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  1. FELL!!! Where are you?!

  2. my vacation is going great... almost over I'm getting some ink tonight
  3. *tips hat back enough to see her smile* I'm doing well... Visiting Maine for a spell... headed home tomorrow...
  4. *pokes head in; sidles through the door; leans agains the door jamb, arms folded across chest, hat pulled low over her eyes* Howdy boys...
  5. *slinks in, watches, arms closed, noting all the new faces; pulls hat down to shield her eyes* Howdy boys. Y'all been staying outta trouble?
  6. *Takes a bow out of the shadows, her head and torso briefly appear, then disappear as she straightens back up*
  7. I'm good. Working like a slave. Need a new job... Heh. Doing lots of painting. Not much minis gaming though.
  8. Hey y'all! I'm good. Chilling in ATL, where no one plays Malifaux... Except at the CMON expo. You guys heard anything about a Malifaux tourney in these parts? I'm super curious as to who's running it... Cause it isn't me. How're you guys??
  9. *steps out of a shadow, throws some fire around, admires handy work, steps back into a different shadow; a ghostly voice says "having fun?"
  10. *walks in and waves* Howdy y'all. At work now so won't be back today. Just wanted to say hi.
  11. In case I dont get on, or i forget...happy birthday for the 30th!

  12. My weekend will mostly be spent painting. I desperately need to make some money... At least it's something I enjoy, right?
  13. G'mornig all. I'll be in and out today... Then gone most, if not all weekend. No Internet at the new place and poor 3G reception... *swigs her coffee, sets out a notebook and several writing utensils and prepares to write* how's everyone this morning?
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