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  1. In fact, from what I can see, Misaki MUST unbury. So even if you don't want to send her back to your deployment zone for some reason (perhaps she wants to hide from assassinate), she must unbury somewhere.
  2. I don't see why she wouldn't. The cases where a model can't unbury in the deployment zone is when there is a cost (like Bete Noire must target a corpse marker, and can't unbury if she can't target one), or if there is a restriction (like Grave Golem will die if it unburies in any other way).
  3. The common local wisdom is the riders are invincible and broken 😜 But on a more serious note, here's some tips that apply generally to taking down riders: Irreducible damage (Molly/Ikiryo) of course. Stunned forces them to either activate or die (and so is especially effective if tacked on at the end of turn for the next turn). Also means an activation where they lose 1/3 of their actions. Ping damage x9 (not that ressers are that great at ping, but Vengeance for Urami is pretty cool). Poke (if you just keep hitting them enough they use up all their tokens, their t
  4. Awesome Do you play that Seamus can teleport to/from the markers?
  5. Isn't that for concealing? I thought dense ignored both ways?
  6. Awesome, would love to hear about it however it goes!
  7. Just note Reva can pull off all the flame from any model with her bonus action. So the Fire Golem can go from tough to dead very quickly. The fact that Reva can explode fire markers (often with a minus flip for the WP duel) may also be a major factor.
  8. For Gozdilla, cover represents people ducking behind the terrain. So even if only Godzilla's tail is behind the building, they can duck behind it when the shooting starts. For rooftop sniper, the tactical advantage is seeing over obstacles. They don't get a "hard to hit" bonus I think. For that put them behind the cover sticking out.
  9. Sunday the 27th Someone else is playing him this weekend with Von Schtook. Let us know how it goes, @Kharnage!
  10. I've heard several different people say that Reva is favoured against Kaeris (though they may be talking keyword games). Reva can pivot away from burning-based strategies quite easily, whereas Kaeris can struggle to turn it off. So Kaeris can accidentally power up Reva's crew while Reva focuses on different synergies. The threat range of Reva can be a serious issue as well. Reva can single-activation Elijah from ~18 inches away for example. That said, I've heard it can be a hard-fought matchup, so not exactly a massive gap.
  11. Adran's point about roles is a good one. For example, with this list on something like Turf War and Claim jump from last season... (Turf war is similar to corrupted ley lines) New The Dreamer Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: The Dreamer Totem(s): Lord Chompy Bits Hires: Teddy Widow Weaver Serena Bowman Bandersnatch Daydream Ancient Pact Daydream 2 Ancient Pact My roles would be: Lord Chompy Bits (primary: scheme denial. Secondary: beater. Tertiary: scheme/strategy runner). Teddy (primary: centre control beat
  12. The much anticipated guide! Thanks! It's pretty thorough, will be reading through this for some time to come!
  13. Sounds like some focus on the fundamentals could be good (and possibly focusing on fewer crews, depending on how many games you play). I often say it takes at least 10-20 games to properly learn a crew. So rather than focusing on Neverborn vs. Outcasts, sounds like at this stage just focusing on the fundamentals might be a good idea. Each crew deploys very differently (Pandora has a lot of synergies that need to bunch up, and Dreamer's stuff needs to cover the board but be near the daydreams, etc). And that is also influenced by the deployment type & strategy pool. So practice, practi
  14. True! In general Arcanists have a lot of Armor/other damage reduction + Soulstone cache combos that can be difficult for us to crack, as we don't have much irreducible damage. In general we have to tackle each reduction by type. Although our Effigy/Emissary can shut down soulstones! So it's possible to have a combo to shut down their reduction combos xD
  15. I agree this change would probably be fine, but there's likely some areas where it would start to feel nuts. Stitched pre-nerf would have been pretty happy to have it. Any tactical action that is one per activation will potentially be affected, as you get two looks at a card for it instead of one. I actually like that effect - Pandora on an empty hand can still get Fears Given Form or The Box Opens off even with no cards in hand.
  16. I agree with LeperColony, can really help to give some specifics. Perhaps your next match you can plan out the crews in advance and ask for some help here?
  17. Good point! We can take it down with McMourning, irreducible damage, or student of steel? Armor 2, 5 health means negating its armor should make it trivial to kill.
  18. Against keyword Kaeris or Rasputina, I've found Molly to be pretty nuts. She can remove any annoying markers, turning them into an advantage by drawing cards. Archie being immune to conditions can be quite brutal, and the discard for Rasputina's pillars hurts Molly's crew less than others (and in some cases I intentionally set it up for extra Fading). Bone Piles are another great condition-immune option, and I assume their condition removal helps too. A nurse could do the same.
  19. For our Community thread this time, we're going to take a detailed look at what to do when facing Arcanists! As always, this thread is intended for new and experienced players alike. Share your insights, share your questions, and let's all get better together! Some questions to get the discussion rolling, but feel free to add your own. Your opponent has declared Arcanists and you've declared Ressers - what are you thinking as you pick which master to declare? What do you do about master X, Y, or Z? Are there masters that are particularly brutal against our faction?
  20. So some want an alpha strike on the silent one, some don't. I think I'll play it by ear and see what models are vulnerable to attack each turn. Silent one is definitely high on my list of things to kill if I can do so without losing 10+ stones of models in exchange, but that sounds unlikely 😜
  21. I think McMourning is also pretty straightforward to play. One warning about Reva, though - she is one of the hardest masters in ressers to learn, as all the combos are not necessarily that intuitive (unless you steal a list from Da Git like I did xD).
  22. Yeah, some crews are easier than other. I can do a whole tournament playing Reva without my brain melting (I take a very 'smooth' Reva list that is easy to play).
  23. Haha, I think Plaag likes a bit of trash talk but is mostly looking for challenging games.
  24. I won 2/3 rounds of my last tournament with her, although it is a small scene (for one of the rounds I took Molly because my traditional Reva list is bad at Recover Evidence. But turns out she is a rockstar at that strategy if you mix it up as well).
  25. Student of Viscera with the upgrade for Deadly Pursuit is soooooo damn mobile!
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