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Into dreamland


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It would be helpful knowing what crew(s) you play, but...

I play both Dreamer and Ressers, so here are some general tips.

Have a plan for terrifying. Archie and Dead Rider both have Ruthless I believe, and are great. Also don't be stupid (don't blindly throw attacks at terrifying models unless you're willing to fail or spend cards). Fewer, hard hitting attacks. Focus helps.

Pressure their resources. If they flip the red joker early in the turn and the deck still has black joker, maybe hit them harder to try to draw out the black. They don't have many cards, so hitting Dreamer forcing them to discard can be useful. Throw an attack at a stitched now and then to force them to use high cards in defense.

DON'T get too caught up on combat. Dreamer is inefficient with the interact action, so try to use interact efficiencies to gain an advantage (I want to see Molly against Dreamer. I suspect she will be amazing).

DON'T bite off more than you can chew. I see people get scared of a model and keep throwing attacks at it, doing 12+ damage... But it doesn't die because I have loads of heals and ways to prevent damage. Focus fire, and pick targets you can actually take down. Don't chase Lord Chompy Bits around the table necessarily, but destroy him if he mispositions.

DO destroy their squishies. Widow weaver, Bandersnatch, and even Dreamer can be easy to take down if you get a chance. Crush them if you get a chance.

Overall, you have to keep a very lively game plan. Focus on snagging your points and making it tricky for them to score points. Especially late game, make them spend turns interacting, where their stronger deck doesn't matter.

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Also... Archie should be a wrecking ball against them and able to destroy stuff, but be careful with positioning. At least three of Dreamer's models can two-shot Archie. Abuse Archie's hyper mobility to control the board. Don't send him into the middle of their crew. He'll explode. (Unless you are sending him on a suicide bombing run of Dreamer/using him as a way to tie them up).

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You can play 


Necro Machine

Archie GST

Dead Rider

Rogue Necromancy - Killer Instinct

3 beater with ruthless should make terrifying a fair game (fair means he has to check for your terrifying)

2 Crooligans for doing the Scheme stuff

8SS for Carrion Effigy or another Crooligan or other stuff

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5 hours ago, marke83 said:

Yeh, Molly was good into Dreamer today again, but I think forgotten minions are next to useless against him. Just easy kills while not achieving anything.  Dreamer's minions are so much better. Crooligans are probably alright tho.

When I've run Molly, I only start with one crooligan and use Marshall to bring more to field.

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