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  1. I think the reference was to being able to do it to either. Which would NOT be joy.
  2. Super stoked for this. 7 days left. A couple of us are driving down from Fort Collins. Anyone else coming in from out of town?
  3. I saw other people post this, but I didn't see an answer, maybe I missed it. My stuff was flagged fulfilled on the 27th. But the tracking just shows label printed, not picked up. Now this could be USPS, but I was forced 3 day shipping AND my order included books. Have orders with books shipped at all? What I see says they are still waiting on them.
  4. I play an opponent who runs Parker and Ressers, starts with a bunch of stones and usually finishes with more. At some point it becomes over kill, but I can’t get him to start with fewer stones.
  5. No, but I’m going to list a different reason. Beyond Time lets you target buried models, Buffering doesn’t target.
  6. Deliver targets a model within 1”, its wording is the same as range, I have checked many times. This is an old argument. Basically, as now play as can’t, then there is no fight. Someday there may be a mythical FAQ, but I somehow think this will be left off.
  7. The problem with your first interpretation is that the trigger references damage suffered not taken. If it reduces the damage it isn’t suffered. Thus -1 damage suffered => 1 less damage bonus. However, I am inclined to agree with your second point, the cost is not caused by the action and thus not reduced.
  8. Scheme markers don't work, because it drops in contact with the model taking the action(so somewhere in the void). Everything else looks like it will work with the rules, BUT every time it gets brought up, everyone screams "it's not a range since it doesn't have a Rg stat." Long story short, it may be legal, but no opponent will allow it. It is in serious need of clarification or FAQ. Somebody should have said something..... over and over and over.... since closed beta.
  9. Yep. I must have been going off an old wording or just confused. The limit to 3 actions is in Fast, so you can totally give 3 actions to your henchman.
  10. When I run the Viks, I take practically every model, save the Deperate Merc, plus an extra Ronin. While my crew doesn't change much, I feel they have plenty of options on the table. It isn't a control crew, but here are shooting options. I think the fact that I look at taking all of the options is very good, versus other masters where there are models I just don't hire. I guess I'm saying a small keyword of useful models seems way better than a massive one full of junk.
  11. Leveticus brings irreducible damage and no heal auras(abominations and Marlena)
  12. It would seem so, but nobody plays it that way, and it has been argued heavily. I would play towards the side that doesn't break the game. Plus, the extra damage is a cost.(p48) "These costs must be paid when the trigger is declared or no portion of the Trigger may resolve." It is something payed for, not caused by the action. It is also stated as not a portion of the trigger. But probably most importantly, if you just take the damage, ignoring incorporeal, without passing the wound, you don't have to argue anything, and you can get on with the whole point, which is playing the
  13. Or bury a Hunter, use other Hunter or NB(or both) to move forward and Stutter one of their activated models. Hunter pops out, buries anchor, drops explosive. I feel the smaller hand size is going to empower Glimpse, one way or the other.
  14. Just to stir the pot.... Marlena... it’s “damaged suffered” not “damage suffered by this model”
  15. I think your Scion list definitely has merit and was thinking of trying it myself. It’s decently fast, and could be the one time you manage to bury you opponent’s entire crew. Unburying the Scion could be tricky, but you can use him on the table and use Vanish only if needed to hang onto wounds for Assassinate. The document I saw does say action limit, so that does imply can’t use fast. It depends how TOs run it, only gets 2 actions or can only take 2 actions.
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