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Introducing the new Beer Golem. Thoughts?


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You've met and loved the Whiskey Golem. Now introducing your friendly neighborhood Beer Golem! Its like a whiskey golem but less tasty. So it acts all fancy to make up for this. 

The Beer Golem is my affectionate nickname for a Whiskey Golem with the Inferiority Complex upgrade. 

I have had HUGE success with this combo in my games as with the Whiskey Golems Nimble ability to take a free walk action, Inferiority turns that into a free focus aswell. 

This allows for an easy 2 focus'd attacks on the first engagement turn. (Charge, make 1 attack with a previous focus, then take the free walk to move 1mm or more in engagement gaining focus, then make your second attack also benefiting from focus.)

And having Ruthless on a beatstick is never a bad thing! 

Has anyone else tried this combination? And what did you think of it. 

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1 hour ago, CustardBomb said:

then take the free walk to move 1mm or more in engagement gaining focus

You don't need the "1mm or more".  You can just declare the Walk action and not move at all, and then the "After this model resolves the Walk Action" effect will apply.

Because Walk specifies "moves up to its Movement (Mv) in inches" and that includes 0 (which is still a move).  There really isn't a way to take the Walk action and not trigger movement related effects, but you don't have to jostle the model if you're happy where it is.


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I don't think the Golem works well out of keyword.  It's heal gives poison, and 11 SS (13 with upgrade) is a lot to ask for an 8 wound model. It's synergies within Tri-Chi are what saves it.

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