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  1. Hopfully they hold them. Mine was ordered 1/9 and shipped 1/18.. They were still wrong. I figured they would pull the cards proofs to prevent the wrong cards from being printed.
  2. Sorry for asking.. But GTS has not been reliable on new Malifaux items.
  3. How long should they wait until contacting someone? My LGC has weekly orders from the distributor.
  4. What is the distributors agreed upon turnaround time? Should the stores have it with the January release product? (2 weeks?)
  5. The model is already killed before the push. Corpse marker would be st the final location.
  6. When I run Shifting Loyalties campains, One of the achievements is to make a 50mm Avatar Base.
  7. I have a lot of Fate decks. The one I like the most is a Deck from Adepticon 2013 (TTB).. but do not use it because I don't want to wreck it. I as well like the retro deck which has started to crack. (Yes plastic decks do wear out). I started rotating between the retro deck and the Iconic Fate one.
  8. That is a honestly real bummer. It is understandable.
  9. Just so it's right. Did you send them on April 11th, 2016 or Nov 4th 2016?
  10. If we are talking about Shifting Loyalties campaign. A 0 cost upgrade would cost 2 scrip if adding it during the campaign. (Page 6). Nevermind.. I thought it was a upgrade.
  11. This is a reminder in the New Year. I will be available to run Malifaux Demo at Major Games in Saginaw, MI. Tuesdays are Malifaux Open Play. Also you maybe able to get in a game any other day. Place: Major Games Address: 3085 Bay Road Saginaw, MI (989) 751-7951 I also will be available to Demo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, or you can schedule a Demo after 6pm Tues to Sat. Learn to Cheat your Fate. Come join the fun See you there.
  12. What is the agreed upon turn around time at the distributors?
  13. Sky Pirates was November. Parker Barrows hasn't been released yet.
  14. Agree.. But Desolate is not When reduced but After reduced.
  15. Now this I think is a good FAQ question. Since Desolate Warping is after reducing enemy model to 0 wounds and Not Today Lads is when model is killed. When you reduce to 0 wounds you immediately kill. I would think Not Today Lads would happen before Desolate Warping.