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  1. blaink you still hosting this thrusday night malifaux?
  2. You have any events planned any time soon?

    1. blaink


      We are looking at October for the next tournament. Haven't finialized a date but will let you know.

    2. blaink


      October 1st is the date

    3. blaink


      Also, we are having a fun, 1 round tournament this week if interested.

  3. Boy I home Chris keeps that back room clean and organised for players or it is going to be rough there.
  4. I was working the sales floor when this hit and i restocked this item the most. It sold itself the other rumor was the Arcanist box was in short supply but that was just a rumor not confirmed by the staff. Not sure why anyone wouldn't want this box set (i am partial to NB) but i was not shocked that they sold out.
  5. They are a rare 3. One pack is fine.
  6. I will be volunteering please stop by and say hello.
  7. Neverborn, I have them all, some are not assembled but most are, I don't play with unpainted models. And I shame opponents who don't have painted models. I look at them as a collection, I add to them when I learn a new master or a new tactic with a master I play with. But with having them all, I know I still need more, only when it comes to Zoridia.
  8. How does he fit in to your list?
  9. With Lynch, these guys are stupid good.
  10. Some more focus on Woe models, Pandora is fun she, can be a paint to play against but she is not as competitive as others in the faction. Pandora being able to summon Sorrows? Sounds little OP sure but i think the Woe's need some love.
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