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Timer too short

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Is there any chance the auto-logout timer could be lengthened a bit?

I run a shop (which is fully supporting Malifaux, btw) and much of the time if I need to stop and help a customer I get logged out of the boards. For the most part this is no huge deal but, especially when I haven't had a chance to read the boards in a few days, having it reset my New Posts link can be rather frustrating. At times I've been logged out while trying to read my way through even a single page or post a response!

Anyway, I wouldn't suggest not having a logout timer, but a bit more time would be much appreciated.

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Probably has to do with the settings for how often it deletes your cookies/cache/temp files. The other thing I find, with Firefox (don't use IE unless I can't help it), if you use tabs, but never close the main window, then it should keep you logged in, even if you close the tabs.

But yeah, I can't remember the last time I had to put in my password.

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Well, the problem seems to be fixed, and it was either some random McAffee thing my business partner installed (and which I uninstalled a short while ago) or that I'm stupid. Seems I'd never clicked the little box next to login labeled "Remember Me." Now, in my defense, I can see why this would require me to login each time I entered the page, but can't imagine why it would log me out for being "idle." Of course, I'm old and technologically declined, so me not being able to imagine something is pretty shaky evidence.:pcguru:

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I have no problems on the following:

Firefox 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 running on Windows XP, Ubuntu, or Mac OS X (tiger [ppc], Leopard, and Snow Leopard)

Safari version 5.0.3 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or 5.0.3 on MAC OS X Leopard and Safari 4.1 on Tiger

IE 6.1 on Windows XP (no IE7 or IE8)

Chrome for Windows XP

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In people who are having this problems defense, this site does use a rather quick idle log out timer.

If I leave the window Idle without the Remember Me check (which most people at work wont have checked) it does log you out rather quickly. Even if you are replying to a post I think it takes like 10 min before it boots you off. I know I've had many long posts thrown away thanks to this.

So it definitely exists and I can verify it happens on major Windows browsers Firefox, Ie, and Chrome. Though it only happens if you don't have the Remember Me checked or some other form of login/pw saving mechanic enabled.

Since I doubt there is much that will be done about it, follow this simple advice that I use.

Before you hit the Post button, select the entire reply, copy it, then hit reply. If you get bounced out and lose the post, just log back in and paste it back in. Yeah it's annoying but solves the problem on our (users) end rather simply =)

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