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  1. Warcry is not decent the game can't challenge a ruleset developed for ten years. GW has the market for sure, but masses are never good with exploring - they rather follow the loudest adverts.
  2. 0 games with him. Maybe I'll try today. Got him painted, so why not. Seems very underwhelming in theory; no survivability as others have mentioned, and the damage seems just barely fine. Most of the time specific ss cost is not a huge factor. 6/7/8 stones.. not a big deal if the model is clearly good/sucks.
  3. Thanks for the tip, gonna take a look.. I liked the renders already, but I don't feel they're necessary rules-wise
  4. Mercs and Freikorps could be combined under a single keyword. Probably op, but I'd like that. I have no idea about the fluff, but I've always felt viks and schill were in the same theme. They do have big differences, but they also kinda match for some reason.
  5. Still a good point on obeys, even if they're less impactful. I've understood obeys are better this edition overall though (?).
  6. Yay! Thanks for the advice guys! Tanuki with Fuhatsu makes sense.. and well, Tanuki overall makes sense. Geisha with ninja looks nice, but I again feel lurebot isn't enough. Pulling my own stuff can be done with better lure models, who I'm going to take anyway. I see how geisha is useful for that extra cheap lure, but my list would have to develop in another direction if I'd want that.. for example ton of hard hitting versatiles, and well.. kabuki warriors exist
  7. Played Youko twice yesyerday. My first two games with 10t against Hamelin & Nekima.. I kinda won both, but I gave the (new) Nekima player a win because he'd only need to disengage with 3 Nephilim to nullify my last point and gain two. Youko seems really fun, but by herself not perhaps too obviously powerful. She has a whole lot of subtlety. I used the same list two times just to learn the models: Youko, Bill, Chiyo, Fuhatsu w Ninja, 2x Bunraku, Geisha, Charm Warder. Gonna drop a Geisha, ss + the upgrade for another charm warder. CW is a very good & fun model.. my favorite in the game right now! Also, I just can't seem to get much value from lurebots. Bunraku can lure too, and while stat 5 isn't too hot, they still have leverage and some actual threat range for the lures if I happen to need them. Bill did a ton, heroic intervenion seems great! Much better than I expected. Any advice for my list? Obviously depends on the enemy, schemes etc and those unreleased models seem great, but I gotta spend some amount of time just learning the crew.
  8. Aside from overpowered combinations, there is literally no reason why 2 master crews shouldn't be strong. Master is just a powerful model after all. I feel 2e mindset is part of the worry. Other than emotional reasons, why 2 master setups becoming the meta should be avoided or banned? As long as there are enough good competitive options within every faction, I don't see the problem.
  9. Amazing models, people will see.. they're actually pretty dangerous at 4 stones versatile
  10. Sounds good . Haven't found much outliers by theoryfauxing either. Also, I'm certainly not whining about Redchapel at all. If I have to guess, the noise might come from the combination of Seamus being popular and the crew requring work to do well with. I like the crew actually, Belles and Sybelle still feel so-and-so, but I'm predicting Belles gonna be solid later in the edition. They do bring quite a lot of stuff with 5 stones, despite the critique and (unfair) comparisons to non-faction lurebots.
  11. I've played maybe 5 games of 3E. I've only fielded Redchapel and lost every game. Vs viks, zipp, dreamer.. I haven't felt any issues with balance with my very small sample size, but how about you people? Is the edition balanced, and if so, how well? I guess factions' internal balance is a bit off, but that's a very minor concern with the new hiring system imo.
  12. Wyrd, sometimes your taste and style are flaweless. This is one of those times. As someone said, this deserves to be an entirely new crew, but I'm super happy with alt molly too. Rabble Risers and Necrotic Machine are huge improvements!
  13. Thanks for all the comments so far, lovely discussion. I'm getting slightly more hopeful towards GG, but I gotta say it's a hilarious stretch to try to find negative aspect from flurry due to discard I mean.. I don't understand why you wouldn't want the option. I know your point is probably that flurry is a resource intensive ability, and if the model is designed with flurry in mind, it is undeperforming when not flurrying.. still made me chuckle!
  14. Also, don't discount "on paper" analysis. This is a numbers game, and while the numbers aren't too simple, the in-faction comparisons are relatively simple to make. What bothers me here is both models having almost identical abilities, cost and stats.. but the other one has so much more on top. Maybe I still struggle to identify GG's burying niche, but I'd feel good if he (it?) could do something unique if he is just going to be a strictly worse Archie combat-wise. Wouldn't have to be powerful & unique, just..something..
  15. Is it though? Demise denial exists, and unburying him in a favorable position requires setup, which you may or may not have time to do. Either way, extra resources are needed. Terrifying, numbskull and leap seem much better surviving tools in normal situations. Just spitballing, I don't really know anything 😛 Btw, does he return with essentially 6 wounds? 4 from demise, 2 from reg. Looks like I gotta hunt for Archie or just suck it up and play an UP model. How fast Wyrd usually does errata? Can't remember..
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