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  1. new sonnia looks STUPID FUN to play. good shit wyrd! More variety is good. you all are doing it right
  2. I"m gonna go through here and gather everything and try to you a very organized write-up and Mobafire style guide, and maybe a youtube video . so keep the good stuff coming
  3. I agree with those two points for sure #buffs
  4. I honestly don't think you all could have done a better job, except to maybe change really unpopular models like cooper jones
  5. new gaining grounds looks amazing. still though. I could've done with maybe another trigger to issue command on lucius >>
  6. Well I think we can all agree wyrd needs to liscense out their IP for games. And honestly almost more than a game, I wish they would start publishing quality fantasy novels and create their own wyrd universe
  7. that's what i'm saying man. the lore, the Rpg IS malifaux. it's a STORY DRIVE miniatures game. the setting/story is malifaux. Yeah the game is good too, but It's our attachments to the characters that keep us sticking around as well. Books + an cRPG is what I need.
  8. all of these are pretty good ideas to be honest. It just depends on if it's fan made or not. Fan made games can flop, if wyrd makes a game and it flops....rip
  9. long ago in the before times , magic the gathering had a rpg where you walked around, did stuff, then had a card battle. Perhaps they could include the deck into the game as a way of generating the results of actions , and even include the player having a hand to influence fate. its the same thing as rolling dice , just different math. Then you can choose to throw extra "dice" at something you want to succeed. I second the rogue-like or the disco elysium style too. As long as they just followed a established formula that already worked I think it could be alright
  10. Instead of paying money for programming they would only have to create a module inside one of the best selling RPGS of all time. It'd save a ton of money and they could focus on the story instead of a bunch of technical garbage way outside of their scope of expertise. It's got Co-OP, it's got everything
  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhh, if you defend them then they will have less reason to feel guilted Into to a response.
  12. we aren't even important enough to get a dismissive response
  13. If anything can we get a errata/faq pdf to include third edition models and a pseudo update to third edition (shifting loyalties)
  14. @Nathan Caroland Do y'all plan on doing a campaign book for this edition?
  15. Teen dreamer sucks. We need a avengers time ...thing. make that make sense on your own somehow. I'm going to bed 🛌
  16. Tbh, most metal models will earn you swag points these days. Vintage has always been a thing in any context. New always wears off.
  17. I've branched out a little bit....... And I've got a secret weapon up my sleeve, i'm not willing to share ^ ^
  18. Out of character for me, I know....but I think i'll be playing lucius all month. Week 1 for me is going to consist of getting 0-1 points for strategy, and then hopefully 1 for runic binding, and if I have any models by the end of the game, I might try to get a point for catch and release . so a repeat of last month
  19. I actually love the euripides idea. Grootslang I've never been sure of how to utilize that model. guild investigators are just garbage though.
  20. what's the timeline on this stuff added to the store?
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