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Painting with the speed of a thousand dead courtesans in stasis chambers


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So uhm. I've just recently (read 4+ weeks...) received and started painting my first Malifaux crew, which happened to be the Redchapel Gang. With a way too busy real life, things aint going too quick, but it's progress...if slow.

Once they're all painted, I figured I would actually try out and play the damn game...so hopefully I'll enjoy it!

Here's the progress so far, anyways. I'm having some issues with how I should "mud them up", and possibly gore it about with some blood. Any tips out there?

For the blood, I know that the standard answer is Tamiya clear red, but I can't for the love of my black little soul find any to order around Sweden.




Not sure if I should try to do some source lighting around the eyes, but I've never tried it out, so I'm not sure I dare. The NMM was my first ever try as well, so these models got a bunch of experimentation going on.

C&C and whatnot is welcome!

Coming up next is Sybelle, but I just started doing her (...) so it might be a lil until there's actually any photographic proof.

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They look good...

As far as the eye effect you already know the basics... Look at the butt of the second zombie; his hieny has a bit of a glow to it... ;)

Mimic that in an exaggeration of what you would normally paint and the eyes will come out marvelous!

Thanks :P

Hmm... So basically, I just have to paint eyes using my butt-painting techniques! Sounds easy enough. *cough*

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Sybelle looks great! I like the colors you've used, more 'realistic' than many I've seen.

If anything I would say that the legs' flesh is highlighted a tad more than they need to be. The chest and head are more subtle and better looking to me. Though that may be the pics.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally done with my first Belle. Choice of colour might not be all that original, but it just suits her too damn well to tamper with!

Rotten Belle:




Will prolly go on with yet another Belle, since I have no idea how to paint Seamus just yet... So far I've considered: Riddler-Seamus, Disney-Mad hatter-Seamus, Burton-Mad hatter Seamus, Willy Wonka Seamus Batman-Mad hatter Seamus and a bunch of other ones, but...It's hard. The man is too lovely to not get the best outfit! And I love basing my models on other fictional characters. Trixy.

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Thank you!

Personally I feel it's the best I've painted myself so far, which leads to the conclusion that models are best painted in the middle of the night with a fever and a runny nose. Damn my body for starting to recover...

And of course you have to get yourself some Seamus...everyone loves Seamus. Seamus is great.

Seamus wants YOU

To be an undead hooker.

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That purple on Seamus and Copycat is really good looking, I'm a bit torn if I should copy it or do what I had in mind from the begining. The rest of the minis in the log is nice too, Seamus would be proud over how well painted his hookers are. :P


I've come to love that purple as well, not only because it looks sweet, but also because it's, for some reason, so easy to paint and blend with it.

What did you have in mind from the beginning?

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What did you have in mind from the beginning?

I had/have two ideas, one was to use the concept art color shown on page 78 in the rulebook, a dark brown leather color, or to paint him up using a dark red color scheme.

But that purple is so nice looking, especially since I'm a sucker for purple to begin with. I guess I'll have to play around a little when I finally get him.

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Finally done with the starter box! All that's left now is a samuzombie, Bete and a convict, then I'm going back to painting up my Infinity miniatures. Might need a lil break between that though, since neck and back's a'messing with me.


Rotten Belle:



Not much to look at, but figured that I needed something to transport all the minis, stat cards, scheme/strategy cards (awesome stuff by Ratty) and fate deck. So I magnetised the minis and stuffed them in a metal box, then proceeded to stuff said box with everything else in a Sabol tray. Best part is prolly that I can stick the belle with the lamp post on the side, so that everything fits nice and firmly without risk for chipping.

Malifaux transport!



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Great minis and a great way to handle the transportation problem. That's the way. Copied and adapted ^^

Thanks:) 3x2mm magnets feel like they work the best. You don't want a too weak a hold!

I really like the color scheme on your Seamus! Very nice! ^_^

Thank you. :)

Take care with transporting your miniatures that way! In my opinion, magnetised bases are only safe for plastic and resin figures. One sharp movement, and some of the miniatures may fly around in the metal box...

I will! So far there's really no good way to do it... magnets feels like the best way if you're not going to travel bumpily. I hate the chipping that comes from normal foam, but one loose model inside that box would cause a ruckus as well. :P

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