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  1. https://www.wyrd-games.net/sonnia-criid
  2. Simply, some covers and armor buffs may not be enough to save our minions from Sonnia and Samael. For example, they have Visions of Flame, so their attacks can ignore cover against burning model.
  3. I agree Sh 4 is not good. So I usually use copied shot low Df / High Wound models first and give some to Changeling. And Collodi + Lazarus combo itself is good. Collodi has useful 1AP actions and Lazarus can copy them by Assimilate.
  4. I like to take Collodi(Fated) with Changelings, Trappers, Lazarus and / or Emissary. 1. Activate Collodi and Get Focused+1 and spread it to Changelings and Trappers. 2. Use My Will many time to Changelings to Get Focused / Move / Attack 3. Activate Changelings and Copy Trapper's Clockwork Rifle and / or Get Focused. 4. If Focused used for Clockwork Rifle, its RNG increased to 28" and It's Sh Become 4++ or 5++.... 5. So you can shoot very long range shots now as your opponents did. 6. If your opponent's models come close, ready to copy Lazarus' Grenade Launcher.
  5. In my thought.... Teddy If you can summon Teddy, Dreamer need to focus not also to summon it but also to keep it in that turn. Empty Night and Otherworldly are useful. Teddy can heal more wounds and move to take cover before your opponent reacts. And if you have enough SS, I recommend to put a Teddy or other heavy hitter in your crew list. Card Don't forget 'summoning is great but don't need to abuse it'. Keep your good cards for most important jobs. But we have some tricks... First, Take On Wings of Darkness and Full Cache. If you really want more, Primordial Magic may be good. But it will be sacrificed when you summon daydream. And Otherworldly is useful upgrade to refill your hand. Survival Always think to use Safe In My Bed. Any nightmare is not more important than dreamer, so just use it to keep dreamer safe. If a nightmare is killed by it, you just summon next cheap nightmare. So I think real problems are attacks ignoring Safe In My Bed. Watch out blast marker and Outcast's some attacks ignoring Burial.
  6. If you think you can't solve problems by our own models, take some mercenaries.
  7. Conditions and Abilities with same name can stack, if they both have a value. For Example, Armor+X conditions / Abilities can stack. But BB doesn't has a value, so BB conditions / Abilities can't stack. And if a model has an ability and the ability doesn't have value, the model don't gain a condition that shares a name with the ability.
  8. Collodi Construct Crew has many things can be used against any ressers. Arcane Effigy = Condition Removal Carrion Effigy + Fated and / or Widow Weaver + Handbag (Summon Teddy) = Corpse Marker Removal Stitched = Gamble Your Life ignores s in Damage Filps, so it is very useful against ressers. But Student of Steel - Terrifying (Construct) and other terrifying(All) models may be annoying opponents.
  9. Oops, I miss it. I agree your point.
  10. I think She looks like good toolbox master. So my thought about her is.... Stat & Ability Low Df, High WD and Impossible to wound - They are usually Ressers' things, so she will be as tough as Ressers. Flight - I think Free Flignt is always right. The Thirsty Roots - 2 damage Aura is good, but it can work in some situations. Rejoice in Rebirth - Very good healing ability, But it doesn't work with her action like A New Harvest. Attack Actions Wicked Silence - Good WP attack for utilities, but its damage is low. Blood Command - Her Bread and Butter. it can use to healing / AP transfer and Its damage can be increased. Tactical Actions A New Harvest - Another Bread and Butter. It makes her other abilities / Actions and some scheme runs work. The Queen has risen - Movement Trick. But I think its efficiency is low, So I think it must use for "important" model. Upgrade I don't talk about them, because I don't know their costs.
  11. All boxes are great, but I find something fun. In reality, "Yokai" includes "Oni". But in Malifaux, "Oni" includes "Yokai".
  12. Changelings are Rare 3 Models.
  13. Collodi Box may be hard for a beginner, but Collodi himself is not.
  14. Collodi + Lazarus + cheap minions list is useful against Rat engine and other Killjoy bomb list. Lazarus can deal at least 11 wounds by Auto Fire (Sh 6) with Pull the String (Ca7, non-trigger) by Assimilate in only one Activation and Killjoy has Df 4 / Wp 5 / 12 wounds. This means if Killjoy can't kill Lazarus, Lazarus may destroy Killjoy in his next activation. So if you use cheap minions to keep Lazarus from Killjoy, Killjoy bomb itself can be countered. But Levi / Viks with Rat Engine are always strong opponents, because their lists always have "Threat B (by themselves)" and sometimes have more threats. So you must use Collodi's Pull the String to control these threats. For Example, while Lazarus and other minions fight against other threats, Collodi can hold or Control Killjoy by giving Slow + A New Thread Conditions.
  15. Lazarus + Retribution's Eye is very useful.
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