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  1. ObliterationPopsicle

    What is Magic Damage Flip Modifier based on?

    Note that theTN is not a separate flip or anything like that. It is handled within the normal opposed duel process, which works as normal. People often get confused, especially around cheating on this one. It is possible for the attacker to be winning the duel without meeting the TN and the defender still decides whether to cheat or not first. The attacker can then cheat to meet the TN.
  2. ObliterationPopsicle

    Summoning Pandora

    I've not tried it out myself yet, but to start with I'll probably play Woe into those games I would have taken Box.
  3. ObliterationPopsicle

    Pandora Tactica

    Note that Wisps are insignificant, so won't be dropping scheme markers or anything else that requires interacting. But their Feed On The Lost ability can get scheme markers down with a little set up.
  4. ObliterationPopsicle

    How to play against Arcanists ?

    Minor correction - the markers produced by the Waldgeist's Germinate action are not Dense so do not block line of sight. Lilith's Illusionary Forest markers do however.
  5. ObliterationPopsicle

    Zoraida, new and improved?

    Thanks for that info tlsg. I'll certainly be looking to activation and scheme duty first, but it would be interesting to see if they can bring utility in other areas like gumming things up and taking advantage of black blood or similar. When you have seen them, are people tending to take a pair, or three or four?
  6. ObliterationPopsicle

    Zoraida, new and improved?

    Nor would I, or most I suspect. Interested in any experience using them in game.
  7. ObliterationPopsicle

    Zoraida, new and improved?

    Anyone tried Corrupted Hounds with Zoraida? Im looking at running a few for a leg up in activation, and their A New Master ability will be nice if you want to use obeys on them. At only 3ss each they're not too much of an investment, even if you never obey them at all.
  8. ObliterationPopsicle

    Zoraida, new and improved?

    Does this work? I remember some issue with The Rage Builds and activation, but can't recall the detail.
  9. This is so good. Wyrd should put out an alt Graves like this!
  10. ObliterationPopsicle

    Looking down the line

    Looks like a good start. Plenty of activations too which is great. Make sure you try out the Beckon Malifaux upgrade at some point. The things you can do with Illusionary Forest once you have a handle on things is pretty amazing. Many players consider Beckon Malifaux and Wings of Darkness auto-take for Lilith, but try them all and find what fits with your play style.
  11. ObliterationPopsicle

    Lilith Campaign Progress

    Normally the first purchase each round has a 5ss discount. This means you can get a model up to 5ss for free. Or you can buy Nekima for 8ss instead (for example). If you have 9ss after your game against Seamus, you effectively have 14ss to spend on the first new model. Anything after the first one gets no discount.
  12. ObliterationPopsicle

    Little contest : stupid things to do with warped reality

    This is a thing of beauty.
  13. ObliterationPopsicle

    Little contest : stupid things to do with warped reality

    Gambling Problem - 3 Stitched Take Lilith and Puke to get the best cheating hand you can. Unleash hell. Welcome to the Party - 3 Depleted Walk straight into the biggest group of enemy models you can. Burn up enemy AP and put some damage out when you die.
  14. ObliterationPopsicle

    Little contest : stupid things to do with warped reality

    This must be done!
  15. ObliterationPopsicle

    Deal with scion of the void alphastrikes

    One trick I've seen is with Sloth. He's rarely seen so his defensive trigger Just Lay Down can catch people out. Expect that to work exactly once however Zoraida has something similar, but it'd be a brave man to risk her as bait! Some more practical ideas might be Lilith with her LoS blocking forests, severe and/or hazardous terrain from various sources, or Disguised models like Serena Bowman or Tuco(!) clogging up charge lanes. Ultimately though, being glass cannons is the Victoria's schtick. Spreading to minimise the cannon part and making sure to take advantage of the glass is usually the most reliable plan.