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Reading Berks gains another..


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Hiya I've not actually gotten into Malifaux yet (waiting for my rulebooks to arrive before choosing groups) but given a few others of the Reading Uni Games Society have taken the plunge I have decided to as well as I've been looking at the game for a while!

Now the next part of the plan, choose two forces, and paint them BEFORE buying anything else... (yeah right)

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We have 3 so far just at GARPS and at least 2 more at Eclectic Games, I have also infected 3 more people with the idea of Malifaux and now need to get them over the hump of buying in (to aid which aim I've set up a gaming day :D)

Plus the other Garps players are luring people too....

We shall seize that crown!

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Welcome! I too am a noob awaiting my rulebooks. There seem to be a lot of us lately, maybe thats why mine are taking a while to arrive!!

Unfortunately I can't add to your bid to become the biggest Malifaux town in the UK, as i am somewhat geographically challenged!

So what faction takes your fancy?

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