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  1. You'd think designing a second title for a master with a fixed totem and keyword would be severely limited design space, but they're knocking it out of the park with basically all the titles so far. I'm so impressed! Going to be a very fun season when they launch!
  2. Ping damage is also a fantastic counter to armor (and soulstone users like Hinamatsu). So worth investigating if you have good ping options as well.
  3. Yan Lo's reliquary is restricted, but every existing reliquary can be handed to any model (other than the named model of the reliquary) with the New Guardian action.
  4. Oh wait, I just realised his trigger on obey can't target ancestors? Poooppppppp. I'm not that excited by the obey on his kit, but at least it'll be cool to see minion swarms. He synergises really well with Toshiro. Will be sad if the best lists with him end up being OOK focused xD
  5. Soooooo much to unpack on the new Yan lo! Some thoughts: That laugh off is critical to the upgrade (or they could throw your master all over the table xD) Obeys can still wreck you The ability to split reliquaries without drawing the right suit is amazing. And potential for two reliquaries if you get the suit for chiaki. And you can now split Chiaki's reliquary. The reliquaries are still absolute powerhouses out of keyword, so I think we'll see a fair bit of OOK experimentation. Manipulative on sybelle? Armor on hanged or archie? Armor and manipulative both combo with hard to wound, so tons of options there. UNIMPEDED ON AN UPGRADE??? However there's obviously some good synergy with having Yan Lo minions. Is this where we finally see Toshiro played in keyword a lot? I'm picturing a build with Toshiro, Hanged, Izamu, and a bunch of minions? You need some powerhouses in keyword so that Yan Lo can obey them... Passive card draw, solid scheme marker tech... And extra AP from the minions. HOLE IN THE WORLD TRIGGER WHAT THE SHIT AMAZING There is SO much room to experiment... Here's an attempt at a list: Toshiro, The Daimyo Izamu The Armor Chiaki, The Beacon Hanged Ashigaru Ashigaru 2 5 stones Just off the top of my head, but you can see how many powerful combos you can fit into a list.
  6. I think he is probably just shy of dealing with the most powerful stuff in the game, so I'd probably put him just a bit below Molly in terms of power level. But then I've not played 100+ games with him, so maybe I haven't fully given him the chance to explore that. His biggest issue is the lack of tech in Neverborn. Like you can tech mature neph to deal with things hitting you, and you can tech Hinamatsu to deal with things hitting you in a different way... But most of our tech is extremely combat focused, which is very narrow in scope. Maybe the new models will give a few new tools.
  7. Does this change which superfriends are good? For example, is Phiona good again because of shove aside? Shove aside on an engaged thrall is two extra attacks for a bonus action... Guardians can toss witchling thralls for a 10" charge...
  8. SUPER close game, but victory for Neverborn Marcus!!! Eeked out the last point for the win in last activation of turn 5. This puts me up to 3 wins and a tie for the month, and I was against some very good players (although they weren't playing their best crews I think). Still, a really solid showing for Neverborn Marcus to demonstrate viability. Video to come
  9. I've moved away from 2 initiaties as I have gotten better with card management for the crew. Where possible, one initiate with AP and then one AP on like Marcus is often what I do. Though in this last game, I had two AP on two Mature Nephilim xD
  10. If people are saying filps = the card actually flipped in Initiative... Does that mean Mah Tucket gets her careful planning suit based on the flip (and not the cheated card)? I've never seen a Mah player play that way.
  11. Nice work on pulling off the win! How long did the wisps end up living? I always worry about putting ancient pact on them as I use them as sacrificial pieces, but I imagine they can be pretty good at living if they avoid the fight - but then were they accomplishing much?
  12. I've always seen chi played in the following way: You flip cards You decide whether to use chi. If you do, you add +2 to your duel total. Then people may cheat cards (with the modified duel total). Calculate final totals. Someone pointed out to me that according to page 10, you don't actually add modifiers until step D of the duel (which is after cheating fate). That would make the order for chi tokens... You flip cards You decide whether to use chi. Then people may cheat cards (with the unmodified duel total). If you used chi, you add +2 to your duel total. Calculate final totals. Just curious how many people play it this way? There's a reasonable number of flip mechanics that get a bonus to flips (chi tokens, ill omens, etc), but does that not actually apply until after cheating? That'd make a tremendous difference if so, since it affects cheating orders. I hadn't realised the rules never actually say to add the modifiers until the final step of duels, but then also you can kind of infer that 'adding +2 to a flip' means adding it directly to the flipped card...
  13. How does the student of viscera attack? The obey effect only allows a non-charge general action (Focus, interact, walk, etc).
  14. Necropunks are the best thing in keyword for getting schemes into position, right?
  15. It also has amazing offensive potential. Hit an opponent for 3 damage and move them ~9 inches? Ridiculous. EDIT: oh, you only get to give one trait. So more like 3 damage and a walk. Still good.
  16. Yeah, so much space to improve, as there are a million tiny tricks!
  17. Yeah, totally! And don't forget you can wiggle out of engagement with this trick, allowing interacts or charges! Also you can charge while engaged with inhuman reflexes by shifting into a rougarou, which never comes up but is a neat trick xD
  18. As adran says, you can. One trick is you can heal 2+1/2/3 in a single activation by double transforming with a rams on the bonus. This is a good way to get myranda to recover health, sometimes returning to the same form as the first time.
  19. Yeah, my goal for this month is to essentially demonstrate that Neverborn Marcus is WAY better than people think, and really only falls over in really top level play. And so if I beat Cracol, I will manage to both defeat a good Arcanist Marcus player AND go undefeated with Neverborn Marcus. I'd be very happy with the month! If I win (or even if I don't), I hope to make a video breaking down the strengths of Neverborn Marcus and what people should be looking to break if they want to be on the Neverborn side of things.
  20. Whoops! Corrected (added Order Initiate with Magical Training ) EDIT: And added my 4 stones vs his 6 stones xD
  21. The lists are in! We both tried to out-tech each other xD My Neverborn Marcus: Marcus Jackalope Mature Nephilim + Ancient Pact Mature Nephilim + Ancient Pact Candy The Scorpius Will o' The Wisp 4 stones My thinking was it was pretty much guaranteed that he would have two cache kitties, so I wanted a crew that was difficult for cache kitties to kill. Mature neph can't be cheated against in melee, and once scorpius is armor 2, kitties have a 1/2/3 damage track against it. The tricky parts were Candy vs Hinamatsu. Hinamatsu is a lot easier to keep alive, but sucks against the terrain on the table. So I ended up going Candy. When I had Hinamatsu in the list, I had an Order Initiate over the wisp, but with Candy I felt like I need more stones to get decent value out of her. Wisp is sweet due to 2" engage and being a bit of extra AP. His Arcanist Marcus (boooooo) Marcus Jackalope Cerberus + Soulstone Cache Cerberus + Soulstone Cache Amina Naidu Soulstone Miner Order Initiate + Magical Training 6 stones So Amina is there because Chimera loves to charge and is really vulnerable to obey, I assume. But unfortunately for him, I only hired one Chimera model! So will be interesting to see how that pans out. EDIT: She also produces soulstones and can make kitties fast, so that's unfortunate. His crew has more raw power, but mine is more strongly teched against his build. Let's see what happens!
  22. That's the plan! Well... Something LIKE that plan >.>
  23. Round 4 is... ARCANIST MARCUS VS NEVERBORN MARCUS!!!! HYPE!!!!!!! If I win, I think I get 4th place for the event
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