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  1. I heard the Riders are really strong across all factions. Maybe you get a single Rider Model that can be used as any Rider of your factions?
  2. Sorry for Gravediggin' but I'm a Resser player^^ They mentioned ad third floor wars in the podcast, that there has been video tables. Where can I find the videos?
  3. I'm a beginner in Malifaux but als gar das I understood, Molly is Not your go to for Reckoning, but Yan Lo should do quite well. I'm a Molly Person though
  4. Can you guide me to some competitive oriented Podcasts?
  5. Where can I read some lists some people play in tournaments?
  6. You can play Molly Necro Machine Archie GST Dead Rider Rogue Necromancy - Killer Instinct 3 beater with ruthless should make terrifying a fair game (fair means he has to check for your terrifying) 2 Crooligans for doing the Scheme stuff 8SS for Carrion Effigy or another Crooligan or other stuff
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