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  1. It would seem so, but nobody plays it that way, and it has been argued heavily. I would play towards the side that doesn't break the game. Plus, the extra damage is a cost.(p48) "These costs must be paid when the trigger is declared or no portion of the Trigger may resolve." It is something payed for, not caused by the action. It is also stated as not a portion of the trigger. But probably most importantly, if you just take the damage, ignoring incorporeal, without passing the wound, you don't have to argue anything, and you can get on with the whole point, which is playing the game. At least until Wyrd gives us a ruling.........
  2. Or bury a Hunter, use other Hunter or NB(or both) to move forward and Stutter one of their activated models. Hunter pops out, buries anchor, drops explosive. I feel the smaller hand size is going to empower Glimpse, one way or the other.
  3. Just to stir the pot.... Marlena... it’s “damaged suffered” not “damage suffered by this model”
  4. I think your Scion list definitely has merit and was thinking of trying it myself. It’s decently fast, and could be the one time you manage to bury you opponent’s entire crew. Unburying the Scion could be tricky, but you can use him on the table and use Vanish only if needed to hang onto wounds for Assassinate. The document I saw does say action limit, so that does imply can’t use fast. It depends how TOs run it, only gets 2 actions or can only take 2 actions.
  5. I like the Hard to Kill upgrade on the Viks. I payed 2 stones last edition, I will pay 2 this one. <- corrected, it was 1, still gonna pay it. I have only pulled out the Viks for Reckoning. Viks, Taylor, Bishop, Ronin, and Student. Ronin are mostly flanking scheme runners. I use the Viks to take out my opponent’s corner stones early. I think I had 1 Vik game go to time, and the rest my opponent scooped. The one that went to time, finished 4, and my opponent and I disagreed who would win turn 5. He thought he could stop me, and I think I just needed to hold Lazarus to stop him deleting my markers.
  6. To be honest, you can usually get them back into or near their DZ. Most crews have a back field model. And if you push it into their DZ the owning player places.
  7. But, if there is another option for a model to unbury next to, you would have to choose it instead.
  8. Maybe throw in Barbaros to pull in an enemy to get swarmed. Challenge can also, strangely, protect the rats, as I feel losing rats can start a slide. Pride Effigy Greed - 7 Benny - 8 Student - 5 Wretch - 6 Barbaros - 9 Rats 3-5 Stones 0-6 Turn one, everyone but Benny drops scheme markers, Benny makes rats. Then swarm up the board, with Benny and Greed doing serious 1 hit damage. A way to place scheme markers closer would be a nice add. Also, your opponent is gonna look at you funny at the beginning. And then use their pass tokens to hold models so they can get out of dodge when targeted. And they may not be your friend any more.
  9. Jack Daw can no longer put Injustice upgrades on friendly models. Karina’s(and pretty much everyone with it) Frantic Flailing got named.
  10. I generally run him naked, though I like the Soldier for Hire suggestion, seems interesting. My opponent usually targets the Waifs early, or just tries to stop the place. As such I have found that I don’t need to use channel all the time. Also, I can use a Scavenger to heal or Essence transfer to move the wounds if I need Leveticus to do more self damage. Or just kill something in melee, which I guess could heal 4, but 2 usually is enough. Well, it was a journey. To start with, I was including a single Hunter. They are fast, deal fairly good damage, and can mess with opponent positioning. Then I decided I could add two... which costs the same as Tara. So I added Tara instead. I still get two Hunters, though I may need to stone for suit, so they can cost +1 SS, but Tara is basically free. But I have found she is incredibly mobile, does a better job messing with opponent’s positioning, and she has been known to take down models on her own. In Plant Explosives the dual sides of combining Leveticus and Tara has been clutch. Using damage and mobility to do all the things. So, in part, she brings summons, but that is only 2 actions(maybe 3+ if my opponent kills the Hunters 🙂 ) of her total 15, plus her psuedo leap.
  11. Yep, they are just no longer free and usually have the tax.
  12. I don’t take Dark Powers on Leveticus either. I really like Tara in my Leveticus crew, and also Void Hunters, but she brings those for a stone or less each. The Student of Conflict is also nice to mess with scheme markers and give out fast. Lazarus also does work on scheme markers and he is a tank. I have yet to trigger his grit.
  13. Never mind! All the wordings for heal ,that I looked at, are target heals. The target does all of the healing. In this case Kirai.
  14. I'm headed into a game versus Kirai this afternoon with Leveticus. Many of Kirai's models heal the leader. Abominations have Wither Away which says that a model "cannot heal," not "cannot BE healed." Who do I have to be in range of? The healer or Kirai. Is Heal something a model does or something that happens to it?
  15. This refers to the Gorar. Gorar == original model. Not the dead model.
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