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Found 8 results

  1. in Addition to the last Topic "Speeding up Lady J" i've read a very interesting sentence. "I dont take her er pretty often, cause of the strategies and schemes". so my minds are spinning around i hope for some helping needles. Speed is a General Problem on Guild-Models i think so. Right? I'm still a rookie in Malifaux and playing always Guild. I only have Sonnia and Justice on Board with some other models (such as DMR, Brutal Effigy, Witchling Handlers, Guild Astringers..) . I'm learing by doing different schemes and change only 1 additional model. But i think i'm not as efficient as i should be or can with the right Master to the right schemes and strategies. So i hope to see here some effective tips. What are youre experience with the different Masters. What Schmes are you like to do with then. I dont Need "Building Lists" only MAster and the favorite Stratege/Schemes with them. Thx for your participation. Greetz Maniac-Eye
  2. Hello Malifauxers, I have this idea so I'm putting it here to see if there is any interest. The idea is an ongoing thread where you generate a set of strategies for yourself assuming you are playing against the faction of the previous poster. You write a 50 soulstone crew list you would take against the previous faction and explain what schemes you would be going for and how you might deny your opponent VPs. I'll start.... Since my primary opponent is a Guild player, I'll assuming I am facing that faction with my list. I'm going to use @malifauxschemes on twitter to generate my strats and schemes. Faction: Resurrectionists Strategy: Interference Schemes: Convict Labor, Exhaust, Show of Force, Search the Ruins, Occupy Their Turf Deployments: Flank McMourning - Plastic Surgery - Moonlighting Sebastian - Those Are Not Ours! Mortimer - My Favorite Shovel - Transfusion Rafkin - Transfusion Zombie Chihuahua Nurse Crooked Man x2 7 soulstone pool The List The concept behind this list is that Sebastian and Mortimer would move to the center of the board, either scoring or contesting for Show of Force. They would work together to get out one Canine Remains a turn at least. I gave Mortimer My Favorite Shovel so he can drop a corpse and still walk or Fling Rot. This also means I'm not dropping more corpses than Sebastian can make uses for. A Crooked Man would pair up with with McMourning and Rafkin, each pair heading to opposite corners of the board. The Nurse would likely go with McMouring and the Zombie Chihuahua would go with Rafkin. That way I have Expunges on either corner of the board and McMourning gets more poison support to take advantage of his Catalyst bubble. Getting VP Convict Labor is an option with Crooked Men having finish the job. I think there ability is better for Search the Ruins which I like better since it scores at the end of the game, making it harder to deny. I'm going to pick Show of Force since I want Mortimer and Sebastian center so the dogs can run into whatever table quarter needs support. I dont like to pick Occupy Their Turf with any diagonal deployment. I think it's harder to get deep enough into the enemy's side of the table. I'll basically be cutting the board in half diagonally, hopefully stopping my opponent from getting models in behind me. Dealing with the Opponent Against Guild, I took the Crooked Men as there will likely be shooting from my opponent. Even if I see Sonnia, I feel my models will be spaced out enough to reduce her blasts. I would have to be very careful if my opponent brings Lady J and Death Marshals to box my key units. If my opponent picks Exhaust, he'll likely be getting full points unless I am careful with my activation order and make sure he only has a Canine Remains to put Exhaust on, which I don't feel bad about killing. Mortimer's Chatty bubble can also help deny Exhaust interacts and makes Search the Ruins harder. I feel good about Show of Force and Rafkin can jump into the center if needed. Guild Watchers could fly past by line and get into my zone of Occupy, but hopefully I can stop most models from getting past. Now it's your turn.... Generate a scheme pool, Gaining Grounds, standard, doesn't matter. Write a list against Ressers and tell us how you'd win!
  3. Just putting this out there. I rarely get a chance to play at my local store and I don't want to foul things up for Neverborn, lol
  4. My friend and I took too long with our WMH game yesterday, so I didn't get to run a Malifaux demo for him. I got bored and started theorycrafting lists for given strats and schemes. I had a few decent ones, but I felt like I hit my groove with the fifth draw: Flank Deployment Strategy: Squatter's Rights Scheme Pool: LiTS, Bodyguard, Cursed Object, Distract, Deliver a Message Looking at it, I decided one good solution would be to put together a crew that could deny the ability to claim squatter markers, and Distract and Cursde Object looked to be a fun (if annoying) way to do it. Who best to do it? Lilith and Co. Lilith +Beckon Malifaux +Wicked Mistress +Rapid Growth Candy +Depression Mature Nephilim +Obsidian Talons Terror Tots (x3) Sorrow Silurid A brief breakdown of my thinking here: Lilith: our foxy beatstick... doI really need any other reasons? No, but I'll list some anyway.Wicked Vines is a nice way to pin a model down, keeping it from reaching a squat mark.Comine this with Transfixing Gaze, and you can bring some annoyance and 3 damage. Addin the Illusiry Forest and you could really mess someones day up, as I don't see anything that supercedes both damages taking place. Evil. I'm not really sold on the Rapid Growth upgrade, other than to maybe grow some of the brood into something more dangerous. Candy: Sweets and Sours could be fun in a Strat where minis might have to move. Plus healing is never a bad option to have. Best Behavior looks fun, but Melancholy sounds like more fun in this scenario, especially as I've brought her for possible activation manipulation. Mature: Do I even have to explain his inclusion? Big zone for engaging models, brutal as hell, and Wing Buffet may be just the thing to clear enemies out of the way so he can claim a squat mark himself. Obsidian Talons because there are a few nephilim in the list. Tots: Speed, speed, and more speed. Given what I gave Lil, I might be able to set up some pounce attacks. That would be gravy. Mostly there to hand out distract and cursed object, maybe claim a squat mark or two. Sorrow: "You really do have a skull full of maggots! Sorrows suck!" Keep saying that. For this list, I can't think of a better emergency engagement tool (Misery loves Company). Also, the crew does bring a decent number of Wp duels, so why not add death-by-a-thousand cuts to a list with Lil and a Mature? Silurid: Speed plus. Thinking I could jump him up early to grab a squat mark, then pull him back to harass. Thoughts?
  5. Hi all, just finished my second big tactics article, this time on Mei. Starting off... In keeping with aggressive pose, Mei Feng is a powerhouse and anchor of her crew, which I quite enjoy, as I tend towards support commanders, so I'm very much in to the idea of a strong commander who can still run support a little. She's got a bit of an odd character because, while she's a bouncing death ball and has some useful defensive support, it's her Henchman, Kang, who brings more of the power and offensive support to the crew. Link to the main article
  6. Hey folks, Assuming that you have all the models at your disposal, which of the Arcanist Masters is best at Reckoning? Who would you also add to the crew? Thanks!
  7. This might be a dumb question, but being new to the game, I've read over a lot of information online over the past week or so before plunging into my first game. One of the things I'm still unsure of are schemes. Have schemes changed in 2e? For example, the PullMyFinger Wiki makes mention of announcing schemes for extra VP or keeping them hidden for fewer. It references announcing the scheme Assassinate, but according to my 2e rulebook, you aren't allowed to reveal Assassinate until you kill the target character. This has lead to quite the confusion (and a little arguing) with my partner over the general guidelines for schemes.
  8. Hi all, i have collected all of my little projects into this thread. I thought it would be a nice starter bundle for anyone. Lazyfaux. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/LAZYFAUX_M2E_v2.htm Deployment, Strategy and Schemes only one click away. Counters. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/counters.pdf All counters you'll need. The Red and Black joker ones are generalized scheme markers (you won't need more than 2 types for each match...), the rest are for strategies. Scheme and Strategy Cards. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/schemes_1-9.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/schemes_10-13_etc.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/strategies_last_scheme.pdf A minimalist design of scheme and strategy cards for those who like to hold their fate in their own bare hands. Crew creator excel file (wave1). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/m2e_crew.xls A little help for starting crews. It's not omnipotent, some brain needed for usage. Somehow i'm still amused how much free time i have had... Yosh
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