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Nythera, Neverborn


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Just play and have fun. Hell, I'm NB at heart, but going a different faction due to the models I'm currently painting/playing. The way I see it, it doesn't matter which faction comes out on top, I win no matter what as I'll still buy whatever nightmare/miss comes out. :)

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Asrian was suddenly cut off in the middle of the sentance by slow clap echoing through the darkness.

"Bravo, Asrian, BRA - VO."

"Phinn," muttered Asrian with grinding teeth.

The man started to mock him, parodying his speech: "Just play and have fun. I am Neverborn at heart." "That was the part where I had to almost bite my hand off so that I wouldn't burst into laughter. Were, Asrian, you WERE Neverborn. Now you are no better than... Hayreddin." With that name Phinn spit on the ground.

"What do you want?"

"What do I want? I want you to leave my friend alone and get back to whatever hole you crawled out from!"


Well, to be honest, I will probably lose most of the games I will be playing, because my opponents have been playing Malifaux since its beginning. I am sorry for that, but it's not going to stop me from participating in Nythera. I will be able to play like 4 games throughout the event anyway, so...

What I want to say is that I hope that purpouse of the Nythera event is to have fun and not to turn Malifaux into super competitive game.

I will be playing my first game against arguably the best Czech Malifaux player and it is very likely that I will lose. Does that mean that I shouldn't play against him? No. He is a really nice guy and I appreciate every game that I play against fair and fun opponent. Should we just play a regular game? No. That wouldn't be fair on him, would it?

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Is this the secret forum place for neverborn players for the event or should i be looking for a different place?


*Guild spy spotted!* 

Just go to "home" forum and scroll down :)

*Jumps over the fence and runs for his life* :P

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