many of the gremlins are copycats of human masters I think we need a Von Shill copycat. Since Von Shill has lost many limbs recently this could be a gremlin survivor
  25. Goopy

    Your MVPs from Ripples of Fate

    Will O' Wisps are super powerful in a Zorida Crew