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  1. Oh right, I forgot to check the card before making grandiose claims xD But the overall point of 'there's probably a neat self-contained engine' remains. That's what I'd look for!
  2. In Malifaux, the sweet spot for me is when you can do a package of about 20 stones as a build around. That way, if they kill a key piece you still have most of your crew to do other stuff, but you still have a powerful engine if they don't kill it. So that might be a good spot for Yannic as well. Even just Yannic + two hopeful prospects - that's 4 cards a turn, and then they might grow into stronger minions later if needed. And the prospects can generate their own scheme markers, so it is even a self-contained package.
  3. Sidirs blow it to hell only works on destructible markers, so doesn't destroy Titania's markers. Gluttony says marker and doesn't care if it is destructible. So can remove (almost) any marker, including Titania. Gluttony cannot remove strategy markers - thats the only exception because strategy markers are special and cannot be removed unless something specifically says it affects strategy markers. Destructible terrain can be removed by Gluttony, by Sidir, or even models taking an action to destroy it.
  4. I think rumour has it that we're mostly expecting nerfs for Ressers this time around, though. I think overall our faction does quite well (especially Von Schtook), and so I imagine Ressers will take the hit a bit.
  5. After doesn't have its conventional english definition in Malifaux. If something occurs "after damaging" a model, it actually occurs during step 5 of the damage step. If something occurs at the end of or after a model's activation, it occurs in step C3 of their activation (still part of the activation). So I at least read it as happening during step 3 (targeting). The model is targeted at the start of step 3, and after that you resolve everything that happens from targeting, then step 3 is over.
  6. Protected is done during the targeting step (step 3 of actions on page 25 I think). So that will before the focus
  7. Yup, that is how it is written, even if it wasn't intended! Though there is probably a bit of debate to be had around 'then', but yeah who knows. That said I don't play it that way in casual play because it seems a bit... Wonky xD
  8. For instance, if I had gone down the video game development path, I'd have tried to come up with something unique about Malifaux and put a video game twist on it. I'd probably do something like start with the question of "with all these brawls between important people in Malifaux going on, what's life like for the civilians??" Then I'd try to make a puzzle game where you play a civilian in the middle of Malifaux combat. You're just trying to escape the level alive as a sudden brawl breaks out between Seamus and the Lady Justice, with things like Seamus popping out of secret passages
  9. I think one of the major challenges would be monetising it. Making video games is relatively straightforward now (you can even just use something like RPGMaker). Completing games and then turning a profit off of them is enormously difficult. So it'd be a weird direction to go for a company that has already found a great niche. That said, if Wyrd DID make a video game, I'd certainly want to try it. 40k has made a bunch of video games, as it is a natural direction to go after you reach a certain size. But I think often the key to success there is to partner with a studio that knows wha
  10. Heads up - the initial pairings are having to be redone since people had to drop from the month. So I might not be against Kirai, and Pergli you might not be against Guild!
  11. I don't know much about Guild, love to hear your insights into what masters you considered and why once the lists/match are done!
  12. Well, I can hardly go against another Resser play and not give them the Molly experience. That'd be poor form!
  13. Round 3! Lots of severe terrain, so Reva & Kirai & Jack Daw are pretty happy on this pool I think. I'll be doing Molly vs. @wookiejunior's Kirai
  14. Oh man, this would have been great for Archie instead of removing the suit xD
  15. Haha, I thought the same thing about 'then', and brought it up in the rules forums. I think it messes with other abilities if that is what Then means, though? The VWS has ruled you can do it, but I wonder if there'll be an FAQ on it.
  16. What's hilarious is they don't even have to be able to hit anything. Sit them in your deployment zone, and just keep dropping a scheme and then rapid firing something on the other side of the table. The attack fails, but you get to rapid fire xD That's a lot of stones for a bad draw engine xD
  17. Just played Bete Noire into Molly and she does so much work. Still stupid you dont have to bury to use corpse charges, and also that she can only charge once per activation. That'd be reasonable to change both those things xD
  18. I lost 6-5. Super tight and close game. If I had landed one more attack I could have gotten there (or if I had used my carrion emissary intelligently instead of running it away because I knew it was a vendetta target xD). I also learned a lot (no point in doing 6 damage to something when Low River Monk can just heal it back up 😜 ). The list was surprisingly good. Carrion Emissary and Bete Noire are both really good with molly. Oh, just realised another way I could have maybe won was to unbury bete and engage sensei yu and give him minus flips from scarlet temptation xD Definitely nee
  19. I imagine they're pretty busy and it's barely been more than a day xD I hope they're busy fulfilling Easter orders (and getting GG2 ready). And enjoying their weekend soon xD
  20. And who knows, maybe some of them have been picked up already, or will next time xD
  21. I think the next errata is almost finished, so the changes are likely mostly locked in already
  22. Yeah... It is a bit of a tangent, but when I started playing, I started with two other new players. They had Rasputina and Kaeris, and I had Molly. Condition removal, condition ignore, and marker removal. Needless to say, it was not a positive experience xD
  23. In M3E, has there even been anything so powerful it allows a great player to beat a terrific player? I can't think of anything. Even when skill levels are reasonably close, I don't think the slightly weaker player could have really good odds of winning with anything (unless the stronger player picked something they're bad with).
  24. 100% agree this is the problem with the keyword. It's the worst keyword in the faction for attacking willpower xD It's also why I like Belles, since a swarm of Belles all attacking willpower can be pretty potent.
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