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  1. Realy like the look of the changes! I am going to try and get a game in in the next few days and I will submit a report on it.
  2. Theorizing is only gonna get us so far. Gonna try get a game in with Big hat later today and will report back. They need data for this crew so let's get it to them!
  3. Honestly this ability is making me think about taking sommer as a second master in a Kin crew. Summon ing bayous as a screen and using them to get second shots off for Ophellia.
  4. Why cant you score reckoning turn one? I didnt see anything about it in the stratagy description. Kr is that just a blanket rule now?
  5. No problem I have been submitting though the forms I will try them out as tanks in my next game tommorow and report back! I think they have a role. But need some fine tuning to find a real place.
  6. I have played with both summoned and hired. The main use I have found for them is hiring one crier and 2 bayou gremlins using them to run schemes on a flank such as Harness the lay line. (Submitted reports as such) My issue is that when it came to there turn I regularly had nothing to do with them. They worked well as part of a scheme running unit but quite a slow one. Hence the comment about making threaten beatings a bonus action. It would make them more flexible as a utility peice. More likley to be able to move where you need them.
  7. I love major as a model. One of my favorites. The aura has always been tricky. In pretty much all of my games he has been a taxi for Ulik. Ulix keeping Major Safe and both of them buffing everything. And it does seem unfortunate that a henchmen gets demoted to a glorified Taxi. I have charged major once or twice but it has always been as a last resort. That being said Major did much the same in M2E for me. Taxi, Nudge Em on to move them. ETC. Not to compare the two games but I have no problem with him being a support model. That being said the aura could use fine turning. It feels like a blunt instrument, not somethign with any finesse. Do you have any ideas what to change the aura to? Mabye something like '' Talented Nose: When old major activates place a scheme marker in base contact with old major' That way he still supports the crew by providing summoning stock. But would have utility late game as a oddly shapped scheme runner? What other ideas do you have Vtfro for changing major?
  8. ....Your a genius. Crier wise we had some interesting ideas for them over on the Overcosted/Undercosted thread. To Summarize what people where talking about over there: Criers could be buffed signifigantlys, And had there cost raised to 7. This would allow them to use Bully on a wider range of models to help Obey OR Bully could have its wording changed to read 'A model with lower or equal cost to this model' again making them more useful. Another idea that was had was making Threaten Beatings a bonus action. To help getting around to any Bayous's you hire to help them scheme when necessary.
  9. I was suggesting they lose it all together. Not replace it with legitimate insignifigant. So certainly any that where su.mo ed would still have insifigant from the upgrade? Could be a bit much though
  10. Are they versatile? I thaught it was big hat only? I think the sudo insignifigant is rough. And could be dropped especialy since summers summon qlso applies insignifigant.
  11. So what would you suggest as a fix? Bayous are pretty much pointless at this stage other then as a free model from demise. What's the fix you think should be there? Or how would you re theme the crew to make it fit in better?
  12. So what's everyone's experience with Big hat so far? Specifically with hiring. Sommers summon is so flexible for model access though painful for scheme running (needing a soulstone if you want to summon a non insignifigant model) My tactic so far has been hiring models for scheming purposes. And then using sommer and his summons as the fighting force? Has everyone else been doing something similar? What models do people tend to hire Into there sommer crews as oppose to summon and why?
  13. It should also be noted that his heal has been changed. It is no longer a flip just automatic 2 for the origional Moderate heal. So this buffs him considerably on that front.
  14. True. But that's a very small selection of models in the gremlins faction honestly. And even smaller within the Big Hat keyword. (Skeeters, Bayous, Banjonistas?) Very few models to benefit from it really 😕 I would almost suggest buffing them considerably and increasing there cost to 7 in that case? To take advantage of bully on a wider range of models?
  15. Overcosted: Gremlin Crier: Current Cost 6 I feel that for a model that deals no damage on its own without triggers and needs an 8 of masks to deal damage though another model. (though damage is not why you hire a Crier Obviously, but 8 of masks or higher is still a rough proposition for consistent use of obey) Along with the fact that there primary use I have found is allowing Bayou Gremlins to interact so you need them in addition to other models to function on a decent level. I think cost 5 would be more appropriate for them. They don't mate Banjonistas or Good Ol boys who fulfill a similar roll (Group support) I would sugest giving them the Mask for Obey only when targeting other friendly gremlins or something. Though that may be a bit much. Perhaps if there aura for allowing Bayous to interact was constant, as opposed to needing to be activated every turn as an action. I think the as an action issue is what makes them rough. They can only walk once if they want to use it. Making it a bonus action would mean it still requires a card investment to use (6 of any suit) But would allow you to play a bit more up field. As they stand I don't think they justify a 6 cost.
  16. True on both counts. Do you think making him versetile for gremlins will help him see more table time? Or does he need more signifigant overhauls?
  17. Thats essentially where I was sitting aswell. I feel like if he gained versatile he would see more play time in Infamous and Even Tri Chi crews who are focused on constructs. I think the aura of dangerous terrain is interesting. But very very situational. And needs sparks to be up with the enemy. I think its more useful as defensive tech to discourage people from charging or aproaching sparks. -- I like those changes. Could make him a more interesting support model. though Demise Survivor might be a bit much. And it should probably restricted to gremlins if you give it a demise ability like that. In terms of packed with explosives the blase marker is inconsequential on your own models (other than as a weapon for your opponent) the point of putting it on allies is so that you can control where the demise(explosive) trigger occurs. Preferably in the middle of the enemy crew.
  18. Topic sentence pretty much says it all here. Does anyone think that Sparks should have the Versatile tag? I found he doesn't have much synergy with the Tricksy crew on the construct/scrap front other then the Survivors or Test subjects. Now obviously thats not all that sparks does of course. But a lot of his abilities need scrap markers, or deal directly with constructs so it might be nice to be able to move him around without the additional surcharge. Especially since the Mechanical Porkchop, his primary creation, is versatile without him? Do you all agree with this take? or think hes fine being at home with the Tucket clan and charging extra for his services elsewhere. --------- On another note, I quite like the new changes, which do give him a lot more synergy with Tricksy thanks to scrapyard mines. Will play test this more before I circle back around to the Versitile front to heavily.
  19. Yes. Esentialy ut should be marked as a - like for other actions which dont have a TN. But the staggering punch action must have been input with the shortcut for instead ofinstead of - The hotfix repaired that issue so it shouldn't appear in future updates.
  20. Good combo! I might try zorida as a second master 8n a brewmaster list. Since his whole crew has good access to conditions
  21. That's a great plan! Ulix was a favorite of mine in M2e so I would be keen to try that out now. Will give it a go and report back
  22. I hadn't considered her as a second master actualy that's a decent idea! Also this is probably a silly question but I am assuming if a henchmen is your leader then you cant hire masters?? Cause then you could take mctavish/first mate as your leader for the extra AP qnd then zorida still fits her crew. Cant remember if I saw that actualy written anywhere that you cant thiugh. (Edit: found it.)
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