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Found 21 results

  1. Just finished act 3 of Nythera and loving it. We now have about 4 grimoires between us which is a bit silly, but we're not using them all (2PCs + 1 GMPC). Love the ongoing challenges, they are really good fun and a great mechanic. Some really good characters - we really liked Otto. But what we really like is coming across all the Masters. So far i think we've met Kirai, Kaeris, Lucius, Lynch, Misaki and Lilith. And have also come across Phillip, Hannah, Graves, Tannen and Dr Grimwell. The only faction that we have had no contact with has been Gremlins. It's a proper roller-coaster ride of an adventure (if a bit railroady). Do any of the other Penny Dreadfuls have this amount of big name characters in? All the ones I have read/skimmed through have not...but i might have just missed them.
  2. Anyone received and read through the Nythera Penny Dreadful and care to offer opinions? I got into Malifaux about three weeks ago and have since taken a deep dive into the game and into TTB besides. Missed the Nythera event so I have no idea what the quality is like in the PD and what I could potentially plumb from it for a game somewhere down the line. There's not a lot of information on the content anywhere else so... Thoughts?
  3. Hi Our group is just coming to the final instalment of the Nythera campaign and a spot has opened up. 4th and final episode all preset characters so can easily slot into the game. Session is booked for Friday 26th February. 6pm at Southampton Sluggaz, St Denys community centre, SO17 2JZ. email me at toofboy@gmail.com if you would like to join us.
  4. Part three of the Nythera story Where? Frederick Tabletop Wardens When? 5pm till approcimately 10pm Date? November 16th Seating is limited so be sure to sign up on the Frederick Tabletop Wardens Website!
  5. It is time for the final adventure in the thrilling Nythera Through the Breach story. Who will end up as the new Governor General? Who will have a model made after them and added to Malifaux? Also, what about the story, that should be important! Join us in the final chapter and help decide. Where? Dragons Lair Comics 2227 N 91st Plaza (402) 399-9141 When? The adventure starts at 11am until around 4pm Date? November 21th Cost? Nothing, it's Through the Breach! All you need is a fate deck and the ability to have fun!
  6. Salutations Wyrdos! I'm a high school teacher, and I advise for a gaming club on our campus, and am pleased to announce our third annual Extra Life event! If you're a regular listener to Mali-podcasts, I know some hosts (like the gang at Critical Condition, Cheated Fates, Lost Boys Radio, and Faux-hio) are very passionate about this charity event. For us, even though we've only done this event for two years in a SUPER rural area, my high schoolers and I have made $3500+ in donations to the Children's Miracle Network. Which brings me to you, the Wyrdos! I doubt anyone can join me, my wife, and my small Mali-meta to play any Nythera games or Through the Breach with us during the 25 hours in Yreka CA during Halloween 2015 (all are welcome if you can!), but if you'd like to donate to our cause, we'd really appreciate the help! Sponsor me or, even better, one of my gamer kids at our Roster Page, and we will be eternally grateful! #ForTheKids Thanks!
  7. We will be doing Part 2 of the Through the Breach Nythera world wide campaign at Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games on Sunday, October 18th starting at noon. Space is limited to 6 players and priority will be given to players who participated in Part , but we will have at least 1 space available for a drop in.
  8. Here's a week 2 game from our Shifting Loyalties Campaign! My Outcasts vs. Adam from Greenleaf Terrain (who has made a ton of my studio's lovely Malifaux terrain) and his Arcanists Arsenal.
  9. TLDR: Date 10/8/2015 Time: 1pm-9pm Events: Nythera Campaign, Learn to Play Campaign Day: Week 5!(join on right in, we love more people) Howdy ho my friendly Malifolks! Come one and come all to the Games of Berkeley! We're right across from the downtown Berkeley BART station! We'll be there this upcoming Thursday(10/8) at 1pm all the way till 9 pm! Play some Malifaux and have some fun with a awesome fun time group. Are you new? Wanna learn how to play? We've got a nice set up with the starter box if you wanna to have a nice demo game, or even bring a friend if you want to play with a friend of yours if you're a shy type. Don't play in the campaign yet? Well what's keeping you? It's a great way to add a awesome variety to your casual game. Atop of all of that you get to be a part of the ongoing world wide event! Join on in as any faction and have some fun. If you're looking some people to play, we've got a nice amount of Guild and Neverborn and the solitary Outcast(that's me). Want to grow your collection? Well, that's a silly question of course you do. We've got the best stock in the bay area down at Games of Berkeley. By far the most comprehensive anywhere near a BART stop or transit of any sort. Metal models on sale! Good travels my friends! Come on down and we'll see you on the other side of the breach my friends. (this time I got the date right!)
  10. Phiasco and I are looking to organize a campaign league for a small number of players to run the length of the Nythera event (starting in week 3 at the earliest, obviously, since we're already under way.) I'm hoping to get 6 people who are willing to commit to one game a week against a predetermined opponent with a strategy and scheme pool defined (IE everybody is playing the same game, with the weekly event in place, so everything should be roughly level.) To counter the somewhat reduced growth people would see from limiting the number of games to one a week, the factions will put in place "Emergency Resource Allocation," a home rule wherein factions will receive 1 scrip per vp they acquire in game (as opposed to 1 per 2 vp) and all crews start the campaign with a bounty of their choice pre-purchased. Rules are still being written and finalized at the moment, but I wanted to take people's temperature on them and start gathering interest. Players will be responsible for scheduling their game with each other each week, and I'm still determining what exactly will be the consequence if people can't get their game lined up. We're North American Eastern Time Zone players, so unless you want to be up until the odd hours, probably best to stay within the North American time zones. Skype will probably be required for communication during the game. Obviously you need Vassal. It's meant to be a fairly light-hearted league/campaign (IE not super-competitive) so if you can't get your game in during a specific week it will probably just count as a double forfeit with no penalty/benefit for either player. Repeatedly missing will result in removal from the league and replacement with another player. I'm open to discussion on this point, however. Ideally, I'd like to have everybody using a different faction, so I'll keep this up to date with players and their faction as they sign-up. Edit: I've added a second ten thunders crew. Essentially, if they play in-faction their games won't count for the Nythera Event. 1. AWOL - Guild 2. Phiasco - Ten Thunders 3. Asrian - Outcasts 4. Tawg - Ten Thunders 5. Doctorwhat - Ressurectionists 6. onelittlethunder - Ten Thunders (again) 7. Bromerican Man - Neverborn 8. iamthefly - Ressurectionists Hit me up with sign-ups if you're interested, or rules suggestions.
  11. TLDR: Date: 9/10/2015 Time: 1pm - 9pm Events: Nythera Campaign Campaign Day: Week 3!(though please join right in at any stage!) Howdy ho my friendly Malifolks! Come one and come all to the Games of Berkeley! Right across the street from the Downtown Berkeley BART station this Thursday!(September 10th) at 1pm all the way till 9 to join in on the fun! Play some Malifaux with a fun loving and passionate group. Are you new? We've got plenty of space and I would personally love to show you the gallows(...because.. ropes.. and Jack Daw just came out...). Already know how to play? Well come on in and get some games in. Play the campaign or get a normal game in if you don't wanna join in on that awesome fun. Don't play the campaign yet? Well what's keeping you. Come on down and jump right in. No matter how far along you are you can always jump in and the campaign does a great job of balancing itself out. At this point you would start with a 45 SS arsenal. Join as any faction, we will have people for you to play. Want to grow you collection? Well.. that's a silly question of course you do. We've got all manners of things in stock at Games of Berkeley, by far the most comprehensive collection anywhere near a BART stop. Metal models 50% off! Come and get those old metal crews before everyone else does(they are going quick). Support the brick and mortar stores that love you so much. Good travels my friends and I will see you on the other-side of the Breach! If you've any questions please ask here or send me a message. Until I see you on Thursday. Long Live the Sign of the Rose
  12. I am currently running a nythera campaign using shifting loyalties rules at: Lost Legion Games and Comics, the Castle 406 2nd St. Beckley, WV 25801 Main meeting day is monday evenings, @530 pm, but can arrange for most any day to ge a game in. This will be an ongoing league event for the entirety of the worldwide Nythera event.
  13. Friends, and fellow ninja, samurai, gamblers, layabouts, and half-demons. It has come to my attention that we are about to embark on a conflict that is global in scale. We have a chance to fight for the glory of our cause. I encourage any of you looking to take up arms in the name of the eastern kingdoms to check in on the Private Nythera forums and let your voice be heard. We're trying to create a cohesive strategy and face the opposition with a united front. So if you're raising a thunders banner for the next couple months, come catch up with our strategists. Let your voice be heard. Sharpen your blades, string your bows, load your pistols (or rifles. Or miniguns...). And let's show them what we're made of. More specifically, let's show them what they're made of. First hand. ENtrepeNinja
  14. Chris and I go through the new Shifting Loyalties Book! Chris and I play our first Nythera / Shifting Loyalties game!
  15. TLDR: Date: 9/10/2015 Time: 1pm - 9pm Events: Nythera Campaign, Casual Campaign Day: Starting (1) Howdy, Malifolks of the San Francisco Bay Area. Come one and come all to the Games of Berkeley!! Right off the Downtown Berkeley Bart station(literally .... across the street) this upcoming Thursday(September 10th, 2015) at 1pm to join in on some Nythera fun and Malifaux. Are you new? We have plenty of space and I personally would be more then happy to teach you how to play as soon as I can. Already know how to play? Then come in and join us! Get some wins for your faction against some of the players here. If you happy and willing, we are starting up our Nythera Campaign this week. Come on in at the ground floor all levels readily welcome. We love everyone who wants to come and play. At games of Berkeley you'll a great staff, a fun dedicated group of Malifaux players, and a store that is showing commitment to this great game. Do you want to grow you collection? What am I saying of course you do. Games of Berkeley is the place to buy your Malifaux anywhere near San Francisco. The most comprehensive selection of models you'll find in this parts! Also all of our old metal stock is at 50% off! Get your Avatars now while they are still there. They are going fast! they're straight up getting lured out of the store. Support your local store and get that awesome free stalker from Wyrd. As I mentioned we are right across the street from the Downtown Berkeley BART. It couldn't be easier to get to the store. Good Travels my friends and I will see on the otherside of the breach. If you've any questions please ask here or send me a message. Until I see you on Thursday, Long Live the Sign of the Rose.
  16. Lords of War Games and the Tabletop Media CoOp will be running a Shifting Loyalties Campaign from Septermber to November following the 12 week Worldwide plan! You can register and get all your information from the Facebook Event HERE Games will be able to be played at either location and recorded on the big map! All games will of course be submitted to determine the outcome of the WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN! Message me here if you'd like to get in a game at the CoOp, or simply show up to game night at the store.
  17. From the album: Nythera Battles Calabozo Criollo Venezuela

    After the attack on debtors delve this was issued by the authority of malifaux
  18. From the album: Nythera Battles Calabozo Criollo Venezuela

    Lucius Battling the Teddy Bear at the gates of Debtors Delve
  19. Just putting this out there. I rarely get a chance to play at my local store and I don't want to foul things up for Neverborn, lol
  20. Hey guys, Sorry this post is later than usual. Things have been crazy here. So, the big Nythera event is coming up. I just want to throw out that anyone who wants to challenge me (Alex) at the store, you are welcome to do so during any of our scheduled events or open play sessions starting Sep. 5th or later. I'll be representing Neverborn. We've got a handful of guys here that play different factions, so there's bound to be someone willing to take on other factions as well. Remember, every Saturday at 3pm is Malifaux at Fashion Square Mall. Also, as September 5th is the first Saturday of the month, we've got a special scenario that we've cooked up for you. I call it "Late to the Party". Details below. Late to the Party Today is National "Be Late for Something Day!" No, I'm not kidding. The event today will be a standard 35SS build following typical guidelines... with one exception. At any point after the 3rd round, for any reason whatsoever, you can field a single non-master figure at a cost of 10SS or less that doesn't count toward your initial build cost (no upgrades attached) as long as the figure matches the chosen crew faction. As an additional bonus, you don't need to disclose this figure until it is revealed. The figure will start within 6" of any border.
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