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mcmourning crew. we should have option to auto fail shockwave (poison, rafkin+sebastian)


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56 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

But more seriously, if he was designed today I think they'd get auto-relent.

Possibly, but if that was the case you might find several of the shockwaves smaller or less poison, so overall it would give out similar poison levels, auto relent is in other crews so it's not a new idea. 

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Given how those crews were designed (McMourning and Ivan), and others (Brewmaster and Rasputina) were not, it seems it was clearly the intent.

A change this significant probably needs some rigorous testing to make what's essentially a 50/50 chance per model,  becoming an auto, isn't an issue.

Given the potential issue with Corpse Curator, I wouldn't want to rush to a change.

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11 minutes ago, Blainetrain said:

maybe this is a dumb question but can't they already relent simply by being friendly models in an opposed duel?

No, its not an opposed duel.

The shockwave creates a simple duel that all models in the shockwave pulse need to take. 

The fact that its a simple duel to create the shock wave, and a separate simple duel to avoid the effects does not make it an opposed duel. 

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I like his poison output over Sebastian, but Sebastian brings the possible canine summons and more healing with Blood Poisoning. It's a harder decision now, but Sebastian still wins out in the end. 

If Rafkin were even one point cheaper, maybe. His Bonus is situational and not as useful as it once was, so often it feels like just a 2AP model with no bonus and he can't stone like Sebastian. If Swift Action were built in (or just reliable), then he'd really be able to put out the Poison. I could see that being useful in some builds. Or if Transfusion had a trigger to heal friendlies or damage enemies, maybe?

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With McMourning 2, he doesn't have as big of payoffs for poison and has some incidental poisons 2s throughout his gameplan, so often feel like I don't need poison stacking (and if I do, Sebastian as another source of blood poisoning seems so important I'd take him over Rafkin every time).

With McMourning 1, the payoffs for stacking poison are bigger, but then sometimes I just wonder if I want to hire his keyword at all. And again, you probably don't need *so* much that the slight efficiency gains of rafkin are worth it. I'd just hire Sebastian again.

They have two nearly identical roles, and Sebastian has significantly more upside.

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