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  1. We're still waiting on post office resolution. Unfortunately, my post office says Ian needs to contact his, and his post office says I need to contact mine. I'm so bummed that this has happened, but since the model was last seen in Canada, my post office refuses to lift a finger.
  2. Sorry about the other commitments. And the quoted price would have taken me far longer than a day! I do understand nervousness about international shipping chipping though (unintentional rhyming). Send me a pm if you change your mind about the paint.
  3. I'm really not understanding the complaints regarding price points. $10-$15 a mini for a boutique miniature company is not unusual at all. Dark Sword and Freebooter Miniatures have been doing it for a decade. Remember that Bombshell isn't about cranking out gaming quality minis by the thousands. Besides, Wyrd charges $16 for 2 plastic minis, so I don't see what the big deal is.
  4. Hi all! I'm happy to see you guys chattering about Bombshell Miniatures over here. For those that have voiced concerns over the lack of of painted minis...it's kinda the point of kickstarting this line. Without backing, there won't be any models produced, hence there isn't anything to paint yet. I am one of the painters working with Patrick Keith on this project, and I'm super excited as I've had the pleasure of painting many of his sculpts for Dark Sword Miniatures. I'm also a former studio artist for Wyrd, and have worked with a myriad of other companies. Meg Maples is also painting for Bombshell - if you're not familiar with the name, you'd know her painting skills from Privateer Press, including the Druid Gone Wilder model. These figures aren't really about "T&A" in the classic sense. They're women that are gorgeous, maybe a bit sensual, and having fun in their Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Western archetypes. Hope that info helps clear stuff up a bit!
  5. I would like to preface my response to this very interesting thread with "I haven't read every post". I just wanted to put my brief 2 cents in on the issue at hand. I am a miniature painter (a female of course). I am also a gamer - I do not play much in the way of miniatures games these days, mostly due to time constraints, but I've played Warhammer Fantasy & 40K, Mordheim, Warmachine and Hordes. My fave shall always be Mordheim, but I digress. My handle/screen name is "brushmistress" - this name is a blatant objectification of myself as a woman. I am aware of it, I'm proud of it. When I'm standing in a booth at conventions, I proudly refer to myself as a "booth babe" - to give my male fans a fare shake at sexual stereotypes, I refer to them as "fan boyz". I do not say, speak or write any of these terms in a derogatory fashion. Simply as endearing kitsch. There's a certain degree of self assurance that is necessary in order to work your way into a community that is largely populated by men, and accepting the age old idiom "sex sells" is an excellent starting point. I don't think it's the off-kilter man to woman ratio in tabletop gaming that is a turn off for women. I certainly don't think that it's the introduction of half to mostly naked miniatures either. Not to completely simplify the questions (and sound somewhat misogynistic), but I think most women are entirely too self-absorbed and sheepish to want to interact with men on anything other than a wine and dine level. If you're reading this thread, you're probably not one of those types. I genuinely think that some women are just born "tomboys" if you will. We're not interested in watching the Kardashians or shopping for fancy soap dispensers to put in the guest bathrooms. We want to "be one of the guys". We just happen to have boobs. Some of us even have husbands who put up with our crazy gamer nonsense instead of the other way around. I have no issues what so ever with sexually driven miniature concepts. I love painting them. I would imaging that you could poll the earth over and ask the question "would you rather look at the naked male form or the naked female form?" and get a resounding "female" in response. The female body has naturally alluring aesthetics, regardless of body type. I think I'm rambling now...anyhow, I genuinely feel that the surge of "hot chick" miniatures in the market today has done more good than bad for women entering the hobby. I know I'd rather look at a table full of scantily clad gunslingers than a bunch of unimaginative armored men.
  6. And one more - did this one a few years ago.
  7. One of my personal faves for cuteness that I recently did. Mouse Wizard!
  8. Lol - no, it's not just the trees. You've got an excellent drybrushing technique that lends a moody feel to the bases.
  9. I really love how the bases for Hamelin and McTavish look!
  10. A huge thank you to everyone that voted for me! I truly could not have done it without your support!
  11. For generic tabletop gaming purposes, Folk Art or Apple Barrel paints will suit your needs just fine. If you want to improve your technique and have a wider selection of colors available to you, use gaming paints - Vallejo, GW, P3, Reaper MS (especially the high density). They are specially formulated for smooth application on small surfaces and have a higher pigment density that anything you can pick up at Walmart or Joanns. They can also be diluted and used for washes. Cheap craft paints have large bits of pigment in them, which will show up when diluted. Craft paint metallics have larger flakes as well and are often not smooth when painted on a 32mm miniature.
  12. I'll take ownership of the Hooded Rider paint job. I know that a lot of folks didn't really dig it, but at the end of the day I was happy with it. I took a ton of criticism over it, but it happens more than you'd think when you paint for a living.
  13. Saw these when I voted online. First off - congrats on winning at Adepticon! I really like your freehand (and the crew as a whole is inspired in it's artistic inspiration) and artwork on the wall is top notch. My only complaint about the whole piece is that it looks like you spent a lot of time on tiny details, but you didn't give the same love to the rest of the models.
  14. Dark Sword Miniatures latest release, a wonderful bunny just in time for Easter. Here's the write up: Visions in Fantasy - 2012 Easter Bunny Hippidy Hop Hop Hippidy Hop Hop...Easter's on it's way....It is that time of year and what better critter to release than our good friend the Easter Bunny? Mr. Des turned the concept art for us very quickly as a favor and then Mr. Dave Summers did a fantastic job on bringing the concept to life in the sculpt on a short turn-time as well. We went with a fun classical Easter Bunny with a fantasy vibe so he could fit right in with the other critters in our ranges. Throw in a a big favor from our production facility (and Jess rocking his paintjob on a moments notice) and the Easter Bunny is here and ready for shipping out around the world. Whew!
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