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  1. Have a bunch of older stuff just gathering dust, ao I’d rather it go to a home that will love, and assemble, and paint these! I will actually be at GenCon this Saturday if anyone wants to meet there and save on shipping! Herald of Obliteration, Nightmare Box Set - $70 Dark Carnival, Nightmare Box Set - $70 Nightmare Teddy (2 of them) - $50 each Puppetwars base set (metals) - $70 Puppetwars multiplayer expansion - $10 Puppetwars Pawns 2 - $10 Miss Pack - $10 Miss Anne Thrope - $10 Miss Demeanor - $10 Hog Whisperer - $10 Rasputina Alt - $5 Killjoy - $10 Arcanist 2E Arsenal Box - $5 I also have an almost full Kirai crew (metal, box set plus 2 Shikome, extra Seishin, Kirai avatar, maybe a couple other things) that is just based and primed, but I can’t seem to find any of the cards for them. Granted, they would be 1E cards anyway, but if you’re interested in them, let me know.
  2. I think they were tossing in extra stuff for whoever ordered the Rail Crew too, since there was some delay on that front as well.
  3. It was the darn wide hat that really threw me for a loop. To be honest, I didn't even put together the fact that the letters on the back helped you match everything I up. I finally figured out that the one pony-tail looking thing was for the big hat, and then by trial and error decided that the hat best fit Kang. I actually liked the look of it on him too, so I used it. Overall though, was easier assembling these than the 10T Archers were...ugh.
  4. OOoh, the green on MissTerious' coffin is a great idea. The tough part is figuring how where to hide the battery though. The battery and clip I use for most of my projects is about the size of a 30mm base. For instance, with the Rail Golem here, I have to drill out the center of the base to insert that stuff. On a 30mm base, that would be quite tough indeed. Of course, I've already started to assemble/paint my MissTerious, so would be tough to back track now. Is quite tempting to try this on the extra one I've got. Hmm... Generally, on the subject of LEDs, it's really just about leaning how to do the V=IR calculations (Voltage = Current * Resistance) in order to figure out what size resistor you need. Generally, a single 3V watch batter will power just about any LED. Then you just gotta connect the wires the right way. Learning to solder was REALLY helpful for me, as that's a small and secure way to wire everything together.
  5. Yup. What he said! Let's focus on getting the book 2 and 3 stuff complete, then we can add the 10T.
  6. Not sure what you mean, Darios. I can take more photos, but that terrain was from the booth at GenCon.
  7. To be fair, I speed painted this model, didn't bother with filling gaps or anything, etc. And I would say that out of all the new plastic models, this one is probably the least detailed. Some of the Metal Gamin have some CRAZY detail for how small they are. Same with the Archers. I think the quality of the sculpts/models is just as good as the metal, once you have them in your hands. Could the Rail Golem have been more complex? Sure. But there are some neat subtleties to him too.
  8. Darkmane, chill man. I don't think he was trying to be a jerk. Just being a little silly is all.
  9. So, I purchased this on Thursday at GenCon, had it painted and complete by Friday, and played with it in 2 games on Saturday. Was quite a bit of fun to put this together, and even more fun to play with it. I already had the base built, wired up, and ready to go when I got to GenCon. Building the model and drilling out the slots and stuff was actually easier than I expected. Enjoy!
  10. Sorry guys, I posted my first response before I saw Nathan's post in the Announcements section. The Rail Crew box is there, but the Misaki box was delayed a bit more. See the thread for more details. http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?34894-Slight-delay-on-Misaki-%28Thunders%29-box-set-Gencon-2012 EDIT: Ninja'd, lol. That said, I wouldn't give up yet guys. It will get to you soon enough, and still be MUCH sooner than it will be for the general release schedule.
  11. They were only available as a pre-release during the week of GenCon. So if you ordered one through the webstore that weekend, you will get it. They are still working to get everything shipped though. I placed my order on Sunday night but have not received a 'shipped' message yet. Patience.
  12. How do you even begin to make a chess clock work in a game like Malifaux? Star Wars Miniatures had a MUCH more simple system in terms of who's 'turn' it was, and we were never able to come up with a viable chess clock situation. In Malifaux, you'd be switching the timer back and forth every time someone needed to decide if they were going to cheat a card or not. Don't think that will work. Yes, time limits were definitely an issue. To be honest though, for me, I think it was more simply the surprise of things being SO short. 10-15 minutes shorter (which is what we were dealing with on Sunday) is the difference between an extra round or 2 in most games. So, I think the time limits in Gaining Grounds right now are just about perfect as-is. There were just other circumstances forcing the reduced time on Sunday. For what it's worth, I had no complaints myself about the time limits on Saturday, and I don't remember hearing much either. My only complaint about Saturday is that I would have liked to have seen games played to finish out the round when time was called. If people take more than 5-10 minutes to finish a round, then a judge can hover at the table and be sure they are moving along. As Nilus said though...even getting an extra hour of time for each tournament would be enough for another 15 minutes per round, which would be perfect, IMO. I'm not too worried about time issues, to be honest.
  13. To be honest, if you were playing on those setups at GenCon, and you refused to let an opponent climb walls under the 1/2 movement standards, that's just kind of a jerk move, IMO. If neither player has spirits or flight/float models, I could see not allowing climb. But if you have any of those and tell me as an opponent that I can't climb a wall because we didn't declare them 'climbable' at the beginning of a game, I'd be calling a judge over ASAP. And if I was judging an event and got called over to settle a dispute like that, you can bet I'd be telling people to sit down, start climbing stuff, and stop being @$$hats. I never would intend to alienate anybody. But when you look at it from the other side, and when I'm a competitive player, running a crew that is typically known to be 'slow' (aRamos), and I'm the one who feels the need to speak up at the end of the game and say that I wish my opponent had played faster? That's kind of what I'm getting at. Yes, newer players should be given the time to learn the game, and play at their own speed, etc. etc. But if we ever want Malifaux to have actual 'Masters' events where we compete to see who are the best players, then the factor of how fast someone plays has to be factored in. When I used to play Star Wars Miniatures competitively, we had to deal with the same thing eventually, and yes, people would get handed warnings for playing slow. The Malifaux game is designed to be played to 6 turns, and if you have a Colette crew, and your opponent has Ramos or Nicodem, or some other 'slow' crew, but you only get to Turn 3 in the game, you are artificially giving the 'faster' crew an advantage. I showed up to GenCon expecting to play games of Malifaux, which are supposed to be 6 turns. By only getting 3-4 in some games, I felt very disillusioned. To put it starkly, I came home and said to several of my buddies "I wish I had finished painting Chompy's crew, and just took that with me. Because with that, I would have the speed and offensive power to handle how the tournaments were run." And I HATE that I came back feeling that way. I don't want anyone to feel like they have to run a certain kind of crew in order to be 'competitive'. So, when I say that people should learn to play quicker, this is where I'm coming from. I certainly don't intend to be a jerk about it, and I would never turn anyone away from a tournament. But if you play a game and only get in 3 rounds, you better believe I'm going to at least try to nicely suggest that you learn to play a bit faster. If your opponent was playing fast, then in essence, you have cheated them. If you were playing fast and your opponent wasn't, then you can point that out and walk off. But if Malifaux intends to be taken seriously as a competitive game at some point down the road, time limits for games, and slow play are things which will need to be addressed.
  14. Nix, I know you and I chatted about some of these already, and I did chat briefly with both Keltheos and Nilus at different times about some of it too. I'm afraid some of this is going to come off really negative, and I'll try to avoid that, but I want to temper all of this by saying that I had a GREAT time playing the games that I did get in, and would definitely recommend anyone going to GenCon to jump into the Wyrd official tournaments next year. I'll try not to be TOO verbose on some of these, but I've had quite a bit swirling around in my head since Saturday/Sunday on this topic, and just hadn't been able to get around to starting a thread on my own about it. First of all, before digging into any specifics....I think the most important thing is that GenCon is NOT where new things should be getting tested out. If we want to have 'Masters' or 'Avatars of Malifaux' events and see who are the best of the best players, it should be done so with a rule-set that is at least somewhat established. Make changes to the Gaining Grounds document no later than July 1st, if necessary. That's how we handled it with another game I used to play competitively. If a change didn't make it in by July 1st, it waited until Jan 1st for the next cycle. Otherwise, making changes a mere 5 minutes before you start the first game because an exercise in who can adapt the fastest, or who happened to bring the right crews with them to take advantage of the changes, and I don't think that is necessarily fair. We have a published rule set, let's stick to it. That kind of plays into my thoughts on other topics too... Time limits: My biggest problem with the time limits is that I feel like it really hinders certain types of crews. Obviously, as Ramos is one of my favorite Masters to play, and I consider myself rather skilled with him, this frustrated me in particular, because he needs 2-3 turns to get really moving, even when you're not running his Avatar form. I think some of the solid Resser crews (excl Kirai) suffer from this as well, and could be why there is a perception that they are not competitive. I don't think that it's that they are bad crews, it's just that they are crews which usually require 5-6 turns in order to win. When you have a 75 minute time limit (which included setup, so really more like 60-65 minute rounds), that's nigh impossible to play 5-6 turns, and automatically eliminates some crews from being 'competitive'. As I stated elsewhere, I know in at least 2 of my losses with Ramos, and probably all 3 losses, if we had played through Turn 6, I likely would have won. In only 1 of those losses did I feel like my opponent wasn't playing very fast, but I also knew he was a newer player, so I didn't make a big deal about it. 'Slow Play' is going to become a big problem going forward if we stick to tournament timing like we did at GenCon, and it will be something that will have to be addressed. Malifaux is designed to be 6 rounds, and if you can't play in a tournament with the goal of getting to Turn 6 in 70 minutes, then IMO, you shouldn't have entered the 'Masters' tournament, or at the very least, you shouldn't be flippant when your opponent mentions being disappointed that you only got to turn 3. Terrain: I actually felt like the terrain was MUCH better this year than it was last year. Last year's tables had very little terrain higher than 2", so I saw a fair amount of improvement this year. However, I still saw quite a few boards that I would characterize as a Zoraida or Guild-shooters play-ground, and I think those kind of things need to be carefully dealt with. Granted, I don't necessarily want to say a maze of a board, with no firing lanes beyond 8" long. But at the same time, if you have the center 24" diameter of the board with nothing higher than 1" terrain in a few random places, and all the higher 2" terrain is on the edges, that severely favors the ranged crew. Tables should always have a broader mix of terrain, to at least force ranged heavy crews to pick firing lanes and create cross-fire zones, rather than relying on the fact that they can hole up 2" outside their deployment zone and cover 3/4 of the table. Lastly...A bit more 3" terrain towards the middle to help stymie Zoraida shenanigans, and no tables where the highest terrain on the table is in the deployment zone. It's incredibly aggravating, not to mention demoralizing, when Zoraida can start obeying any model she chooses in your deployment zone on the first activation of the game. At least make her (0) Raven and move somewhere first. Single Elimination: I've got no problem with this. I think some people were confused about the tie = double loss bit of it, but it made sense to me. I like this format for the 'finals' but I agree that some losers brackets would be awesome. Going back to my earlier point, if some prizes were on the line, and players knew what they were, then you'd be more likely to get people to stick around. Declaring your Master: I really didn't like this. It gives way too much of an advantage against some crew types and takes away part of the strategic aspect of Malifaux games. If I declare I'm doing Ramos, then people have a lot more freedom to make sure they take models with armor ignoring and anti-Construct abilities and such. But if my opponent says Viktorias, I really don't know if they'll include the Freikorps, or go all Ronin. Same with Neverborn. There are zillion ways to play Zoraida or Pandora, and so declaring them as a Master gives the opponent basically no indication of which way the crew will be built. But a competitive Hoffman or Kirai list are almost always the same. So I think it gives too much strength to the versatile lists, and further hurts the Masters who tend to have a smaller pool of competitive choices. Adjusted Destroy the Evidence: I've got no problem with this one. Of course, we didn't realize till AFTER the game that you had to get BOTH markers outside the deployment zone for the first 2 VP (further reason why having new Strategies tested at GenCon is annoying), though it didn't actually matter in our game anyway. I might suggest making the first 2 VP be for any 2 Markers destroyed, but I don't necessarily have a problem with it as is. The 'no interacting on Turn 1' is nice for keeping super-fast crews at bay, but it does end up meaning that the strategy turns into a kill-'em-all type, because you have to fight to clear opponents off your Markers and then flip them. In the case of the Arcanists, Colette is typically a go-to crew for Objective/Interact games because of her speed. But with being forced to do more Combat, that makes her much less capable for this objective now, IMO. Ramos is a better choice from a combat perspective, but because of his slower speed, it gives your opponent a very nice advantage of being able to get to the markers quicker and get entrenched. So, not 100% sold on the 'no interacting on Turn 1' part, though I do understand the impetus there. No matter how you slice it, it will hurt some crews and help some others. Changes to Treasure Hunt: No problems there. I think, again, not allowing the interact on Turn 1 will make this a LOT more combat heavy around the middle. But it helps with enough other issues in this strategy that I don't have too much trouble with it this way. Not sure how I feel about the first pick-up being reduced from a (2) to a (1). You have to wait till Turn 2, but if you've got a Fast/Nimble model like Von Schill already at the counter, you can get 8" from the center and back amongst your whole crew if you win init. I think being able to go 4" away from center (after a (2) action) is still strong, but not quite as bad. Terrain Density: Kind of already touched on this. I thought the density was MUCH better this year. Lots of 1" small stuff for cover here and there. With the absence of things like forests, the small pieces of cover are definitely needed. Terrain Types: The 'rooms' with 4 walls an no roof are certainly an issue, allowing spirits and such to get inside and be protected. Easily enough to work around by having the opposing models climb the walls to get inside I suppose. Would rather see doors/roofs on things to avoid that scenario though. Some forests would be AWESOME and I think is the main thing that needs to be considered next year. A really easy way to do it, and wouldn't be too set-up intensive, is to use some shapes (circles, peanut shaped, etc.) in green felt. Then you can have individual trees that you could place 1 or 2 of them loose on the felt to indicate a forest. This is how we typically handle it at the LGS. The trees can be moved around the piece of felt easily enough to avoid being in the way of a model. But it clearly defines the area as a forest. Otherwise, I'm cool with the terrain types. The addition of some of the Dungeon Rise pieces were nice since some of those had some interesting things to work around (as long as the lava pit one doesn't get put in the middle of the table, lol). Scoring: I like all of the Scoring formats, though I think the TP/Diff/VP is a good one for the 'Masters' type tournaments. I think 'Story Encounters' are better done with VP as the primary. So I guess...I have nothing to add on this one, LOL. OK, there. Sorry so much wall of text.
  15. I don't think I would ever say that a player's skill is judged just by their speed. But it's obvious when a player really knows what they're doing, and can play super fast, like Webster does. It's a real benefit to the overall game too, because then even the losing player at least feels like they had a full game in order to win it. Hey man! Good game with you! And don't sell yourself too short. We were in turn 5, and you had delayed me long enough that even if we played out the game without time limits, I think I would have only been able to maybe flip over 1 marker in Turn 5, and then MAYBE 1 more marker in turn 6, but only if I could kill your remaining pieces. Only flipping 1 marker, even if I had got that Watcher into your deployment zone to deny your holdout, it still would have been a 4-4 tie. So I had to flip at least 2 markers over AND deny your Hold Out in order to win at that point. Or go for Sabotage. Any of which would have required at least the next round as well. So I think, played out even to the end of Turn 5, you still would have won. However, I did realize that I sold myself short on the Watcher's movement. I always forget the +1 Wk Ramos grants Constructs. Still would've been a 3-2 win for you though. The Marcus/Von Schill rush worked perfectly, and slowed me down too much to recover. It was well played. Even if you didn't get the kills, you kept me busy long enough for the rest of your crew to do their job. I understand this to some degree. Then again, when I used to play Star Wars Miniatures, we drew 70+ for 3 years in a row for their equivalent of a 'Masters' tournament. Those were typically 10-12 hour tournaments when it was all said and done. Or at a minimum it was 8-9 hours of Swiss rounds, followed by 3 rounds of a Top 8 single elim the following day. Now, I think a very large part of drawing that many people consistently: prizes. And prizes that were announced WELL in advance of the con. So I think that this is something Wyrd could do better about as well, rather than just nebulous "stuff will be awarded to the top finishers". I think as the competitive community grows, more and more people will be willing to spend a whole day playing in a tournament, but I think it would be nice to know what they're playing for an have a well established/published prize plan. As for chess clocks....No, don't think it will work. Slow play is something every game system has had to deal with over the years. In my experience, the best way to deal with it is via judges. If you think your opponent is intentionally stalling, then call the judge. I've had a couple ideas regarding this, so if it does become a problem over time, I'd be interested in having a separate discussion, perhaps in its own thread. I think you could do some neat things like penalizing players by taking away 1 SS from their cache for the next game or something.
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