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Calling Diorama Builders!


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I'm assuming this is the correct forum for this question, so here goes.

Lately I've taken to constructing dioramas to display my crews at tournaments. I'm still new to this of course, so there are many things I don't yet know. For instance, how to present the display neatly and tidily on the outside. When building mine, I tend to use black foam-core. This means I end up with horrible strips of visible foam along the edges that shows up no matter what I do to cover it. So, I was wondering, for those who do, how do you achieve the lovely solid black on your diorama's outside walls?

For reference, the blacked edges on this marvelous piece is what I'm talking about:



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I don't know what they have used in that example but if you look into paint for houses and furniture there is stuff that is very thick and covering.

Another thought is to cover the sides with latex before painting it, or just use coloured latex.

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If you look at this image:



It looks like he paneled the sides and painted them.  You have a couple of options depending on skill level and resources.  Easiest and cheapest is black duct tape.  It does not look the greatest but it works.  Next up is mat board.   This is the colored board that is used as the edging of picture frames.  Plastic card is another option that is readily available.  That might be what the artist did for the above diorama becasue you can see an edge line for the panels on the right side of the river.  For a really solid edge you can also look at laminate counter top.  It is a pain to work with but it will give you a solid permanent edge that is very clean in its appearance.  Solid wood edging is another option.  Just a couple of suggestions.  The big thing is to plan out what your edges are going to look like when you start the design process for your base.  It is much easier to design it in rather than add it on later.  Hope that helps. 

Snitchy sends.

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On 09/02/2016 at 2:08 AM, SpiralngCadavr said:

sorry, snitchy, but duct tape (reflective, gummy, textured, tears poorly) seems like a terrible plan.

Just trying to give all options from low to high, both in terms of cost and skill level.  Black duct tape would fall into the category for novice builders.  Not my personal first option.

Afalas, glad the suggestions helped. 

Snitchy sends.

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On 14/02/2016 at 4:07 PM, Guslado said:

If you use a lot of foamcore, you can make the edge more attractive by "rabbeting" the joint. As it is easier to show that explain, here's a link I found on how to do this technique: Foamcore techniques for miniatures.

Rabbeting is a fantastic technique that I, very fortunately, discovered while constructing my diorama. I feel terrible that I forgot to check this forum while doing so though. It almost makes it feel like a wasted resource. That said, I'll have plenty to think of for my next project! ?

On 10/02/2016 at 7:18 AM, haychdee said:

I use photo frames for mine. I just replace the backing/insert with foam core but it all sits flush under the frames edges.



haychdee, that is a gorgeous display. Unfortunately, I usually build quite large dioramas, vertically speaking. I'll certainly keep that in mind if I do a flat or low-set one though?

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