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Lilith what are the must haves? Making a Pirate nephilim looking list :)


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Hey every one, with the release of the alt Nekima I am going to model up a Pirate crew for Lilith :)
I currently have a dreamer crew thats very visually  specific and I am going to do the same with Lilith. Now I am wondering about a MUST haves with her?
I have the Alt Nekima and Alt Barbaros, angel eyes, 2 tots, 2 changelings, Graves, Tannen, 1 Wald geist, 1 sulrid, 2 blood wretch, Lilitu, Lelu,and  primordial magic.
Any thing else I should have? I am not really into the grow lists for her, I dont find it that competitive.
Over to the visuals .... just for fun

How cool would a pirate nephalim list look?! right?! Since Nekima's alt model is amazing I had to work more with that style. I want to make Lilith to look like Skarre from Warmachine minatures. Giving the rest of the crew a pirate vibe will be easy with the additions of cloths and hats...hooks eye patches, bandanas 
If you have any ideas please share them I always enjoy new insperation. 

image.png.396e03484c11f2d93057711a39e95c69.pngi AM trying not to use the model from PP as Lilith... but i may go that way if I cant convert my current Lilith well enough.

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Waldgiests are very useful to Lilith, so perhaps having more of those is something to consider.

Johan also appears a lot Neverborn since they don't have very good ways to remove conditions without him. It also helps that he can squish things with his hammer remarkably well.

I like the aesthetic choice you've made. I have something vaguely similar for my tiny collection of Neverborn so far; feathered hats on Zoraida, her doll and her Silurids. I would love to see how you go about converting your models as you go for inspiration.

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I'f you;re going for a visual theme then I would say Tuco and the Scion of black blood would look great as pirates.

Both being fairly good models to play too.

Playing Lilith though, it depends entirely on what you want her to do with a crew as to what you put into it. She has so many options and can run with almost anybody. Although you're not interested in a grow list, I still think getting the nephilim box would be good. They are great models both visually and to play.

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That's an incredible looking crew you got there!  Did most of the extra pieces come from the TtB sprues? 

Also it looks like your Graves is increbibly "gifted" if you know what I mean!

Edit: 11hrs later and I just realised that white bit was an anchor, not a monstrous phallus... gotta get my mind out of the gutter!

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