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Greetings from Belgium


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Hello all

I have been a lurker for quite some time, and have already played a couple of games (1 draw vs Rasputina, 1 win in a 3waybattle vs Rasputina and Victorias).

My master for now has been Pandora (which I contrary to common belief find actually quite easy for starters, maybe that's just me) and I must say I'm quite fond of her.

I find Malifaux a magnificent game, far better then for example Necromunda (I only have GWexperience previously)

Anyways, great game, good fun, and now I'm doubting to take a harder master as second, I have Hamelin as a mercenary, and I really love how he plays (and the cruel reference it's based onà, and was wondering to take him as that second since almost all my models are interchangeable with his crew (kids and sorrows) and I love the idea of the children raising to arms :$ (though I'll probaly play without ratcatchers, don't match my fluff).

Either him or Leveticus, the hard to learn but onemanapocalypse, which has as main advantage, being very rare here around and having massive choice combined with the harsh learning curve :P

I'm used to 40k (play Dark Eldar as main) so relatively speaking the cost ain't that much of an issue, it can't be worse then that :P

anyways, thx for listenig, and see you around soon


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Welcome to the forums!

Looks like you're off to a good start with Pandora. Can't really help with Hamelin, but I, too, have my eye on Leveticus. I have heard that Hamelin is very solid, if that helps any.

As to cost, Malifaux can be cheaper, but as gamers, we tend to spend about the same, you just get more crews.

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Hi, and welcome!

There are two tournaments here in Belgium in the near future, one in Leuven and one in Sint-Niklaas. The one after that will most likely be in Antwerp and after that it's Gent's turn again. You're more than welcome to join us! You can also find a friendly game here in the OutPost in Gent pretty much whenever you want, if it's not too far away for you.

Hope to see you around!

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I play as well W40K /For Dark angels/ and comparing the price and the "system" - it´s something completly different. You just neeed a starter and about 2 - 3 blisters and you are ready to rock. Also, the card are quite cool..No more 1,1,1,1 rolls on 2+ armor saves.

I´m sure that you will find Malifaux spirit verye good

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