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  1. cursingbulldog

    Shadow Lair

    Completely agree, more control with where the unit is and what's in range. And using models with terrifying or pounce and healing can really make the most of the triggers. I personally see coppelious illuminated and teddy being prime hosts for this guy as you get to control the horror flip.
  2. cursingbulldog

    Shadow Lair

    I don't have the book in front of me but if it says friendly I think that's just there to keep you from jumping out of a shadow lair your opponent puts down in case they also have a bandersnatch. Dart out is there so you can pop out on your own turn and rebury before an opponent can get a shot in instead of waiting for the upgrade to tick down and force you out potentially somewhere you don't want to be.
  3. cursingbulldog

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    You sure can, the effigies buff is a condition and the effect doesn't rely on a trigger so you can use the trigger then pop the condition for 6 inches of movement. if you've got friendies with push attacks such as say mr graves you could also add those into the action to really get moving, attack/push, trigger, effigy buff.
  4. cursingbulldog


    Also it will be interesting to see the actual model as I know I'll have to try to figure out a way to get the spider part seperatable from the rest of the base and either modify a couple of friendly models to accept it or find a way to universally attach it to any base.
  5. cursingbulldog


    I haven't read the entry for the exact wording but I see the bandersnatch being put onto friendly models like teddy and coppelious pretty frequently. Cheat down that horror duel and they are now paralysed and you get a free attack with teddy or tack on two extra damage from coppelious, and they both have heals to deal with the damage tick.
  6. cursingbulldog

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    You don't use the twins in a fated list, you use them in a bag of props list. They share conditions so when one focuses or goes defensive they both gain it and you now have two sources to steal from for only 1ap.
  7. cursingbulldog

    Malifaux Game Analytics

    Updated to version 2.5. Increased usability for selecting Leaders and Schemes. Now you will only see masters and henchmen that are available to the faction you choose. You can also choose to only show M2E core book schemes, Gaining Grounds 2016 Schemes, or all available schemes on a sheet by sheet basis. Special thanks to @brian291 for giving me the function needed to do this. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like its possible to directly paste your old data into these cells but this should allow for in the future just the replacing of the list sheet for any leader or scheme updates.
  8. cursingbulldog

    Mysty the Emissary that doesn't quite fit

    I like running a heavy hazardous terrain based crew using lilith, the Emmisary, Cherub, and Ama No Zako. My Experience is that folks get overly scared of the terrain and it gives a huge amount of board control.
  9. cursingbulldog

    Malifaux Game Analytics

    Thanks I'll look into it and plan on incorporating it assuming it all works well. Probably look for an update sometime soon folks.
  10. cursingbulldog

    Collodi without Stitched

    I tend to run bag of props so collodi is usually my main damage dealer. I'll usually toss in lelu and lilitu for focus sharing and coppelious or widow weaver for making use of the obeys I get to deal some extra damage or card draw.
  11. cursingbulldog

    Malifaux Game Analytics

    Ask and you shall receive. First post updated with new link. Feel free to share with your friends or anyone else you feel like. Sorry for not getting the cell references fixed when you first messaged me about them but work and changing jobs took up a lot of my time. I'm not sure if adding new rows will work work due to the smaller cell sizes for the schemes and the the way some of my formulas are set up and I haven't tested it. However I have increased the number of game lines to near 500. If you need more then that I'd try to come up with a way to split your games up between two sheets and you've got to much free time. You should be able to just copy your old data into the new file. Do to the nature of the new scheme pool I'd probably make a new sheet exclusively for games you play using those because of how differently things should play out the old data likely won't correlate well. Let me know if you find any other bugs or have any other suggestions and I'll try to be quicker about getting those changes made.
  12. cursingbulldog

    Holiday Miniature Exchange 2015

    Just received my gift today, only a month late . Recieved NOS mistep and misery (alt howard and Teddy). Although I think the organizer might be a bit confused thinking that Iowa must be in Canada for some reason
  13. cursingbulldog

    Tackling Breakthrough

    You've completely forgotten about spawn mother. Her main roll is in interact schemes. She is basically three gupps with from the shadows that are not targetable untill turn 4. Activate her late turn 4 to spawn at which point your opponent should have few activations left, then move your gupps into position. Turn 5 save your masks for leaps to get 2 markers down per gupp. Easily more then enough for any market based scheme. SM doesn't even need to do any scheming. She just needs to get close to lay some eggs then run interference and deal some damage.
  14. cursingbulldog

    Holiday Miniature Exchange 2015

    Mine shipped today, no idea how long it will take to get across the border into Canada.
  15. cursingbulldog

    December 7th - Spawn Mother & Gupps

    I like the gupps but spawn mothers body is way to thin compared to the size of her head and her pose is to upright. You are wrong about that. SM and gupps are fantastic in play.