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  1. Is her resilience or damage winning games? Being strong is nothing if it isn’t making wins. She is a bit pricey for Vendetta. Maybe Assassinate. In Reckoning she can be taken down and is worth double points. I have had her do some clinch moves, but that is usually her 6” walk. I have also lost her more often than not, especially to a beater. I think a good question to ask is would you take her out of theme? If the answer is an easy ‘yes’ than she needs looked at. I mix themes at least half of my games, but haven’t taken her elsewhere. Maybe I should, but I haven’t seen the utility.
  2. The player who buried the model unburies it. Enemy is from the view of the player doing the injury. For Tara, the Tara player would place the model next to a model on their opposing side.
  3. Short answer: Yes, any model can discard.
  4. As an opponent, I've seen them used well for anti-charge tech. And with how crews are built, you can take them into obvious masters, like the Viks.
  5. Specifically stated only. Impassable is impassable, height doesn’t matter. You can’t place the model with flight on impassable terrain. Same is true of markers. For rules purposes, the marker is treated as impassable terrain for its impassable trait.
  6. CrimsonWraith

    Jack Daw

    That's correct. Relenting refers to a model one models consider friendly. No relenting. Same for obeyed enemies, actually.
  7. I actually like this reading. If we treat "as" to mean "add" instead of its actual meaning of "is", then the model with gunfighter has a Rg of 121. Which is fantastic, because you can't use attacks while engaged, so gunfighter only works against models with a 0 or no melee attack at all. Dang, beat to the punch.
  8. I’m going to assume your sticking with Leveticus, since you won’t/shouldn’t know Youko before selection. I don’t think Daw is a good choice into Reckoning. I also don’t know the scheme pool, but you can tailor as needed. I think Leveticus and Rusty are good into the crew you faced as they can stay out of range of the pulses. I would focus more on Laveticus’s ranged attack, dealing less damage, but staying back as well. For DE you may look at the Wanted Criminal upgrade. The Swagger can combat some of the card problems you were having. It will also allow DE to get two focus tokens on the first turn, so it can lay in with positives on turn two. I also like the Scavenger. He is another way to stack focus, plus his leap trigger can make him very mobile late game for schemes. The fast trigger is also very good for the DE or A&D. If you activate the scavenger after 1of them to give it fast and before the other the next turn, they can both charge in fast with 2+ focus. The Necropunks I can’t really say anything on. They are great outside scheme runners, but go down pretty quickly. They could be a huge bonus in the right pool. However, if you don’t have the situation to use them, they can be easy Reckoning points for your opponent. Another option that I have played around with and really like is the Void Hunter. They are fast, but not as fast as the Necropunk. But they are far more resilient. They also get better on the attack if you don’t have any cards. If they can give out fast, they would have on the attack. For the list you ran, I would only change adding Wanted to the DE, drop the Necropunks and pick up the Void Hunter. This will cost you an activation and a scheme runner, but also costs Youko a pass token. I would take schemes that can be done on or near the center line. Turn 1 would be move, concentrate with the two beaters, Scavenger powers one up, and the rest move to good positions and/or Concentrate. Youko’s theme has a lot of lures, so your opponent may help you across the board. Playing cagey and forcing your opponent to come to you will likely give you the upper hand. And the DE can steal Misaki’s soul stones, which is probably a waste of an action, but hilarious.
  9. Do you use sleeves, or just the card in the sheets? Sleeved cards will be tighter into the 3x5
  10. But if the ability did work that way, you would have already measured range and targeted and could hit the target. But that’s not how the ability works, so you can’t.
  11. It follows the schemes, too. Like Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, and Vendetta. Especially Assassinate and Vendetta, where it’s “Yeah, I’m going to kill you, but at my leisure.” For me, it’s more like a slow kill. That being said, I will totally take out your master turn one if I can. I find it’s better if the underlings know what’s coming.
  12. Welcome to Malifaux. It’s not all about killing and you have to balance the kill vs the points. My last Reckoning game I took the Viks into McMourning. I was able to kill McMourning on the top of 2, knowing it would hurt me for points later, but would hamstring my opponent. I also knew that I would likely lose a Vik, but as it was only second turn, that was actually less useful for my opponent. Having to do it on the turn makes it more challenging. Doing it your way, if I kill 5 models turn 1, I already have 3 points, and I can just wait it out, hunting that last point. The current way, I have torched my opponent, but if I can’t get to their last models I score 0 points. It also kinda breaks the no points on 1, since you can do the work and then just wait for the points to roll in.
  13. I have been running Tara in a Leveticus crew into Plant Explosives very successfully. I really enjoy it, as well. The key for me is that she can summon 2 Void Hunters, which is her cost, so basically free plus any stoning required. The Hunters, Tara’s Time Slip, the Scavengers Weird Device trigger, and Necropunks make this a SUPER slippery crew.
  14. There are some pictures here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/144166-i-see-i-see-m3e/
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