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  1. This post actually changed my whole mood in regard to this matter. I'm glad you took the time to write this out and help me understand my complaints were valid, yet childish. Thank you. Even though I think you were responding to another person .
  2. to be fair I love the direction the game is going and I love all these ideas. I'm more excited about 3e than I ever was was 2nd. Honestly my only complaint is with the way tournaments are setup you have to pick and choose this and that it basically limits my creativity. Why can't I play Jakob one round and play collodi the next and then Pandora after. Oh, rules. Cool
  3. Yeah I don't even care that lilith is gone remotely. I always thought nekima was far more interesting and I have 3 copies of her original sculpt. I do wish i had could still mess around with collodi though. Really I personally don't even care , it's just I paid good money to have them painted professionally and I Didn't really switch up crews much . So lynch and collodi being gone, kind of effected me more so that it would other people, like 2/3 of the crews I would play pretty much aren't available to me. Even though I own every resser and neverborn model available .
  4. yeah from memory I think most of the time , it was like pick your faction and it was concrete for sure. he is probably the only ten thunders master I have any interest in , so it's basically like i'm losing that entire crew
  5. I'm a malifaux player from way back and I'm gonna jump back in for third edition. So i'm ordering the rest of the neverborn and looking through everything only to find that I've basically lost two of my absolutely favorite crews (collodi , Jakob lynch, and nicodem*) if tournament play keeps things in faction and goes by the rules. Is there going to be continued support for this deadman's hand stuff, and will I ever have access to jakob lynch again in tournaments? I gotta say I would have been a lot less apt to spend 300$ on my gencon online order if I knew these changes ahead of time. It's n
  6. I'm a older malifaux player trying to get back into the game. I'm trying to put together a crew with this online crew builder to make things easier on myself, however there are some models called alyssa and aversion that are giving me a hard time on the wyrd webstore. If anyone could explain what the situation with that I would appreciate it. Not trying to spend more than half a hour putting this crew together
  7. my bar for people fixing tabletop systems is pretty low to be honest, so i'm happy to see there are changes to update the game. Having said that however, I think I was looking for something more substantial. I get that point cost adjustments are probably the easiest to incorporate for everyone involved, but i can't help but just look at the changes and feel like they are lazy changes. still probably going to be some dead and hardly used models out there
  8. ordered the january errata bundle on january 4th. All old cards.
  9. I mean, what was the goal there? Tadpole with teeth. Has anyone found a suitable proxy?
  10. I mean, what was the goal there. Tadpole with teeth. Has anyone found a suitable proxy?
  11. Anyone have any tips on printing those out. I tried printing them 9 to a page in reader and they are crazy small and unable to be read.
  12. Just in my own opinion......... nothing against the way it looks, but for nekima.... I think its a crap model. It's a female young or barbaros. just my two cents
  13. I feel like he is perceived as being weaker because of his ability to receive conditions is brutally powerful. He is weak now, but imagine if something comes out that can give fast for cheap or melee master. I think they made him suck in order to future proof him basically. Make sure when they came out with new stuff he had room to improve
  14. What if you use the student of conflict to give them both fast?
  15. I own the arsenal deck and books, but I can't always have that stuff around like I can a cell phone
  16. Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap Lilith -- 5 Pool +Beckon Malifaux [ +Living Blade [] +Wicked Mistress [] Primordial Magic [] Beckoner [] Lilitu [] Terror Tot [] Terror Tot [] The Illuminated [ The Illuminated [] The Illuminated []
  17. Well I want to play the same crew several times to get used to playing again. What would be a better well rounded version if what I'm trying to do?
  18. All comers list for the most part. Something I can play against anyone , especially newer players.
  19. Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap Lilith -- 7 Pool +Beckon Malifaux [ +Living Blade [ +Wicked Mistress [] Primordial Magic [] Beckoner [ Lelu [] Lilitu [ +Obsidian Talons [] Terror Tot [] Terror Tot [] Terror Tot [] The Illuminated Gonna try to run something simple that people won't hate me for playing. I feel like this has a lot of positioning game and at the same time some assassination potential on critical pieces. So, tear it apart.
  20. not being able to formulate lists without upgrade cards in frony of me severely hampering my motivation to play. I'm trying to get back into the game and I can't remember what any of the damn upgrades do, soo all my list building is really a waste of time and I'm just like.. Why am I even bothering when these people don't have online PDFs of upgrades for us to use.
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