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which master beside the dreamer?


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hi, I decided to start my ventures into the lovely strange world of malifaux with the dreamer (not the summoner version, for now). I know that people seem to discourage beginners to pick up the dreamer first but I decide with my guts and have to go with the story of a faction/master. It has always been like this for me.

So the dreamer is set. I'll order the Widow and Teddy with him. But I'd like to get a second master and maybe one henchman or minion more, if it's strongly suggested. 

From what I read on the wiki and here I assume that Pandora would get along fine with the dreamer. What do you suggest and what should I get in addition? Lucius and Lynch are not an option by the way, someone else in the group has plans to pick them up. So it's really between the ladys: Pandora, Lilith or Zoraida.

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Don't forget Collodi! I also choose my minis with my guts, Lynch Dreamer and Collodi are the tree that appeal most in Neverborn :)

I completely forgot about Collodi.

I recommend Collodi (Widow Weaver / Stitched Together) and Pandora (Teddy / Insidious Madness / Coppelius)

Hard to argue with this post but if you look at it you don't have Stitched Together and insidious Madness in plastic, so finding these models is damn near impossible.

I can proxy Stitched and Insidious Madness for a while. That's okay. There are more than enough models around from my previous sinful life. 

So I guess Pandora it is and later Collodi.  Should be a nice trio to give my opponents a headache.



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