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Wyrd in Scotland


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Hey all, I just noticed this introduction thread after having spent many hours trawling the rest of the site for clues on the game!

I'm here in Scotland (the place you all know you want to be, mmmmm rain) and have been ogling Wyrd mini's for some time now, and now the game is right around the corner I've completely indulged myself in all things wyrd! (so it better be good, ye hear me? I'll get ma da on you........)

There's a few of us here who play (or will play) Malifaux so expect a small Scottish invasion of the boards soon. I did warm you.......

I'm no stranger to gaming and currently play WM, Hell Dorado and Infinity. As well as the ever indomitable Blood Bowl. I also enjoy spending time on the xbox hitting things in the face with stuff ( I can't tell you how many TV's [ not that kind AoM!] I've went through, hur hur)

Anyway, bye now.

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welcome! already enjoyed your involvement on the boards the last few days, but good to have a proper introduction.

As for the game, it's awesome, best game you'll ever play. I say this being completely un-bias :D

Honestly though, I think you'll like the game, it was created with a lot of thought, a lot of testing, and a lot of wonderful people gave a ton of time helping make it as good a game as possible. Building a skirmish game using a card mechanic was a brand new challenge, and one which forced us to re-invent the wheel in a lot of ways, but it also gave us a lot of freedom to create something that played the way we wanted it to play, and we took the time to make sure the result was something that really worked the way we wanted. Anyway, looking forward to seeing how you like it! Only 3 weeks left.

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Gah you've stolen all my thunder DB. He's just frustrated cause me and another guy picked up the miniatures at Salute long before him.

And no this Scottish invasion will be much better and much more productive, like when we gave people the telephone.

I was a bit jealous about that!

Also the invasion is much better this time, now we'll give you......... ALESTORM! Check 'em out, epic pirate metal. I loves it!

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Hmmmm. These new recruits seem to have some political clout. I don't think the usual pass on through to the mines and Sink or Swim attitude will work here.

AH! I have it!

Here is a pistol. Go off that Guild Guard lacky that keeps snooping around the hall.

As usual, try not to die unless you are near uncharged Soulstone.

Welcome to the M&SU.

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Hurrah, always good to know we get something better than the soulstone mines. We won't stand for it I say.

And I'll join the M&SU when my FLGS gets the Ramos boxset back in. Right now I'm guild man until that happens. The witch hunters boxset jumped into my hand today, and before I knew it I was handing over money.

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You'd better not turn your back on the Guild, lad. We don't look kindly on that.

Like Eric said, this is the best skirmish game you'll ever play, and possibly the best game, period. Infinity is fun for a while, and Pulp City does let you smack an inter-dimensional alien with a Chevy Silverado, none of them are Malifaux.

You want to Brawl? You'd better have the Stones for it.

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