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  1. Sorry für die extrem späte Antwort. Ich bin im Moment im Abschlusssemester. Im 2018 gerne Mal. Ich melde mich hier wieder. LG
  2. Ich nehme dir das natürlich übel, dass du nicht nach Schweizern fragst.
  3. Hello, a friend of mine and I will start our Malifaux carriers on Vassal around christmas. We are for the next 12 month literally half a world appart and therefore we will play on Vassal. After watching a fiew introduction videos and playing around with the module, the technical side seems easy enough. Well done and thanks to everyone who contributed to that project. However, we really are beginners. Which map(s), strategies, schemes and size of crew would you recommend for us to start with on Vassal? Or what should we avoid for the time being? We're fine. I didnt expect it do be so easy.
  4. A friend (in Melbourne) and I (in Switzerland) would be interested in a Vassal tutorial. If anyone would be interested please contact. Would a tutorial with three people (two newbies, one tutor) make sense or should it be 1:1? Time would probably be early morning/late evening CET or AEDT. We could start after 19 December. edit: we are not tech savvy and have only little Malifaux experience. But we are sharp as f*&k.
  5. I like to break walls with hammers... one more question: Do I need the Arsenal Boxes? Should I get them?
  6. I completely forgot about Collodi. Hard to argue with this post but if you look at it you don't have Stitched Together and insidious Madness in plastic, so finding these models is damn near impossible. I can proxy Stitched and Insidious Madness for a while. That's okay. There are more than enough models around from my previous sinful life. So I guess Pandora it is and later Collodi. Should be a nice trio to give my opponents a headache.
  7. hi, I decided to start my ventures into the lovely strange world of malifaux with the dreamer (not the summoner version, for now). I know that people seem to discourage beginners to pick up the dreamer first but I decide with my guts and have to go with the story of a faction/master. It has always been like this for me. So the dreamer is set. I'll order the Widow and Teddy with him. But I'd like to get a second master and maybe one henchman or minion more, if it's strongly suggested. From what I read on the wiki and here I assume that Pandora would get along fine with the dreamer. What do you suggest and what should I get in addition? Lucius and Lynch are not an option by the way, someone else in the group has plans to pick them up. So it's really between the ladys: Pandora, Lilith or Zoraida.
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