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Sonnia Crid Boxset


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I bought this box way back in May last year, painted the first witchling and put it up on the forums around August or so and then set about moving house which somewhat disrupted things. I finally got round to sitting down to finish off the crew over the last couple of weeks.

Good thing about this box set is they're all 1 piece models so no hassle with getting them all built, there were a few mould lines but nothing too serious.

I've been stuck churning out warhammer armies over the last couple of years so hadn't sat down and put much time into any figures for quite some time and found it very therapeutic actually spending time on models until I was satisfied rather than going 'it's good enough'.

Colour scheme was very much inspired by 'I've not worked with these colours for a long time, so lets see how they look now. The blue & yellow is a fairly classic magicians scheme so fits reasonably well with Sonnia even if she's the antimagic guild faction.

Unfortunately not the greatest photos as I'm lacking any decent sunlight for taking pictures so was done inside and came out rather dull so had to balance the white in photoshop which has flattened out the skin tones.




Really happy with how this crew has come out and looking forward to getting started on the next one (Lady J).

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Fantastic!! The blue and yellow scheme is a brilliant idea, a dramatic break from the guild norm. I would say I'd do something like this for my Sonnia crew, but i can't paint yellow for toffee, so no doubt they'll end up Brown.....I can do brown.

The photos are great, and show off the colours well. and the OSL worked out too!

Looking forward to seeing more work!

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Having moved away from Malifaux figs for a while I came home last night, sat down at my desk and had 1 undercoated fig in my drawer which decided to grab my attention. I'd bought the Austringer a while back and of the two models vastly preferred the crouching guy who was pointing. But I'd not had the heart to come up with the new scheme for how my guild guards would look. Well that all changed last night and as usual with Malifaux models stopping painting was a real issue!

I decided the guards were going to be the most civilian of all the Guild, so where the Death Marshals and Witch hunters have a very distinctive scheme that wasn't going to be the case for the guards, they'd look very much like my image of Joe Public in the world. So based off that cowboy stereotype they roughly follow I settled on denim trousers, white shirt and brown overcoat. I then played about with the hat, gloves and boots for a bit before settling on making all three the same grey/black colour which I'm very happy with.

Pic so far is a wip, the falcon still needs a bit of work and probably could do with a highlight or two on the grey just to give it better definition but so far I'm really happy with how it's coming out. Not going to be able to work on it any further tonight but hopefully get some time later in the week.



Looking back at the cloak I probably need to add a little green into my shadows to get the transitions a bit more natural. I'm quite happy with my denim, not really tried to do it before and wasn't quite sure how to approach it. Ended up I painted it a base grey which has a slight blue tinge and then stippled up with a brighter blue before giving a grey wash followed by an asurymen blue wash.

I'm somewhat tempted to buy lucius's box so I can crack on with getting a complete crew of guards but I've already invested in Zorida as my first branch out of the Guild so will have to paint that up before I'll allow myself to get anything further as I'm on a mission to reduce my unpainted mountain after buying far too much this year (once again!).

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Love the paint jobs! I used to play Khador for War Machine, and became very adept at painting reds. Now that I'm switching to Cygnar I find that painting blues and getting them to pop is a bit difficult. How did you get your blues to come out so nicely? I wouldn't mind some tips on the yellows either...

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