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  1. I'd suggest if you are so convinced of your own infallible logic you contribute more constructively via play testing. Otherwise...
  2. An odd statement from someone who owns a half-dozen scorpii - even though there is a rare limit!
  3. Yep, that's the inspiration - they are super easy to see from across the table!
  4. Hi all, Unfortunate news, but I am reducing next weekends tournament to a single-day event, still starting Saturday at 10:45am. We've had tepid sign ups early and a slew of drops these past few weeks, and an event that doesn't fill the space and doesn't justify five games of play should not be labeled as a 'Grand Tournament' and does not live up to the standard I hold BKFaux to represent. The reasons have ranged from uncertainty from Book 5 and GG18, to the proximity on the calendar to other events and higher than expected hotel prices, but regardless, the ticket sales just aren't at the 30+ number I expected. Therefore all paid attendees will be refunded in full within 24 hours. But don't despair, there is still much Malifaux to be had next weekend! Instead, we will be hosting a 1-day three round event, same time and place, using the first three rounds of the packet. There will still be prizes and a bar crawl afterwards, and the event with charge the standard $10/$15 Nu Brand tournament rate - cash at the door. We still have double-digit sign ups, and reducing to a single day will actually raise headcount, as we had additional players who were unable to attend Sunday due to conflicts. Also, I will be doing some research and will reschedule the proper BKFaux event the next time calendars align. Thanks for bearing with me, and we are still looking forward to see you all in Brooklyn! Your humble TO, -Andrew Weakland To chat about this on Facebook - see the event page there: https://www.facebook.com/events/1830018413931226/
  5. Feedback: The GOOD: The general air of camaraderie amongst players and organizers - especially in lieu of the tragic events that unfolded shortly thereafter, multi-national team events showcase exactly the open, accepting, fun and friendly culture we should all be trying to promote. The venue - Alcohol w/ table service on site. Easy lodging within walking distance. Delicious curry down the street. Supple toilet paper. Judges - having judges nearby at all times allowed play to continue smoothly. It was very easy to get a snap decision from a judge and continue playing rather than get bogged down fiddling with a laser or looking something up. The BAD: Confusing and inconsistent rules on information sharing. It wasn't clear what was and was not legal with regards to information sharing. I agree that a match is between two players and at no time should any player give advice or in any way interfere in a game they are not part to. However, not being allowed to discuss results and potential implications of them during rounds removed a tactical aspect of the game, and was essentially unenforceable anyway, especially for those teams which spoke any language other than English. I'd simply establish more consistent rules here, and focus on allowing as much communication as possible, and only dissuading actively helping a player during a match. This also applies to standing - there is simply no good reason to keep pairings from players, and not knowing how we were doing definitely nullified any attempt to play tactically, or even have fun discussing it. This isn't international soccer, and no one here would take a dive anyway - let us have the info! The MEH:: The Pairings. This merely gets a meh instead of a bad as it was the first time out, and you had to try something. Overall however, I thought the pairing process provided little functional utility towards the success of the event, and in many cases detracted a bit from both the tactical and personal enjoyment. I fell on one end of the spectrum, simply because with Gremlins in my bag and Stake a Claim in every pool but one, I ended up playing the same strategy 4/5 rounds. I guess the on upside of this pairing process was to make it go incredibly quickly, as players soon realized they could just assign the desired master to each scheme pool, and with some strats being so tilted, often the decisions were incredibly obvious. It also limited the options to take advantage of the 'unlimited' format in terms of what could be bring - I had Nellie in my bag to deal with scenarios the Gremlins would struggle in, but she never came out, as we were able to take the easy route an optimize each round. A few things I would think about for next time: I think you need to decide upfront whether or not there should be significant down-side risk to the pairings, and then design from there. If there is no downside risk, then players will simply 'pre-optimize' their faction/master selection, and that will drive the entire process. I'd personally like to see a significant downside risk as well as upside reward, so that pairings 'matter', but that is up to personally opinion. Availability of information. I personally liked the impact knowing the opposing master had on crew selection, however, as it wasn't known until the pairings were essentially completed, it did not play in the pairing process. I'd consider having all masters announced at the start of the round so that that info could also influence pairings. I'd also consider leaving schemes unknown, so there is still some 'wow-factor' in the crew selection process. When you know everything going into the round, you tend to pre-select your crew. Spread of schemes and strats. Having such a drastic spread in strats and schemes creates info overload and players basically pre-select everything to their strengths. This balanced well against the non-event that was pairings - you always got the pool you wanted, so it wasn't an issue. However, if you shake it up and do something different, consider making the scenarios less extreme. I would consider different strategies but all the same schemes. (Perhaps revealing schemes after the pairings are done?) Number of players on a team. I'd grow the event to 7 players - one for each faction, or even 8 with crossroads seven. Larger teams, with info sharing of course, make the event even more interesting. If your intent was for the pairings to just be pablum, pair based on record and save us the time. If there is an intent to have pairings be a key part of the event, present some risk/reward to it! I'd personally prefer that risk/reward be based on the match up, as that is two sided and both teams can influence it, instead of simply on the strat/scheme available. This would also allow players to show their skills at improvising in sub-optimal situations, instead of playing their best list on there preferred table.
  6. Well done Mike. Element games was a fantastic venue - the friendliest staff and the softest toilet paper of any game store I've visited. I'd say the main thing to work on for next year is to encourage the U.K. teams to put up a bit more of a challenge. :-0 I have lots of thoughts on pairings that I will share later, but for what it was, it was fine. Importantly it didn't take to long, and all of my games finished all 5 turns, which is really important to me.
  7. Yuuppp - not sure why this was too hard for him. Our store owner can take some wrangling sometimes, I'll ask him about it in person...
  8. Not surprised at all by your stance - it is the norm after all. Our store is already generating 75%+ of its revenue in member fees & food and drinks, so is probably a lost cause in terms of motivating them to fight uphill battles to carry product. But hey, if I can have a place to play that makes money other ways and have to buy the product online, fine by me.
  9. Also, as I am throwing hail mary's today, any chance retailers can get in on ToS via the backer kit? I had him try but he couldn't figure it out, even with a blank $1 pledge account. Would be awesome to have a bunch of stock in the shop on release day.
  10. Nathan, Has there been any movement towards direct sales to retailers? Even at higher-than-trade pricing? It seems all the distributors are dying slow deaths with regards to product availability and customer service, mostly due to complacency that has come through their oligopoly, and the only way to maintain decent inventory is to be a large online seller that happens to have B&M backing. My local shop has basically given up trying to stock any wyrd products, even tho they are willing to match prices, simply because they cannot get anything fast enough (or anything at all!) from Golden or Alliance.
  11. I will be running three tables of Malifaux at NBG Expo on April 1st. This event is designed to introduce local and regional hobbyists to new miniature war games, and our section will feature ongoing demonstrations of the game as well as open play assisted by our local henchmen. So whether you know nothing about Malifaux at all, or if you already have a collection and are looking to dive in head first, be sure to check out our area at the Expo! There will also be a raffle for a prize - get a demo or play an open play game and receive a ticket! Full details on the expo are here: http://www.nubrandgaming.com/events/nbg-expo/ Saturday April 1st 1pm-9pm $10 Entry Fee (for non-members)
  12. Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/251576978611367 Announcing BKFaux Trios – a Malifaux team event, wherein teams of three take part in a 3-round tournament. It will be taking place at Nu Brand Gaming, a tabletop gaming venue in New York City. After a string of successful BKFaux ‘Grand Tournaments’, I decided to mix it up and throw our first team event. Event Ticket Cost: The cost of the event is $50 per team. Each ticket is for three entrants to the event. Buy tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2816037 If everyone on your team is a member of Nu Brand Gaming paid in full for the month of March, please inquire about a discounted ticket. We are capping entrance of this event at 8 teams. This will ensure each pair of teams will have a comfortable and exclusive place to play that rounds games shoulder to shoulder with their team mates. The event is expected to sell out. You must purchase a ticket via Brown Paper Tickets to secure a spot: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2816037 Tickets are non-refundable but are fully transferable up to the start of the event. Please simply send me at email brooklynmalifaux@gmail.com if your team members change prior to the event. There is no need to print out tickets, simply arrive at the venue by 9:30am on Saturday March 5th. Tournament Rules: Scoring: The winning team will be determined by combining total Tournament Points (Win 3/Draw 1/Loss 0), Painting & Hobby (0-5 Rubric) and Team Spirit (0-5 Rubric) Team Spirit Rubric: 2 points for dressing in a team uniform! Can match or not, as long as its obvious you are a team! 1 point if your team releases a team video at least one week prior to the event. Example of a stellar team video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKv-fCZKAe0 1 point if your team performs a team spirit chant during the event. 1 point for the team that simply has the MOST team spirit, in whatever form it may take. Painting & Hobby Rubric: Display one full 50SS crew from each player that only includes models which are used during the event. Score 1 point for each fully painted crew to a table-top standard (some effort to base the model, shade/highlight etc.) Score 1 point if there is a cohesive team element to the teams. (Same thematic color scheme, same faction, shared display base, etc.) Score 1 point if models feature exceptional craftsmanship, painting talent, conversions, etc. (Point will be awarded to the 3 ‘Best in Show’ teams) All games will be played at 50SS. Strategy and Scheme pools will be announced prior to the event, pending the release of the Gaining Grounds 2017 document. Team Composition: Each team will consist of three players, with each player selecting a single Master for the event. The masters can be from any faction, but each team may only select a master once, regardless of faction. (Your team cannot select both Ten Thunders McCabe and Guild McCabe, for example.) Otherwise hiring restrictions are as normal for that master/faction, and players are free to make lists at the start of each round as normal. Pairings will be done Swiss style using gaining grounds TP/Diff/VP, both to determine which teams play each round as well as who plays whom within each team. Note that for team pairings only, total Diff is capped at +10 for the team. For example, Andrew’s team consists of himself, Tina & Murphy. They won in the first round with two wins by Tina and Murphy and a loss by Andrew. With 6 TP they pair off against Arash’s team, consisting of Arash with a win, and Jay and Silent Bob, who both drew, for a total of 5TP. Tina had the highest differential (First Tie-Breaker), so she plays Arash, while Jay had more Total VP (Second Tie-Breaker) than Silent Bob, so he will pair up against Murphy. Andrew and Silent Bob will slum it up at the bottom table. Please review and familiarize yourself with the 2017 Gaining Grounds document – It has everything you need to know! http://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-17km.zip We will be enforcing all Gaining Grounds 2017 Rules to the letter, Including painting requirements, with the exception of pairings, dice usage, game length and proxies. I will be doing a Swiss pairing system that matches GG2016 except that it will prevent any team from pairing against the same opposing team twice. You may use of any shape of polyhedral dice if you choose to use dice for tracking as described on page 4 of GG 2016, just be consistent and make your opponent aware of what type of die you are using if not a D6. All games will be played to 5 turns. (No random game length/flipping for additional turns.) Proxies are allowed. They must be fully painted like any other model, and must show an effort to match the theme and/or artwork of the Wyrd miniature. Use good judgement – things like Space Marines are obviously not ok. Players must have the physical rules for all models used, either the card or a photocopy from the relevant rule book. Players must accurately note down the schemes they selected prior to the start of the match to receive points for said schemes – absolutely no exceptions. Please bring a pen. If you record your schemes on your phone and your phone dies, you did not meet this requirement. We will be setting a relaxed 2:15 round time, with 15 minutes between rounds for pairings, reviewing strats & schemes, etc. All players are expected to complete their games in the allotted time. Saturday, 9:00am Doors Open. 9:30 Registration – Please arrive by 9:30am. Those arriving after the start of Round 1 will take a loss and then be paired accordingly in Round 2. 10:00 – Round 1 Pairings 10:15 – 12:30pm Round 1 12:30pm – 1:45 Lunch Break and Paint Judging 1:45 – Round 2 Pairings 2:00 – 4:15 Round 2 4:30 Round 3 Pairings 4:45 – 7:00 Round 3 7:00 Award Ceremony Venue Information: Nu Brand Gaming is located at 194 31st Street Brooklyn, NY 11232. Hotels: Numerous hotels are located within walking distance of the venue, many with rates starting below $100. 4 Star: Wyndham Garden Inn http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/new-york/brooklyn/wyndham-garden-brooklyn-sunset-park/hotel-overview 3 Star: Hotel BPM http://www.hotelbpmbrooklyn.com/ Best Western http://www.bwplusprospectpark.com/ 2 Star: Comfort Inn https://www.choicehotels.com/new-york/brooklyn/comfort-inn-hotels/ny391 Days Inn http://www.daysinn.com/hotels/new-york/brooklyn/days-inn-brooklyn/hotel-overview Other Lodging: Various homes in the area offer rooms for rent on AirBnB, Homeaway and others, some starting under $50 per night. AirBNB Public Transit: Take the D, N or R train to the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn and walk 5 short blocks north to 31st Street. Train: If coming to New York via Amtrak or NJ Transit, exit Penn Station on the Seventh Avenue side and walk one block east to the Herald Square subway station, catching a Brooklyn-bound D or N train to 36th Street Station. Air: A fast public transit link from JFK is available – take the Air Tran to Jamaica Station where you can catch the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal. Nu Brand Gaming is one stop away via the southbound D or N subways to 36th Street, Brooklyn. If arriving at Laguardia, I recommend taking a taxi or car service – fares typically run approx. $25 + tip and up. From Newark Liberty, NJ Transit provides a rail link to Penn Station. From there follow ‘Train’ instructions above. Driving: Free on Street parking is generally accessible within a block or two of the venue along 5th avenue or side streets, and it is customary to double park in front of the venue for a brief time to unload terrain, fellow travelers and their gear. Please be courteous to the neighbors and be sure not to block any driveways when parking your vehicle. Dining: Menus for local restaurants that deliver are available at the venue, and we can recommend both casual and fine dining spots nearby! Also there will be a loosely organized bar crawl in the neighborhood post event for those who wish to attend.
  13. We will be hosting a Malifaux event at Nu Brand Gaming in Brooklyn on January 21st. As we've had a lot of new folks recently pick up crews lately, I thought it would be good to get everyone together for organized play. We will be setting a relaxed 2:15 minute round time so that everyone has plenty of time to finish their games. Schedule 10:00am Arrival 10:30-12:45 Game 1 12:45-1:15 - Lunch 1:30-3:45 Game 2 4:00-6:15 Game 3 Venue Information Nu Brand Gaming 194 31st Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 The event will take place in the ground-floor space - enter the side entrance (closer to 4th Avenue) for direct access! The price for the event is $15 for general admission and $5 for Nu Brand members who have paid January dues. Event Special Rules: Fixed Master - select a single master (and faction, for those duel-faction masters) to play throughout the event. Mad Experimentation - If a player fields a model they have never played with before, it gains the following rule "Mad Experimentation: The first time this model cheats fate during the game, it may cheat face down. Reveal the card after all players have cheated fate." Please RSVP for the event on Facebook so we have a good idea of headcount: Scorpius Rising - Nu Brand Gaming Open Play Any grudge matches for the first game will happily be obliged. All participants will receive Guilders!
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