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  1. This. People are overestimating the balance effect heavily here. First clue; think about how much there actually is severe terrain in your average gaming table? There is, but for my games blocking terrain has been much more common and works better for Malifaux anyway. The odd forest piece here and there won't shake the meta, even after the suggested change. Furthermore, the effect on normal movement isn't really even that big. Titania and staggered might create funny situations, but then again it will be only different. If anyone thinks otherwise, I would like to hear why and how it would break the game exactly? Anyway, I think I'll try this vs Titania, and perhaps we add even another clause "movement reduction from severe terrain can never reduce the model's movement below 1"
  2. Or the model could just take the effects in case of severe, but stay out (in base contact with the terrain piece, but not considered in)? Or the rule could be written only about severe? Both? Adding a clause if a model comes in base contact with severe it takes any effects from that piece?
  3. The model just stops at the edge and takes the effects. Nerf, true, but not very big.
  4. You seemed to have missed the point here. The distance between model and severe terrain is almost never divided evenly, even in half-inches. (btw 0,5" IS annoying enough). At least when I do positioning, I want to do it in a way that benefits me and the model in question - in relation to enemy positioning. As said, gun/spell/melee ranges are static, so I very much care whether my Rusty Alyce is 12" away from the enemy or not. This means I'm not actively seeking to place my models in even distances from severe terrain - rather I want to find a good position and the severe terrain just happens to be X" away. Now, if I need to move to severe terrain, I'm also often not trying to even out the inches to handle severe terrain better, but trying to find a good position. Say a model with mv 5 is 3,4" away from severe terrain. You have 3,4" normal movement, when the base touches the terrain, then the rest is 0,8". That doesn't even get your base (approx 1,25" for 30mm) completely to terrain, so next action/activation you have similar problems if you want to move out.
  5. Yes I have decided. I have talked and thought about this a lot, and it's not perfect either if you want to nitpick. It is indeed the guild ball model, but it works very well. It might be that I haven't considered everything (and probably I haven't), but those mentioned issues have come up. The amount of lost inches can be even 1", if that'd work better for malifaux. That's not set in stone. But the current system isn't very entertaining in my opinion. The cases where you move even inches seem rare. Many times terrain ends up being 3,65" inches away or similar.. players just shrug and compromise. Gun's ranges, melee ranges, buffs, debuffs, spell ranges - very rarely any compromises there, at least when it comes to tournaments. I personally am fine with everything, and a very casual player actually, but I also think certain tightness and clarity helps everyone. I think M3E has achieved that, but I also think severe terrain movement is needlessly complicated in practice to an otherwise well flowing game. The only good thing I have come up with is moving the model accurately in severe terrain is indeed a difficult experience - akin to moving in a rough terrain in real life. Not sure the roleplaying aspect has a lot of weight though.
  6. I finally gotta write about this; I would really like if severe terrain mv reduction would be -2 mv static. It would apply if a model moves through/touches severe terrain at any point during the move. It could even be -3 for models mv 7 and above if universal -2 seems is too little. The current system is inaccurate and interrupting the flow of the game. (Also a relic from older wargames, and doesn't belong in modern games imo) In addition, most models move 5", which causes half-inch issues or even worse when part of the movement is in normal terrain. How do you measure those situations? I mean sure you CAN, but it really is an extra hassle especially during tournament games. We're planning to do local-errata about this, but I'm sure people will disagree because somehow change is always bad, even if there's no downsides. -2 (or -3 if you wanna nitpick) simulates difficult terrain well enough and brings accuracy and flow to the game.
  7. I guess yes? Looks good. Archie's crow trigger is not a big deal though. Man.. few resser keywords could really use a bit of work in errata.
  8. IME Lethe's Caress is certainly not better than Cause. Lethe gives control and choice to your opponent, Cause keeps it on you. Lethe's has been more of a nuisance than anything else, but 4th ap on a master is borderline insane. --- @Aemaru your crew looks playable. Try it? Molly is good anyway. Maybe Manos instead of Emissary for most pools if you own him? I think you want good schemers if you lack Crooligans (and that brings another "benefit" of not needing Forgotten keyword for teleport ;D
  9. Yeah pretty much that - Archie+Dead Rider+Core Box. Carrion Fate can kinda substitute Archie, but these models have totally different roles and Emissary needs Zombies (easy to proxy). However, Carrion Emissary's 3" Aura is so good and the model is so mobile, it'll probably fit into most crews.
  10. People confuse "op" with "can't be dealt with". However, I don't know about that 2ss increase. It won't change the power level on the field, and Archie really has too many good abilities piled on against certain type of crews. Removing mask from leap's casting could be enough as someone already suggested. It's still a substantial nerf, maybe even too harsh for an enforcer.
  11. Owning Youko box and having watched several unboxing videos, I have to say I REALLY like the newer sculpts. Some people are criticizing them about static poses, but I feel some of the older sculpts were a bit too dynamic. I think the new ones offer more creative space for the painter.. in comparison many earlier sculpts dictated how you need to paint. Not as bad as the case with some current xmas tree GW models, but still a bit I have never considered starting Guild, but seeing that new LadyJ unboxed might just change my mind. The only M3E box not for me might be the dreamer, as it looks a bit comical somehow. Alps are very nice though. What do you guys think?
  12. I would hire Archie into any crew. I like Whisper on him to see what I'm flippin' for the leap.
  13. Imo your buying list looks solid. Remember you CAN always play with Belles&Sybelle while you wait for releases . Sybelle still does reach 2" min damage 5 with a stone and a ram, which can be totally awesome and useful.. That doesn't mean she is good, but that ability alone on a 10 stone model is fair. She also can sustain some damage against casual crews. You'll probably notice as you keep adding the fan-favorites (and reduce redchapel models) that games will get easier. I was personally enjoying my rc games as well, but I did notice the "lacklusterness".
  14. Kinda funny Seamus "needs" focus. If things were a bit different, I'd prioritize focus giving lower. Redchapel Killer is a very good ability, but comes up so rarely due to the nature of effective Seamus crews. Focus is always useful on top of RCK too, but perhaps not as vital.
  15. There are several threads about this already, but I think just wait for the nice bundles;Society/Servitude. Carrion Emissary (Fate), Mindless Zombies, and some other versatiles to taste will get you very far. Seamus only needs (imo) the totem and some beaters. The keyword models are not that important. Some are okay/good, but only in a niche way. Yin/Manos/Archie to taste or to help scheming. Personally I'd be happy to play Seamus with just Seamus, CCK, Emissary, Dead Rider, Archie, Gravedigger/Nurse.. even Asura or Mortimer. Seamus + Versatiles > Seamus + Keyword.
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