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  1. I am not sure but the style reminds me of Angel Giraldez.
  2. It was very hard to choose a single one but the Guild Investigator looks in my opinion the coolest
  3. Which Versatile models would you, people, consider hiring? Trying to figure out if I should start Explorer's Society by painting models from Wanderlust box or wait a month for English Ivan's starter box
  4. I use these and am very satisfied
  5. What Actions of Plague models do you, people, copy with Malifaux Child? Pustulent Tumors, Festering Wounds, Rat Snack aaand... that is all. Or am I missing something?
  6. @daniel sprayberry, you can now call me... The Herald od the Blighted Opossum! More Plague models would be definitely awesome It could maybe have a Tactical Action to hurt itself and leave behind a Young Blighted Opossum marker that would basicaly function as Diseased Ability in the form of a removable marker.
  7. From The Outcasts I own only the Plague Keyword, Barbaros (an impulsive buy) and the Paid in Blood box that is on its way. I started the Plague Keyword when M3E came and it is almost completely painted. Biiig almost though 😬😬 BTW, @Morkai5, if you look to the far right of the title of the form, it shows how many people have voted
  8. Would you kindly upload the episodes to Podbean as well?
  9. Looks at his Sarracenia rubra and wipes a single tear rolling down his cheek. "The wait is over, Sarrah. We've arrived." #teamplants
  10. Waldo's Weekly of rock-solid quality as always
  11. My guesses are following Heavy Metal Rift in the Union Waiting in the Wings Troubleshooters Poisoned Storm
  12. Yes, due to a single such Action. At least that is what I thought. I am a non-native speaker so I tend to misinterpret rules from time to time though
  13. I was scared for a minute that my Rats are being opressed just because I actually paid for the book Page 21 of the Rules Manual (free pdf), page 57 of Core Rulebook
  14. I always played it like this: Rat Activates, immediately ends its Activation, another one of my models Activates. My opponent's Activation. Rat Activates... Core Rulebook, Page 57, Chain Activation reads: Players ma not Activate more than two models in a row this way, unless they are Activated by the same effect. I thought that the same effect means... How to explain it 😕 The very same Action, not just an Action with the same name on a different model.
  15. Schemes and Stones podcast has an episode exactly about that - changes from M2E to M3E - called Welcome Back to Malifaux 3E, @Zolledine
  16. Thank you very much, @TheJoyInGaming. Very helpful
  17. I played Hamelin only 4 times so far, but I always have the same problems, @TheJoyInGaming. Your insight would be much appreciated. Winged Plague As a scheme runner the model has nothing to defend itself - no defensive abilities, Df 5, Wp 4, 4 Health. As a Pustulent Tumors missile it is too expensive and, once again, too soft to get to where it is needed. Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining about these models' rules, just trying to get better at using them Obedient Wretch Is she supposed to be taken only against Crews that have a lot of Armored/Shielded models? I do not understand her role otherwise. She is quite survivable but doesn't have a Attack Action to tie weaker models. Infestation? Also Analyze Weakness suggests that you would like to activate her early in the turn, but she doesn't have Severe Countenace, only Manipulative. How much do you focus on summoning Malifaux Rats, Replacing them with Rat King etc.? I don't, at all. I practically focus only on Blight and take it as an incidental bonus. Do you keep for Infestation Triggers? Have you ever sacrificed Stolen or Obedient Wretch to summon Rat King? Have you ever replaced Rat King with Rat Catcher? Thank you in advance
  18. Good read, @TheJoyInGaming One thing though, and I might have misunderstood you, Malifaux Rats do not have Engagement Range due to their Puny Ability.
  19. Hamelin is almost finished. Almost. Today I came back from 9 day family holiday and spent basicaly whole day sleeping. Unfortunately this means that Monthly Painting Challenge ends for me. But... This year I got further then previously and changed as a painter (been painting much more systematically etc.) My plans for the future: Finish Hamelin and post some photos at MPC - July. Continue to paint at least a model per month. Not sure which one will be next, because there are so many things I want to try. I want to try fur technique on Nix, worn leather on Rat Kings, Benny Wolcomb has a lot of skin etc. The end game is to finish all Plague models. Create a thread about my painting adventures - thoughts behind colour schemes, where I drew inspiration from etc. Phinntastic journey with a brush or something like that Attend MPC next year again Good luck and have fun, everybody
  20. "Hey! People of Wyrd Forums!" I cried. "Excuse me, coming through. Step aside!" "I said, make room. Make room! Since here comes a poem just for @Wintergloom." "I would have never guessed that me, a humble clown, could make you sad, break your heart and let you down. Believe me, for that I am truly sorry, but do not fret, my friend, and do not worry. Its like my mama said, there is always next time, plenty of opportunities in life to rhyme. Not that these announcements matter, but from a scratch, once again and better. People of Wyrd Forums, listen and hear that, I pledge Hamelin, master of all things rat."
  21. I pledge Hamelin for 15 SS I am not sure if I will be able to finish him this month since I am leaving for holidays in 10 days, which also means that I have to serve both weekends (I believe that is the right word Serve, as in hospital.). The colour scheme I chose is quite time-consuming as well. But I will give it everything
  22. Phinn: "I accept, your challenge." Diddick: "But I didn't challenge y..." Phinn: "Yet I accept!" The colourful clothes... I wanted to Hamelin be true to his original inspiration, The Pied Piper, who is usually depicted very colourful. Luring children and all, you know Half of his pants, sleeve, colar and coat will have purple and yellow diamonds and the other half is going to be in very dark purple. It's almost black actually, but I wanted to bring the colours closer together. For the same reason the shadow of the yellow colour is done by mixing purple in it I do not like to post WIP pictures because... I have to force myself not to add arrows with "Do not worry, this is not finished!" everywhere Hamelin's face was probably the first WIP photo I have ever posted now that I think about it. Here is another one though, ilustrating what I was talking about P.S. Do not worry, the pipes aren't finished The will probably be NMM dark gold.
  23. May Malifaux Rat is finished I wanted to try OSL - the rat is supposed to be sneaking through the darkness of sewers, lit only by a light of a torch in a distance. Proper photos will follow soon... ish. And as a bonus photo... Hamelin WIP @Caedrus, this brings me to another 2 SS
  24. I will finish my pledge, Malifaux Rat, probably in the last minutes of May. It is almost finished, but I felt inspired and have been working on Hamelin intensively lately
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