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  1. I have stopped playing and during my clear out I found a gremlin fate deck. Not seen one up for sale and can't see one in here so unsure what price to ask for. Please let me know if you have an interest and I'm sure we can work out a price. Thanks
  2. great time at this, my first tournament, 5 brilliant games and Aidan kept me from doing too many stupid things. Thanks to everyone involved.
  3. All received, but got stuck with a customs charge. I don't mind paying it but I wish there was a way to pay if first rather than have to pay an extra £8 handling fee!
  4. Still waiting for mine, i know it made it as far as the uk, it departed Heathrow on the 22nd of December... nothing since.
  5. same. i'd guess the equivalent of next week-ish last year. couple of weeks after ordering anyway
  6. So I have a spare silurid, it has a base but no spare card, it's the leaping one if you wanted to know. Let me know what you want to do. More than willing to trade.
  7. i have a spare silurid (my zoraida box arrived with 4 in) i'll check to see if they came with sufficient cards and if so i'd be interested. UK based
  8. great idea, i'll be happy with anything (as im not paying for it) but if a little direction is wanted/needed. Happy to received anything neverborn as all i have so far is waldgeists and zoraida and teddy. Lucius is my favourite master from neverborn so something that fits with him is good, not that own him. Happy to received anything arcanists as all i have so far is willie... Not a metal fan!
  9. nice way of avoiding everyone trying to log in an order at the same time, sneak release! my order is in.
  10. For UK time, last year i put through my order at 8am on friday morning, i know there was a lot of issues with the website crashing though. either way i'll be aiming to do the same if i decided to order this year
  11. Liking the sniper and the gremlin a lot, performer is nice too but I doubt I'll reach $300.... Not right before Christmas.
  12. Damn, how the hell did i miss this.
  13. when you say Faction or Factions that you wish to receive a gift from. do you literally just mean that or do you mean specific models? or either/both? Im in either way, i'll drop you a PM
  14. Where in Birmingham? im based in solihull and head down to redditch for games, though sadly the malifaux scene is small there. also Titan games over in Stourbridge (and lichfield) has malifaux players as does (i believe) waylands forge in the CC.
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