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  1. So if Pandora gets to copy the trigger, she gets to take a free melee attack. However, since she doesn't have one, this doesn't really do anything. There could be a niche case where she DOES have a melee attack that it'd be relevant (team game where mcmourning plastic surgeries a melee attack onto her for example).
  2. Any number of things. Card draw and initiative bonus are the biggest factors OOK, so they seem like the highest priority. The randomly hating on demise is possibly over the top, but it is a good thing for a faction to have access to. Siphon power could be an easy hit, even though it is very flavourful. Simply removing siphon power and the initiative bonus would sort out the OOK issues straight away I think. But that would maybe be too big a nerf. Giving it leap seems an issue, so could adjust its mask trigger. Being cost 8 gives too much synergy with Ngaatoro, so a cost increase could help. There's a lot of wiggle room.
  3. Great writeup! I've played a tiny bit of McMourning 2. My impressions is that there is a delicate balance to the unpack. Stacking poison, summoning, and attaching upgrades are all great, but you can only spend so much of the game spinning your wheels doing nothing. So the tricky part for me has to be to identify what to do when. As for plastic surgery, the best thing for me so far has been midgame to just have McMourning copy the rogue necro attack. He can even stone for pouncing strike if need be. He is just so lethal compared to many options, and that move 6 really helps. Then late game, he is in position to do some work with don't mind me. Also fun to kill a bunch of models and then he is standing on their corpses so can make a flesh construct in the middle of the fray. So I find him to be far better at killing than McM1, although McM1 is tankier/heals up.
  4. After doing ~30 damage in an alpha strike, I propose we rename Jack Daw 2 to "Jack Daw, destroyer of support models". xD
  5. The big thing is within severe terrain, the opponent is on a minus. Which then leads to more blasts and more severe hazardous terrain on the board. It is also super tanky!
  6. To add to what Sev said... Basically it is a 2 AP, 10 stone beater. So you need to make sure you're really maximising value: Very few walk actions (Or you're getting extra walk ap with like Zoraida) Landing those blasts (either via triggers or via having opponents on minus flips due to severe). So any pool where claiming the centre will reliably help win the game, he's probably a good pick. That just happens to be a huge number of GG2 pools xD
  7. Yeah, I really like it as Teddy can tie up one model with terrorize & summon, and then tie up another model or two with a charge and his 2" engage! Tanks so hard.
  8. Dreamer summons unbury on failed willpower duels (after resolving the action). So with Dreamer, terrorize... Repositions an enemy model. Places a summon Possibly gets a free attack (for alps) So then you get to reposition an enemy AND they're now tied up in combat with a summon. On top of that, this synergises with Dreamer's general game plan (bog down the game and attrition the enemy off the board). Typically when I employ this tactic, I get to a point where every relevant enemy on the board is engaged at the start of turn 3 or so, and it gets really difficult for my opponent to hit my important stuff.
  9. Also 2 models vs 1 comparison has to take into account the two small models have double the AP. That extra ap is generally where I would attempt to leverage a 4-cost model. Break the line I quite commonly see 4-cost models do solid work against melee crews.
  10. I've only been against her once, but seemed like the good models like first mate are more likely to want to run around being independent, while the gators didn't mind hanging out with Zoraida. Adze seems neat as well, but can also do its job perfectly well without it I imagine. Depends how much you want the melee to hit. Wisps seem like they'd be great at +1 stat as well...
  11. Technically I don't think anything in the rules requires you to have a physical card (just have to have either a card or the app). Different metas have different requirements for tournaments, so I would check with the local organisers. That said, I'd be surprised if anyone said no, particularly for a single model.
  12. Bayou gators are pretty fantastic with it!
  13. Zoraida with teddy and stitched (summoned by widow Weaver) should work just fine. She does well with generic beaters like Teddy. That said, other options like Emissary work (and you could use avatar dreamer as your emissary). But as others said, Dreamer is the best crew for those models IMO. No other master leverages terrorize like Dreamer does, and that is Teddy's best ability IMO.
  14. There's a discord channel where you can find games: https://discord.gg/hSzwTW8n Basically it is a programme to play Malifaux online. You can download Vassal here: https://vassalengine.org/ And you can download the Vassal Malifaux module here: https://vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Malifaux You can see some examples of what Vassal looks like on this Youtube channel:
  15. Will have a video in a day or two, but... Jack Daw alpha strike did over 30 damage is the sneak peek
  16. McMourning 2 is so strong, I feel like you could play him into just about anything. I'm not sure he is optimal for everything, though.
  17. Oooooo, I might try her on Break the Line next! She is probably not a symbols master, unless it is like symbols + claim jump + research mission.
  18. Her 8" aura is so important, so I spent the game 'bubbling' (staying within the 17" circle she provides). Some models would drop out of it for scheme purposes, but the main action was in her 17" circle I played her as a zone control master - that is, I didn't bother going to my opponent most of the time. I focused on putting her and the team down on important parts of the board, and forced my opponent to go through me. It was leylines, so this was a pretty effective plan - if you park Reva in the middle, that bubble extends out super far (especially since she can still do solid work after moving 10 inches and attacking xD) The two lampads felt great, but I had one carrying my lodestone. I can definitely imagine situations where you only take one. Could also tinker with going down a shieldbearer, or a Vincent. He was as disappointing as always xD That said, he did extend my threat ranges a little bit. I needed to do 4 damage to a doppleganger at one point to score Let Them Bleed, and he was the only one who could do it without getting horribly out of position. But if he had been Bete Noire, I could have done the same thing potentially (although the 'immune to charge' is annoying). I don't think you can count on summoning. It puts too much pressure on Reva. The summon needs to be a threat instead of a promise. Threat: if weak models come near me, I'm going to kill them and turn them into Lampads. Promise: I'm going to chase you down and turn you into a lampad. The threat is passive and just is a huge headache for your opponent. The promise forces you to chase them down and spend a ton of work, which is not what the crew wants to do. It wants to zone control, not chase the enemy. That said, could totally go down to one Lampad in many situations, as said above.
  19. I think Molly can cover every pool! 😜 But more seriously, that's a really good spread. At that many crews, you're starting to hit more problems with knowing how to play every crew rather than having enough options for the pools.
  20. Just had a game with Reva 2 (against Lucius 2) and she was a lot better than I expected! The 'every pyre marker drop is a 2" push and a burning and a damage" is just so good. Throughout the game I was using reposition tricks. Opponent standing in concealment to make my attacks harder? Not a problem, I just pyre marker them out of the forest. Lucius hanging next to a wall to do secret passage? Well, just shield bash him away from the wall. Opponent attacked Reva? Drop it onto a corpse candle and reposition the enemy model so it can't attack again. Shieldbearers also offer excellent protection (for instance, my lampad as lodestone carrier was largely immune to repositions because it spent the game next to shieldbearers... Until I black-jokered its hovering flame and I had to pass the token xD) Lampads do serious work in this crew. Breath of Fire is pretty amazing when it gets to go off (and a lot of Lucius' crew has defense 4 😈). Flaming Fury is 3/4/5 the first time it hits near Reva, and Flame Wall is an amazing built in trigger in this crew. The repositions on the attack are SO good (although I didn't actually pull it off because I forgot it was built in, but it would have smashed if I remembered). And of course being a burning battery is actually relevant here, since you want to drop 5 burning onto enemies at every opportunity after turn 1. I only lost one lampad (after he dispelled the burning and then killed it with hyjinks), but then his dispeller died xD Reva has some GREAT lines. For example... Bonus action + luminary's chosen onto someone to give them burning +5. Charge and hit them with melee with mask trigger (2+2 damage), reposition them. Immolate them for 6. So that's an easy 10 damage (and if it kills them, that's a lampad!) So is a bit painful to play around. If you get near Reva you start to get hurt very quickly (and repositioned a lot!) Overall the crew is definitely viable for casual play, and it may end up being competitively viable. I haven't experimented out of keyword yet, but I think there's probably some great options (Bete Noire can kill a corpse candle from across a table, giving a pyre marker and thus a reposition...) Lots more to try with this crew, seems very sweet! My list was Vincent, lampad x2, shieldbearer with GST x2, whisper on Reva, and 7 stones. 7 stones + whisper feels right, and the lampads and shieldbearers felt great. EDIT: She is also way tankier than you'd expect. At any given moment during the game, I typically had a shieldbearer, stones, heals, and candles to help protect Reva. So while she took some hits, it wasn't efficient at all for my opponent. Just avoid her in pools where they naturally want to kill your leader (assassinate), and it isn't worth the work to kill her I think.
  21. Your high willpower is a pain for him. Anna to prevent unburies is interesting, wonder if it'll pay off. Your daydream is potentially a good avenue for him to summon, so he might try to farm it. If I was him, I'd be looking to camp my bubble on yours and just disrupt your lodestone I guess?
  22. I was always of the opinion that Stitched were overrated. But the largest part of that assertion was that the other summoning options are so good (particularly insidious madness xD)
  23. Yeah, I don't think she is mandatory, but I didn't mind using one archivist action to draw a card and make a nest. Mostly you can keep them safe with positioning. Emissary just creates another safe position. That said, there's 3 of them. They're largely expendable. I even body-blocked with one just to block a lodestone carrier. I didn't care if he killed my master. She was there to body block.
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