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Marvel Theme Ramos Crew WIP


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And Dr. Doom is a good idea, I was thinking more of a Thor which would take some converting.

Haha, yeah, the hammer is pretty close, that's for sure. I just couldn't resist the hooded visage, plus the green scheme that Wyrd used on their studio model.

In case you didn't see the thread with my pics, Johan is here:


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Awesome, i have seen quite a few people do Doc Oc, and so i thought i would see that yet again and was surprised to see that it was iron man, vary awesome. Any thoughts on useing rusty alice and what she would become in your army? I thinking rouge would be cool but she does not have a gun but then again it would be awesome. Hans or the convict gunslinger as the punisher would be cool too. So meny possablities.

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