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Headhunter Crew


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Hi Folks,

As Headhunter is in this quarters strat pool, I've been thinking about which crew to take for it and at the moment I'm torn.

As we don't really have ways of denying like some other factions (Ressers with Izamu, Bete noir etc, Arcanists with Wind Gamin). I was thinking on  how best to play it and I've come up with a few options.

Option 1 - Denial (or as best as possible)

So either Titania and Barbaros with their challenges combined with the Knights and maybe the emissary for a bit of resilience and placing of hungry land markers. And changelings. This would require bunching up to a degree to keep within the challenge aura's and neither are too difficult to pass. Armour and hard to kill are useful but there are quite a few things that can bypass them.

Or, Pandora with some little, easy kill minions so that the opponent is killing your things but making heads at the same time. Say using Widow weaver and some wicked dolls. Then you use Pandora to put the enemy off form getting close to you.

If you think you're going up against a shooty crew you could go with a Swampfiend Zoraida list. Lots of perfect camouflage and silent putting your opponent on negatives whilst you leap about.


Option 2 - make the scheme easier for you

So here I was thinking Chompy Dreamer spamming alps and daydreams, add in Widow Weaver and lots of stitched and you have some killing power with pushes from the daydreams. The alps are there to slow the opponent down.

Similar thing with Collodi - marionettes will provide easy targets for your opponent to kill giving you heads you can pick up (as longs as you keep them fairly close) and you'll be able to eek some extra AP out of your crew whilst stealing it from your opponent.


Option 3 - Killing everything!

So here I'm thinking Lilith, take Barbaross for the challenge, Mr Graves for the push and his stopping of enemy charging, maybe Nekima or a mature for killing. If you stick terror tots in there and keep them in 6", if your opponent does kill them you get a free push up to them.

Also, I thought about Zoraida and a Lure based list. Take Z with a nurse,  Baby Kade, Lelu Lilitu and a doppleganger and you've got yourself a whole lot of pouncing with some strong lures in there. It does however mean you have a nice ball of people to blast! Though it is fun having Baby Kade on min damage 7 on a pounce (nurse, trigger and having him near Lilitu for her 4" engagement).


I've not played Lynch or Lucius so can't comment on how they'd do as well. But imagine they have decent enough ways of getting the strat.

As to choosing, I think in the end its going to come down to what my opponent puts forward as his faction. If they state Ressers, Arcanists or possible Outcasts its probably useless going with a killy crew as you won't be able to kill anything before it sacrifices itself or just buries. So I'll probably go with a chompy Dreamer crew. If they say Guild, Gremlins or Outcasts I'm guessing its going to be lots of ranged shooting so I will probably go with Pandora and just dare them to try and pick up the heads.


Anyhow, what are your thoughts? Any other suggestions?

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Bad juju? Hungering darkness? How many "This model is not killed" do you want in faction? Sure, they both require an upgrade but they are there. Depleted are also something to consider. They don't drop heads. 

Tannan Has Chatty. Doppleganger has don't mind me. Lucious, Collodi and Zoraida can all make models pick up heads not in their turn, and in addition the dreamer can make other models create heads in his turn. 

Gupps and Silurids can kill a model and pick the head up in 1 activation (Ok gupps don't kill many models, but you can set them up for it. Barbaros is pretty good for that if you want)

I honestly wouldn't expect lots of Ranged attacks in a head hunter game. You are just giving your enemy points. 

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I'd say neverborn have it easy i headhunter for the reasons Adran quoted. There are also a few models with great engagement ranges which can shut most opponents down. Most of the powerful killers are also melee which is great, shooting sucks in headhunter.

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You know I'd forgot about Bad Juju. Shows you how much I use him these days. 

I don't have Lynch so was unaware of Hungering Darkness and the depleted but will look into them.

I have thought of going all manipulative and running doppleganger with 3 changelings and maybe some insidious madness. Especially in a Pandora crew.

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1 minute ago, Kogan Style said:

Why don't the Depleted drop heads? They are minions. They are Hard to Wound and HtK minions but they still count for the strategy unless I'm missing something (and I'd love to be!)

You're right, they  are insignifigant nminions. Not peons. I'll go and correct 

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I'd say it depends stongly if frame4murder is in the pool. if it is, i'd guess its denial mostly, though it would be still ok. But without, it should be fairly easy. 

Dreamer with Otherwordly (Accomplice) can score you a head each turn. Even better if Chompy Dreamer witgh extra Sh AP. also, he can give other models fast, for example teddy. And you have many opportunities to create nice set.ups. activate dreamer, summon 2 daydreams near target (-2wp), give lilitu fast. Chain activate into daydreams to push teddy and lilitu to line them up for smell fear combo. Chain activate into lilitu who lures target, teddy hits, lilitu walks and picks.up the head. Situational but certainly doable and just one possibility. 


Lilith can tangle models far away into your own ranks  to pick up the head at your leisure later. Or have the cherub nearby for a (0) interact pick up. Lilith can also deny los or movement to prevent enemy from getting tothe head marker.


One question, picking up head is an interact, right? so Pandora/primordial magic can make it impossible for models to actually pick up heads? 


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16 minutes ago, Treehouse said:

One question, picking up head is an interact, right? so Pandora/primordial magic can make it impossible for models to actually pick up heads? 



"Any model in base contact with a Head Marker may make a (1) Interact Action with it to remove it from play"

So insignificant models can't collect them. Engaged models can't pick them up (4" engagement of Lilitu is pretty good for this)

(Not sure how you are getting Pandora to stop models interacting)

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50 SS Neverborn Crew
Pandora + 5 Pool
 - Voices (1)
 - Fugue State (2)
 - Aether Connection (1)
Primordial Magic (2)
Widow Weaver (8)
Teddy (11)
 - A Thousand Faces (1)
Mr. Graves (8)
Doppleganger (7)
Lilitu (7)

50 SS Neverborn Crew
Collodi + 6 Pool
 - Fated (1)
 - Strum the Threads (1)
Marionette (3)
Marionette (3)
Marionette (3)
Doppleganger (7)
Beckoner (7)
Stitched Together (6)
Stitched Together (6)
Stitched Together (6)
Brutal Effigy (4)

 (exported from CrewFaux)

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For Voices Pandora, thats a small ss pool and risky without neither Depression nor Wings. I'd rather go (though similar):

Pandora, full cache, Voices, Fugue, Depression/Wings of Darkness 8ss

Prim.magic 2 ss

Iggy, enraged tantrum, 5ss

Doppelganger, 1kfaces 8ss

Lilitu, malifaux provides, 8ss

Mr. Graves, 1kfaces, 9ss

Emissary, conflux of sorrow 10ss  (Or scheme runners)







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