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  1. Hi all I'm a bartertown regular and can provide refs from that site if need be. since im looking to sell models I will expect the buyer to pay first via pay pal or mail order before i send my end out, the prices i have listed are before shipping is added. I am looking for money right now but I do have some interest in trading, right now I am into merc warmachine models and resurectionests for Malifaux though only the new models and mcmorning avatar for malifaux interest me. HAVES Warmachine Bloody Bradigan 5.00 Metal Khador Juggernaut with bazerker axe 15.00 Dystopian wars, I do not have a starter since when I got into the game my store was out so i bought it all in blisters, nothing is glued some are primed none are painted. Federated States Independence Class Battleship Federated States Lexington Class Cruiser (3) Federated States August Class Frigate (6) Federated States Saratoga Fleet Carrier Federated States A-17 Bomber (3) 8 part Modular Weapons Platform Dystopian 1.0 rule book the lot is worth 125, will sell it all for 60.00 40K GK lot, Stern metal 10 Termantors, a mix of 5 plastics and 5 metal two of witch is with psy cannons. Together it is a complete 650 point grey knight army worth value 125.00 would sell it all for 75.00 Malifaux Guild Lady justace boxset, no cards 20.00 Undead lady Justice box Painted well (have all there cards) I value it at 120.00 but will sell it all for 60.00 A really well painted peacekeeper (well as in good not over painted) 18.00 Neverborn Baby kade built not painted 5.00 Flames of war Soveit 5 IS-85s (not flames of war models) 25.00 Lord of the rings Will sell everything below for 40.00 4 mounted riders of rohan painted well, pics if intrested (well as in good not over painted) Legalos and Gimly mounted on the same horse (metal) 1 mounted Nazgul primed Grimma wormtounge metal 1 comand model for the arab looking guys the one with a banner Arwen with frodo, missing sword arm and base (i would throw her in) Plastic gimly and 3 plastic hobbits. I also have the starter box for Call of Cathulu LCG, opened never played. 25.00 -Andrew
  2. The army inclueds the boxset, and a few kit bashed models, an undead executioner, undead govs proxy, undead astinger and an undead exsocists Its all built and painted. the kitbashed models do not have cards. The kitbashed models are made to look undead and fit in with the set. the whole thing I would value at about 180.00-ish, I would be willing to sell it all for 100.00 and that includes shipping. As for trades I am willing to trade this army at a 175.00$ value What im looking for Malifuax Yamaziko Ten thunders Archers Pale Rider Warden x2 Mechanical Rider Hooded Rider Leveticus Avatar RPGs Mouseguard boxset Savage worlds core rules (current) Flames of war 2 M20 Scout cars 4 M36 90mm GMC "jackson" tanks 1 Field artillery box set of 4 155mm Howitzers. 1 57mm Gun 4 M20 Scout cars 4 M18 hellcats GMC tanks Other Haves Trollbloods -Warlocks Madrak Ironhide, -Warbeasts Impaler Light Warbeast -Units Trollkin Slugger 5 man Unit Malifaux -Guild Lady justace boxset, no cards A really well painted peacekeeper -Ressys 1 painted flesh construct -Neverborn Baby kade built not painted flames of war (all battlefrount models unless stated otherwise) -Soviet 5 IS-85 tanks (Old glory models) 2 kv 1e painted winter (not by me) -British Fully painted British rifle platoon UC patroll built primed (3 UCs) -Germain 2 platoons of infantry partly painted (7 stands each) I also have a large conf, mid nor lot ask for details. WHFB The current hc rulebook -Andrew
  3. it is all about the timing, though it is a trick that can wait, this could happen turn 4 or 5 to kill the right model, its all about waiting till all the stars aline, and if they dont its a strong list that has a good chance of winning without the tannen trick but it can do it in a pinch. If you position Tannen right he could reach ( 12 inch bubble) any model in the list that has yet to activate.
  4. So here is the 35 point list i want to run, Misaki, 5 Pool Shang [3ss] Taelor [8ss] Mr. Tannen [6ss] Torakage [6ss] Torakage [6ss] Yamaziko [6ss] At the start of the 2nd turn and each turn after I make sure I use allot of my cards up early, all but my highest Rams cards (1 or 2 cards in total). Near the end of the turn i activate the Torakage to bring in Tannen to be in range of a model that has yet to activate, thus forcing them to activate it and discard down to the one or two cards in my hand and giving musaki the ability to pick a model and decapitate. That is a bit much to get off but its a trick that this army could get off. Another Idea to help decapitate go off is to use bore to tears mixed with YAWNNNN so mixing the both will help take down a master. Like most of my ideas it looks doable on paper but in game it will be incredibly hard to pull off, but I think Tannen with Musaki could be a powerful combo. I thought about adding hans but i dont see this trick working twice per turn. Any thoughts? improvements?
  5. Hi all andrew here, I am looking to make some cash or trades painting things so if you have something you would like me to paint let me know and we can work something out. I don't normally do fixed rates i like to look at the project talk about what is wanted in the list before i determinate price. Here is some photos of my painted work As you can see i do good work, though im no golden demon winner and my prices reflect that, I pride myself on the fact that I paint well and fast. So if you are intrested send me a pm itemizing what you would like painted and we can start talking price. I will do trade stuff as well, for example i painted a malifaux army box sonia cridds for a friend in exchange for a mcmorrning box set. I love painting Malifaux crews. For trades let me know what you have, i sometimes paint things for things i don't need if i think i can paint it up to sell so feel free to let me know what you have. So let me know if you are interested Cheers, Andrew
  6. nice hand, I had a game once where i drew 1,2,5,4,black joker and the ten of crows, I was playing nicodem and the only crow i had was the ten, I thought it was a crap hand since i had tons of corpes counters on the table. I activated nicodem after lilith killed one of my punk zombies and moved herself in striking distance to kill nicodem the next turn. I then summened the rouge necromancy and drew the 9 of crows, 11 of crows, 13 of tomes and the 13 of crows. I used my next two actions to summen 2 punk zombies and drew the 12 of tomes and the 13 of rams. Then my totem went and cast the summing spell with the 13 of crows i drew, and summend another punk zombie, and I drew the red joker. So started off with a bad hand and got the best hand ever for nicodem when there are alot of counters in play. That turn i surrounded lilith and ended up killing her with my newly summened army of 25SS. Best hand i ever had in a game
  7. Hi all I am looking for the following 1 Leveticus 1 Leveticus avatar 2 hollow waifs 1 mechanacal rider 1 pale rider 1 hooded rider My haves list Malifaux Guild Lady justace boxset, no cards Undead lady Justice box with full army with the following kit bashed models (no cards since they are kitbashed) an undead executioner, undead govs proxy, undead astinger and an undead exsocists Its all built and painted, i value this at 110$ if you want to buy it, for trade I value it at around 175.00 (im flexible here) for the time and effort i put into the army. if you have my want list and want to trade it for all the undead lady jay stuff, That is for all the models in the boxset and kitbashed alike then I would be happy to make that deal. A really well painted peacekeeper Ressys 1 painted flesh construct Neverborn Baby kade built not painted Warmacine A bazerker, 1 unit of 3 greylord tennasens 1 man hunter (female) flames of war (all battlefrount models unless stated otherwise) Soviet Fully painted Soviet rifle platoon 5 IS-85 tanks (Old glory models) 2 kv 1e painted winter (not by me) British Fully painted British rifle platoon UC patroll Painted (3 UCs) Germain heavy mortars 4 tubes and a command stand. I also have a large conf, midnor lot ask for details. WHFB The current hc rulebook (if you have a hc 40k current rulebook to trade i would do a swap for this rulebook since they cost the same) 40k I have a built but unpainted grey knight land raider with all the moving parts moveable. Let me know if you want to make a trade, i will have some money for buying models but not too much. PM me with offers and i will respond, I mainly use barter town for refs to work out trade orders but i would also be happy with ebay refs as well. -Andrew TimeLapse ( 44 )BTown Regular
  8. Okay next nicodem model should be based off this movie.
  9. Ello I play Ramos a bit differently, just a bit, the mian thing i bring is lazerus. I Bring him and 2 LSPAs to the table with the toolkit and avatar (though I normally wait till turn three to avatar out.) The main idea of this list is to control detonate one of the larger spiders to give ramos some scrap and the other to give ramos one scrap and lazerus another, the point here is then to permantly assimilate the tome giving talent off of the totem so that the avatar can be given the tome. This is only 22 points so I will add other things into the list this is a slow starter list and it really depends on the mission if i bring this list or not but always having the tome giving skill on lazerus can make the avatar more fun. even when not farming Lazerus is a fun model to take with ramos.
  10. Im glad to see another nicodem player, Most nicodem players like myself start with the box and then after a few games we never include punk zombies in out starting armies instead add dogs and summon the punk zombies. Nicadem is all about resource management and summing what you may need when you need it. Mortamer and the grave spirit are great and are staples in all my lists as are 4-or more Canine remains. Some thoughts on the canine remains, first its there for you master ability makes them great fecthers of corpse counters, another is Rabies, if you can seem to get the crows you need to summen having your dogs make models WP -2 for the rest of the game give Nico the ability to paralyze them via rigor mortis with ease. another reason to bring a pack of dogs (3 or more) is for corpes counters you can count on, you cant always count on your opponet haveing living models for you to trasform into corpse counters so bring dogs assures of at lest some bodys hitting the table, also turning a 2 point model into a 5 point punk zombie is quite rewording. as one dog dies another can scoop up its corpse counter and send it back to nico. As for summoning, flesh constructs are nice, but the big, dumb and slow and one is not = to 2 punk zombies, if you have the crows summon the punks first. If you find yourself with allot of corpse counters (as i have in some games) a rouge necromancy is a fantastic model, it does eat up 4 corpse counters and only leaves you back 3 but its is a monster when bolstered and when you summon it you get to draw 4 cards. I had a game where in one turn after summoning it i drew 3 more crows , Nico then summon 2 more punk zombies and had my totem use the 13 of crows to summon a 3rd, I ended up surrounding Lilith who would have killed me next turn but instead was cut down by the 4 new models on the table. For me building my lists for nico I always have the same core, Nicodem Grave spirit 1ss Mortimer 7ss 4 Canine remains 8ss And then I add something big, or scary, Like Ashes and dust, The undead rider, Von schill, Bettie or what have you to fill out the list. The only other smaller model i may include in my starting list is a crooked man if i need range. So the big point model i include is the only thing the schemes or strategies influence in my starting list, what model you favor will be a player choice and it really is what makes your list unique to others, I love ashes and dust since its unexpected and amazing when bolstered. Anther good thing to keep in mind when playing nicodem is in your hands discard all cards that are 11 or less that are not crows each trun to try and draw as meny crows as you can, remember you can always SS a low crow to get summoning off. So on the same note never discard a crow, a 1 of crow can be used by mortimer to net you a corpes counter, in no other masters list is one suit soo important then this one, i have, and my friends can attest to this, discarded my whole hand with 2 13s, an 11, 9, 8 and a 4 to draw a new one to attempt to draw crows. So yeah keep that in mind, Another thing to keep in mind when figuring out Nicodem list is that he does not kill things, ever. He bolsters all your smaller models into monsters and has them kill them for him, so dont send him up front and dont forget to keep the grave spirit on him at all times. Mindless zombies are great if you think you are going to be over run but dont focus on making them and don't be afraid to not have them around if you summon enough models to keep your opponent engaged then you don't have to worry too much about being attacked. I summon mindless zombies in about 1 out of every 4 games, they are an important model to have but don't think they are the point of nicodem. If you can summen stuff because of lack of cards then pinpoint important models and paralyze them with nicadem. Nicadem is a rare model since you almost always want to activate him first to put boster undead on your army, i in fact activate Mortimer who then uses his zombie compainion to eather compainon nicodem or the totem then nicodem. sorry its late and i can ramble on but i hope that this helps in a small way, In my area Nicodem is my main lists, and I have won a quite a few tournaments with him, and he is one of my favorite masters since he can afford to lose things, since he makes them into better things once they die. Cheers Andrew
  11. So my friend Nate who tought me the McMourning farming that he does at the start of the game, now sitting down i slightly tweaked his style with the same results. 1st he activates the Zombie Chihuahua it uses Wracked With Pain on a Canine Remains (will call it Canine remains A) The chihuahua gains one bodypart. and if you want you can cast fetch to give McMourning the body part or just have McMourning pick it up when it dies. 2nd The Canine Remains A moves up about 6 inches away from morning. 3rd Mcmourning goes, does Wracked with pain (hopefully with a mask) on the Zombie Chihuahua in base contact with him He gains 1 body part, then he gets his free attack if he got the mask, gaining a piece for me for a 2nd body part. Next after killing the Zombie Chihuahua you gain the body part he was caring and 2 more from the corpse counter. 4th Mcmornning uses Wracked With Pain on Canine Remains B which again hopfuly you can make a mask work for the free attack and do the same as the totem, gain one bp from Wracked With Pain, then attacking gaining another from a peice for me, then gaining 2 more from the corpes counter. So you are sitting on 9 bodyparts. 5th now you Scalpel Sling your way to Canine Remains A who the totem Wracked with pain earlier. You gain your 6 inchs of movement a body part from a piece for me and another two body part counters from the corpes counter. Now you have 12 body part counters turn one using 2 actions, and one zero action, this is dependent on having 2 masks but it gets alot fast. 6th you could spend a body part to gain fast to do it all over agin to a tird dog gaining you 4 more body parts for a total 15 body parts. Or to gain movement to get you colser to the frount. Hopefully i did everything right like i said im new to Mcmorning as well but I think that is how i would start the farm off. Cheers, Andrew
  12. Thanks for the pointers i wrote this up while doing house work and its is a rough draft, I am planning of cleaning it up latter. Yeah I know what you mean about fan work I have had some of my fan work published by Flames of war (The Infantry/raiding/tank Ace system) and have been called back as a free lance writer to do other things for them. Though I got paid for my later work my starting work was something I did for fun for my local gaming group that was picked up by flames of war. So yeah I know too well what it takes to get fan work published, but I still do it, and its allot of fun. Thanks for your advice and when i get time latter tonight I will rework and clear some of the rules up a bit, -Andrew Haught
  13. well to adress some of your issues, 9 is alot of wounds yes but if you think about it there health will normaly sit at 5 or seven since it will take some time to get body parts into them, 7 may be a better number but I would not go down any lower since you wont have any bodyparts really for them the first turn unless mcmorring farms alot for them so it will be a turn or two before they get a body part counter and i just dont want it to be you gain 2 wounds the first turn you move them, then your opponet shoots it once and its dead. It needs a higher wound count since it will be decaying each turn. Feel my disease is not supposed to be poison its them transferring there rotting flesh Disease to another model. poison 2 goes away too quickly and I want it to be a moment of choice for its opponents like headshoot is. Percise is there because these rotting corpses are used to repairing themselves, they know how to cut and kill there targets without damaging the organs too much, just because they are rotting does not mean they are not smart and precise in what they do. And by no means do i want to make them like desperate mercs, I dont want to make another guild Autopsy model. Eat your fill does not fit since they don't eat there targets, or consume them, they steal origins and skin and transplant them into themselves. Think less decaying zombie and more of there closer to the Vidiian race in voyager, well no but if it helps yes. But these Rotting flesh has to know a good deal about biology and medicine to keep themselves going they are not mindless brutes but more of desperate minions trying to keep there bodies from completely falling apart.
  14. Okay this is one of those please steal, tweak and make my idea work wryd. This is a dream model for McMourning, that i think will make him more interesting and plays on the body part mechanic. More and more in the books am I seeing nicdem getting better and better but what about McMourning? The models made for him are not so cool, any undead model is good for nicodem since he can bolster and summen them but what about a new model for mcmorning that uses body part counters in an interesting way, rafkin was an interesting idea but the models he made for mcmornning are useless and so his body part use is limited and Sebastian could be made more useful if he could use his body parts for something else as well. So here is my fluff and idea for the models to be made from it. The rotting flesh, These are undead creatures that are decaying fast, there organs and skin are falling off and failing so they need transplants from any kind of person they can get their hands/claws on. While mcmornning and other models with body part counters can slow there decay a fresh kill will help stabilize the minion better. The minions look like stitched together people, less bulky the flesh golem but patch worked all the same. There hands look for the most part normal save a finger or two that are scalpels. For the models themselves The rotting flesh Graverobber, undead, Construct, Rare 3 Soulstone cost 5 Wk/Cg , 4/6 Ht 2, WP 5, CA 5(crow), DF 5, WD 9 Weapons Sugucal hand RG 1”, CB 5 (Crows) DG 2/3/5 Talents Abliities Body parts (As on McMourning’s card) The Rotting disease: At the start of this models activation it takes two wounds unless it or a friendly model within 6 inches discards a body part counter. Easy to wound 1 Percise (Like on mcmourning) Sugucal hands: Paired, Poison 1. Last minute project: Any model casting monstrous creation may discard 3 body part counters to summon this model. Any model casting Hasty Disposal can discard 5 body parts to make this model. (Hasty Disposal can discard 5 per model it wishes to summon) Decaying rot: This model produces no counters of any kind when it is killed. Actions (ALL) Spare parts: (3” pulse) Sacurfice this model to give up to four models in range with the Body Parts Ability a body part counter. (+1) Install vigor: this model or anther model within 6 inches may discard a body part to give this model Fast. (1) Self healing: This model may discard a body part to make a healing flip. Triggers Cb ( Crow, Crow) Rot CB (Crow, Mask) Feel my disease: When damaging a defender the defender gains "The Rotting Disease" ability for the rest of the game unless they discard 2 control cards or soulstones. This model heals one wound for each card or soulstone discarded to prevent this effect. (Only a model with use soulstones can discard soulstones to prevent this.) Spells (1) Organ Teleportation (CC: 12 Crow, mask/ Rist: Defence/ Range 10”) Target model receives 2 WD and this model gains a body part. What do you guys think of this as a possible minion for a McMourning lists and what do you think about balance and SS cost. Are the rules clear and such any input would be welcome and also weather you like the concept or not. Cheers, Andrew Haught
  15. Hi all, `My "TimeLapse" WANTS` Warmachine mercs Thor Steinhammer Hordes Minions: Brun Cragback & Lug Trollblood: Warlock Captain Gunnbjorn Warbeasts Dire Troll blitzer Units Trollkin Sluggers full unit Maifaux Nicodem avatar Snowstorm silent ones `My Haves` Khador Bazeerker Built (old card) Sorcha (old metal model from the blister) Painted (no card) Butcher (missing base) mercs (all missing bases save Alecia, old cards, all well painted) Alexia & Risen Unit BOX alexia 12 troops 2 Thrall blister 1 crows cutthrought model (i don't know why i only have one but i do) Malifaux Guild Guild guard captain Arcanists Joss (Painted really well) Outcast A desolation engine without cards 2 SPA without cards Hans (old card) Sue The Victorias (old sculpt) (painted) flames of war (all battlefrount models unless stated otherwise) Soviet Fully painted Soviet rifle platoon 5 IS-85 tanks (Old glory models) 2 kvies painted winter (not by me) British Fully painted British rifle platoon UC patroll Painted (3 UCs) Germain 10.5 artillerty battery with 4 guns, staff team, and a command team heavy mortars 4 tubes and a command stand. Let me know if you want to make a trade, i will have some money for buying models latter this month but as of now i am looking just to trade. -Andrew
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