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  1. I'm new to Malifaux, too. I started with Molly and tried a bit of the Minion approach, but that doesn't fit my playstyle. I turned more towards the Elite crew. My standard crew now is: Molly, Totem, Archie + Grave Spirits Touch, Rogue Necromancy, Dead Rider, Carrion Effigy + Upgrade, 2 Crooligans, 4 Stones. Be aware that all three beaters have movement shenanigans and the crooligans can teleport to Archie and the Rogue Necromancy.
  2. Thanks for taking the time and energy to hunt them down.
  3. I heard the Riders are really strong across all factions. Maybe you get a single Rider Model that can be used as any Rider of your factions?
  4. Sorry for Gravediggin' but I'm a Resser player^^ They mentioned ad third floor wars in the podcast, that there has been video tables. Where can I find the videos?
  5. I'm a beginner in Malifaux but als gar das I understood, Molly is Not your go to for Reckoning, but Yan Lo should do quite well. I'm a Molly Person though
  6. Can you guide me to some competitive oriented Podcasts?
  7. Where can I read some lists some people play in tournaments?
  8. You can play Molly Necro Machine Archie GST Dead Rider Rogue Necromancy - Killer Instinct 3 beater with ruthless should make terrifying a fair game (fair means he has to check for your terrifying) 2 Crooligans for doing the Scheme stuff 8SS for Carrion Effigy or another Crooligan or other stuff
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