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Deliverence 4, 21st - 22nd June, Cardiff

Dumb Luck

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Wales' only Malifaux tournament is back and this time, it's bringing it's oriental cousin Jwardiff with it! Deliverance this year is part of a larger skirmish game focused event taking place at Firestorm Games in the heart of the Welsh capital. Side games for Bushido, Deadzone, Dreadball and Infinity will be taking place too.


But come on. You're on the Wyrd Boards. You really care about the Malifaux.


It's a two day event, single faction, five games across two days (three on the first, two on the second) with random schemes for each game. As ever, we'll have the Gremlin trophies for the podium spaces and the much lorded after soft toy for last place!


It's also James Doxey's birthday. Tea party anyone?


With the Wyrd boards being annoying, I can't seem to either post the pack or a link to the pack on this post. Find me on Twitter (@dumb_luck89) or email at hesnousetomedead@hotmail.com and I'll give you the Dropbox link.


Tickets are up on the Firestorm Games website!


Bad Things Happen ... in Wales.




1. Mike Marshall

2. Adrian Mills

3. Will Hahn

4. Rob Balmforth

5. Robert Smith

6. James Ling

7. Adam Perry

8. Aidan Kirk

9. Jimmy Balderstone

10. Conrad Gonsalves

11. James Doxey

12. Ant Hoult

13. Liam Hall

14. John McCarthy

15. Josh Fletcher

16. Kieran Tucker

17. Liam Stanbury Dean

18. 'Shouty' David Powell

19. Richard Turner

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