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  1. One thing we often discuss is doing stuff like trophies for these things. So you could have a "most unique" trophy, so whoever has the least shared masters with others gets the most unique trophy. That way some people will intentionally go for it, without it skewing the tournament as a whole.
  2. Good... Good... The longer they take to release the sand worm, the longer until my next order, and the more time I have to paint up what I already have of ES xD
  3. Still, always nice to have the rule directly on the forum!
  4. This seems like it might be worth editing into the original post, so that new players looking at the thread have a good place to start. Thoughts, @HomelessOne?
  5. Jeez, if Ressers are a weakness of Ivan, I'd hate to see him at full strength. For Jedza, I assumed she'd be bad against Ressers since we have tons of anti-healing tech, not to mention solid tools to deal with bubble crews (Reap on Dead Rider).
  6. I think other sizes are okay for starters, but game balance will change a LOT on funky shape maps. For instance, for some encounters, I can exactly pull off an attack against an opposed enemy leyline on wedge deployment, and only on wedge deployment. Changing how fast models can get around the board will be tricky. For example, on a 2x2 map, Archie can get to any spot on the board from most spots on the board and still make two attacks. Same with Dead Rider. English Ivan can nuke things from 17" away, etc. So if you're planning on playing regular games, I definitely recommend a 3x3 m
  7. Ohhhh, right, so it is only 25 stones. Yeah, that makes it tricky to balance the boxes.
  8. It also seems super weird for Hopeful Prospects to be included in a keyword-free crew so they can't transform. I guess they really wanted it to be 29 stones and there are sprue logistics. But what a weird mix of models. Botanists would have been cool, but what do I know. I wasn't involved with testing them xD
  9. I guess it makes sense for a starter kit! And also for people like me who suck at assembling xD I know that is a disappointment for a lot of people, though. This is the first I've heard of it, but I'd be really surprised if they did it both ways. Thatd be so expensive for them.
  10. Let me caveat this by saying the rules aren't terribly clear on what is responsible for effects, so there is probably some wiggle room in interpretation. However, I read Bombs in yer Belly as just adding a blast to the damage track (controlled by the upgrade owner). So I would say the damage is part of the attack. Thus, Izamu gets credit for any kills from the attack, and the blast ignores armor. But I could be wrong, and there is no strict justification under the rules for how to assign responsibility for effects like this, iirc. I think it just has a tautological statement (a
  11. Even Emissary I feel like is unnecessary on many maps (although unfortunately IS necessary on most of the February maps).
  12. Yeah, will see how I go! Plus February and March are very hot months here in NZ (optimal for lung health/I should be healthy enough to play)! Plus this is such a cool set of rules, I'd be gutted to miss it. But will see, waiting til Feb to sign up.
  13. Well, Hamelin + Wretch is 20 stones of models. If you plant yourself near Dead Rider + Archie, you're going to be taking a similar level of damage. It isn't like the wretch can do that damage itself. It enables the keyword, and personally I love keyword synergies. Plus if you removed the ability, would the model ever be taken? Although I wonder if they ever experimented with stat 4, similar to the Chihuahua.
  14. I agree. Big Jake is already strong, and this would make him a sure two points in a lot of games. Obedient Wretch, the model seems fine to me. It is a lot of work to get those blight tokens onto models, so I wouldn't say it is the wretch doing all that damage. And the model can already be one shot by a single focused attack. That said I haven't played against it that much, and maybe it is too strong against ranged crews. Manipulative AND stealth is certainly a lot of tech. EDIT: oh, I Forgot tummy aches. Yeah, not everyone has access to a model that can stay safe and run across the table
  15. True, although both Seamus and Reva seem fine in the strategy, just not excellent. Like compared to Zoraida, Colette, and Tara, I'm not sure we can smash it as well as they can (with a single master). Well, maybe Tara, I think we can keep up with her by denial via killing perhaps.
  16. I think I started with Pandora core box + Teddy + Hooded Rider, so I think that sounds like a decent start. I get the impression Hinamatsu is extremely good in the crew, so worth considering as well. Iggy is also great, but more situational (and you may find the pools you take Pandora into, you don't need Iggy?) Most people don't like Aversions or Lyssa. I quite like Aversions on paper, but every time I make lists with my friend, Aversions seem like the model to cut.
  17. TBH, for casual play as long as you avoid crews that are clearly too powerful (like summoners), 35 stones is probably fine. It just changes the meta, but you shouldn't have anything too OP.
  18. If you're looking to be competitive, Zoraida is pretty much a must. Otherwise I feel like Dreamer/Pandora has a pretty decent spread of coverage, but haven't played them in GG1.
  19. I may end up sitting this one out. Having trouble keeping up with all the games and time zone differences, but will see how I feel after the break. I think I have til Feb 4 to sign up. Really want to take Seamus into one of the rounds though xD
  20. Won 7-6 He was on Breakthrough/Sabotage, and I had Catch and Release/Let Them Bleed. As usual, Catch and Release was an 'easy' two points. It was potentially a dodgy thing to take against Zoraida, but she was too busy to abuse me for it (and I don't think he'd seen some of my models before, so perhaps didn't know you can obey the Bone Pile to bury). Zoraida ended up having to activate before Bone Pile. Let Them Bleed, I didn't set up very well. Normally I have Dead Rider + Reva to run around scoring symbols and acting as mobile beaters. Since I dropped Dead Rider, it was very h
  21. The lists! Me: Reva & Candles Grave Golem Carrion Emissary Bete Noire Shieldbearer Bone Pile Restless Spirit I would normally take Dead Rider over the Emissary, but seemed a bad idea against Zoraida. For Symbols I'd consider Toshiro for that slot, but Zoraida ignores Ashigaru pretty easily. Plus I figured if he took Bad Juju, Emissary would stomp it. Him: Zoraida Gautraeux Bokor Silurid Silurid The First Mate Gluttony Lucky Emissary Interesting list! Seems he went very heavy on the marker
  22. I'm against Bayou next round (Zipp, Zoraida) and I have Reva and Von Schtook left. Guess I'm playing Reva 😜
  23. Makes sense to me that they would. The ability would occur at step 6C of Nekima's death, before she leaves the table (although the actual attack will have to wait until everything else is resolved). So push at step 6c, nekima dies, attack.
  24. Widow Weaver works great with Zoraida! Teddy goes in with Woe, but that doesn't count 😜 Same for Serena appearing everywhere. Neverborn versatiles are quite good, and keyword synergy is quite high, so OOKs are a bit less common. BBS is pretty popular OOK though.
  25. I would say you do the push before the onslaught attack. Page 34 (timing) spells out actions generated by effects: And page 35: So I would see it as you get to resolve the onslaught trigger, but all that does is queue another attack. Then the attack happens after the push. For the initial attack, you get the special privilege of the disengage timing. I don't see why the onslaught attack would get that too. Same way that if you onslaught someone with an 'after resolving' trigger, your onslaught trigger resolves first, but the actual attack happens after their 'after resolvi
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