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  1. So when I got my BFS order in the mail I got three master cards randomly (Collodi, Hamelin and Leveticus) what makes them special is that they are corrugated. (The character images are opposite of indented, like bumpy) so I'm wondering, did anyone else get any of these? If so what ones did you get?
  2. I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I just got the July Newsletter which shows August and September's releases... I hope that in September they do another like "Spend $200" promotion for a special figure or such because dang by that point there's going to be enough out for me to do/merit a $200+ order. Heck I still need the M2E Crossroads Book and the Penny Dreadful In Defense of Innocence, then I want the 2E starter set which has all new models, Shifting Loyalties and its Campaign deck, the Generalist Upgrade Deck, Into the Steam and the Penny Dreadful Northern Aggression. That's already an almost $300 order I'm lining up for September so I really hope there'll be a promotion during that time. Also does anyone know if the BFS Performer model and the recent promotion Performer model for spending a lot of money were actually different or were they the same? I haven't seen anyone selling or showing pics of the newer Performer bonus model so I don't know if it's different or not but if it is I'd love to get that for my Colette crew. Anyway just my thoughts. As I don't want to waste the opportunity of spending $300 on products just to have say, the next month them have a "oh yeah NOW if you spend $300 you'll get this special thing" you know?
  3. Well when entering the address information, I live in a St. ______ city, the first letter after the St. should be capitalized but is not... so let's say... St. Lawrence... appears as St. lawrence... not a terrible issue but still kind of can probably bug people.
  4. I really want that special edition Performer from the Black Friday Sale. I have Miss Ery, Dead Justice crewbox, M2E open graves crew box (unopened), and of course money. The things listed above will be up for sale for fair prices. I also still need a Steam Trunk (and would rather not buy a Freikorps crew box just for that one model) so if anyone has one of these they don't want (preferably unpainted, though assembled is fine, heck I don't even need the card unless it's been changed since the arsenal box wave 1 cards) I'd be looking for that too.
  5. I have a Dead Justice set I may be able to part with. They are assembled and base coated (like spray-painted with a white base coat) although you could easily strip that if you wanted but otherwise they are unpainted.
  6. Looking to sell my Miss Ery and the M2E Open Graves set (still factory sealed). Open to reasonable offers. Not really looking to trade as I already have everything I could want right now for Malifaux. (Except maybe a sealed Hanging Tree box)
  7. I'd be interested in the Steam Trunk and card.
  8. I am not in Europe. So shipping would be expensive. Also to everyone else I have procured a Johana so I no longer need her. I can't edit my title of my topic for whatever reason.
  9. Do you know if The Hanging Tree has the 1E version of the cards inside, seeing as how the 2E version of the cards that came outside of it? I'd be interested in it if so. Shame the kickstarter was just a few k shy of my tier getting the hanging tree.
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