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I start this topic a kind of diary where I'll share with you a game reports and overall conclusions after my Viks games.

First a quick report from my last game against Yan Lo (big thanks for Owen for preparing this report):


For this game I decided to use for the first time Rusty Alyce and Malifaux Child.


- Although Alyce costs a fortune (12SS with upgrade) it brings a lot into the crew. She is very good shooter, she can summon Abominations (in that game I summoned two of them), she can allow Construct to reactivate (at small price of course :)). Also her 3'' 'no charge' zone is very handy as well. I was very happy with her performance.

- Malifaux Child - she (in my crew Child is a girl like all my crew) was casting Sisters in Fury like crazy allowing Ash Viki to utilize all her AP for slinging her sister. Apart of that it is very cheap activation giver. Her healing abilities are not great and depend heavily on good flip/having good hand. Still I'm pleased with her.

- Vanessa - very good shooting/healing support, also she is great when co-operated with Constructs. Plus when Sisters in Fury is casted she is quite good in melee which can surprise opponent greatly.

- Freikorps Librarian - we all know she is good...

- Viks - sling tactics... What else do we need to want :)

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  • 3 months later...

Last months were rather more painting than playing but still it was worthy.


Few sneak-peaks of my puny painting skills :D


Viks plus Vanessa and Freikorps Strongarm - these models were bought and painted as first models.



Then there was Lazarus and Desolation Engine:




In the meantime I got Rusty Alyce, two Abominations, Freikorps Librarian, Hodgepodge Effigy and Malifaux Child but sadly I haven't done them a family photo yet.


Next in the queue were: Johana and Lady Hans.






Next was Convict Gunslinger aka Sue and Performer





and the last so far: Miss Bishop



Next to be painted is Miss Demeanor and next week I'll put my hands on Killjoy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Few notes after the tonight's game - 40SS, Flanking Deployment

Strategy - Squatter Rights

Schemes - Line in the sand, Assassination, Murder Protege, Distract, Take a Prisoner


Gavin took Lady J (Badge of Office), Judge, Guild Sarge, 2x Guild Guard, 2x Death Marshall. As strategies: Distract and revealed Murder Protege on one of my Gunslingers. He had full 7SS in the pool.


Before game I decided to go for fun and check my newly painted models so I picked a 'fixed' crew: :D

Ash Viki (Oathkeeper, Survivalist, Wolf Tattoo), Blood Viki (Oathkeper, Mark), 2x Gunslinger, 2x Ronin and merc Performer. For schemes I took Assassination (I was hopin to gun down Lady J) and Take a Prisoner on Guild Sarge. I had 3SS in my pool.


After bloody battle I lost 6-9 but if I haven't forgotten I have Mark on Blood Viki the Judge would be dead earlier and anything could happened. Anyway few thoughts about the my crew.


Survivalist is decent but if something really wants Ash Viki death and have good chance to do it, then it won't help anyway. I was missing Synch Slaying upgrade a lot today and I should took that one rather than Survivalist. The other thing is that still it amazes me how Ash and Blood Viki don't have even weak defence trigger in MI like Bishop or Lady J have. Being a mistresses of swords and not having that... :D


Howling Wolf Tattoo on the other hand was so fun, especially when you have 2 Ronins and 2 Convict Gunslingers :D


And finally: Performer. Cost - 6SS but that 'lure' ability is sweet. Definitely I'll give her a go again.

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I concur on Survivalist - I've never found it particularly useful on Ashes. If she's in a position to be killed, she'll be killed. Also, it takes up an upgrade slot that could be far better used for Sisters in Fury.


I find Howling Wolf Tattoo to be a bit of a trap. It encourages you to take models with Flurry/Rapid Fire actions, and while there are some decent options in that pool, Flurry doesn't come up very often for me because I prefer to stay very mobile. Rapid Fire on the Gunslingers is great, but you can usually afford a card or two for that.


Ashes and Blood don't have Df triggers because they don't expect anything to still be alive after they've attacked. The best defense is a strong offence!

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Last night I had two 35SS games against Lynch.


First game: Close Deployment; Strategy: Squatter Rights; Schemes: Assassinate, Bodyguard, Take a Prisoner, Power Ritual



Jakob - The Rising Sun, Expert Cheater
Huggy - Addict
3x Illuminated


He picked: Assassinate and Take a Prisoner (Vanessa)


I took:

Ash Viki - Sisters in Spirit, Synch Slaying, Sisters in Fury

Blood Viki - Mark of Shez'uul, Oathkeeper



Malifaux Child


I picked: Assassinate, Bodyguard (Vanessa)


The game was very quick - close deployment plus sling-shot, fully buffed Blood Viki into Jakob's crew face could result only in one way (first turn kill of Beckoner and one Illuminated). After turn 2 Derek decide to call the game :D



Second game: Standard Deployment; Strategy: Turf War; Schemes: Assassinate, Protect Territory, Vendetta, Power Ritual

Derek with same crew picked: Assassinate and Vendetta (Vanessa)


I decided to go for fun so I took:

Ash Viki - Oath keeper, Sisters in Fury

Blood Viki - Mark of Shez'uul, Oathkeeper





I picked: Assassinate and for some reason Protect Territory. Why didn't I choose Vendetta, I don't know myself :D

Second games was bloody but not as quick as first one. After both masters were slain, I was deeply hurt when my perfect plan to kill Huggy was brutally destroyed by flipping Black Joker for the damage (otherwise poor Huggy would be dead for a second time in this game). After that I knew I'm gonna loose this game and after turn 3 I called it.

Well, to be honest at some stage of the game (before the tide was against me as I killed Huggy and one Illuminated at that stage) I had an option: to kill next Illuminated and cripple Beckoner which could result Derek not willing to play me again in the nearest future or do something less painful so I chose option 2 and spread my Viks and lose the game in the effect.


I didn't have I pay better upgrade with me last night and if I had I would swap Sisters in Fury for Survivalist on Ash and I pay better on Vanessa.


Anyway I really enjoyed last night games.

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thanks for the battle reports - I'm only a new player, and I started on Guild but I've got a much bigger outcast crew -- only played half a game with the Viks so far, so I'm interested in reading these reports!


My Malifaux Child and Vanessa arrived in the mail today, just in time for Arcanacon!

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Game report - 22.01.2015


35SS Viks (daniello_s) vs Nicodem (Derek)


Deployment: Standard

Startegy: Squatter Rights

Schemes: Line in the sand, Bodyguard, Protect territory, Plant explosives, Deliver message


Nicodem's crew - 6SS

Nicodem - Shadow Embrace, Necrotic King

Mortimer - Corpse Bloat


Bete Noire

Punk Zombie


Nico took: Bodyguard (Bete) and Plant Explosives (both not revealed)


Viks crew - 4SS

Ash Viki- Oathkeeper, Survivalist

Blood Viki - Oathkeeper, Mark of Shez'uul


Freikorps Librarian

Taelor - Scramble


Viks took Bodyguard (Vanessa) and Plant Explosives (both not revealed)


After deployment:



Nico is smiling (he doesn't know what will happen to his undead minions :D)



Turn 1:


Viks advanced towards the centre line. Mortimer removed his spleen and dug out a corpse marker.



Mortimer removed his spleen and dug out a corpse marker One of the markers Vulture carried out to the middle section of the table.



Nicodem started summoning so Taelor was happy to greet newly summoned Flesh Construct (Welcome to Malifaux) :D



Turn 2


Viks won initiative and started to hack & slash undeads. Flesh Construct fell to the Taelor's hammer - Bete Noir pop out so Taelor burnt soul stone to prevent damage - 3 damage was saved. Ash and Vanessa claimed Squatter markers.




Punk Zombie died slashed to pieces by Blood Viki in the centre of the table and newly summoned Crooked Man was smashed by Taelor. Ash and Vanessa claimed two Squatter Markers. Mortimer removed his spleen again so Nicodem summoned Crooked Man.




End of turn - Viks gor 1VP for Strategy. Score 1-0 for Viks.


Turn 3


Nicodem goes first.

Bete charged Taelor leaving her Paralyzed and on one wound left. Ash burned Oathkeeper and jumped on Mortimer killing him and a nerby Vulture.




Nico summoned Flesh Construct but he was swiftly killed by the Blood Viki before he was able to smashed Taelor and summons Punk Zombie near Ash Viki. Librarian claimed third Squatter marker. Vanessa dropped scheme marker near enemy models. Ash takes a hit from Punk Zombie.





End of turn 3 - Viks get 1VP for strategy and 2VP for Plant Explosives. Score 4-0 for Viks.

Turn 4


Nico wins initiative and summons Flesh Construct near Taelor.

Taelor hits Flesh but doesn't kill him  and then dies of Bete. Blood Viki kills Crooked Man. Ash takes a hit form walks and jumps with Blood on Flesh Constructs killing him.

Vanessa walks away to protect her (Bodyguard). Librarian comes closer to the party.






End of turn 4 - Viks get 1VP for strategy and 1Vp for Boduguard, Nico gets 1VP for Bodyguard and 3VP for Plant Explosives. Score 6-4 for Viks.


Turn 5


Viks win initiative.

Bete Noire dies (Blood Viki but buries herself). New Flesh Construct is summoned and healed by Nico with blast damage on Blood Viki.  Punk Zombie attacks Librarian. Viks jumped on the Flesh Construct but he survived. He tries to retaliate but with marginal effect. Vanessa heals her Sisters. Librarian retaliates and kills Punk and accidentally unburies Bete Noire then survives her attacks:D




End of Turn 5 and game. Viks get 1VP for strategy and Bodyguard. Nico gest 1VP for Bodyguard.


Final score: Viks 8 - Nico 5


Man (woman :D) of the game: Taelor - she killed loads of models and hold back enemy before she finally dies. She was awesome.

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Your board probably is ok for a Viks V nicodem (I'd say it is on the low end of ok, but at least there are some movement affectign bits in the big killing ground ), but if you had one crew with a decent number of ranged attacks, they would be pretty overpowered as you'd have almost no cover or line of sight blocking terrain.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Game report - 15.02.2015


35SS Viks (daniello_s) vs Leveticus (Eoghan)


Deployment: Coner Deployment

Strategy: Stake the Claim

Schemes: ALITS, Breakthrough, Protect Territory, Cursed Object, Power Ritual


Eoghan brought Levi with:


Levi (4SS pool)- To the Earth and return, Desolate Soul

Rusty - From Aether


2x Abomination

2x Waif


I took:


Ash Viki (3SS pool)- Survivalist, Sisters in Fury, Oathkeeper

Blood Viki - Mark of Shez'uul, Oathkeeper

Maliafux Child



Desperate Merc



Eoghan picked Power Ritual and Breakthrough (both announced)

I picked Protect Territory (not announced however I should :D) and Power Ritual (announced).


After deployment it looked like that:




First turn it was mostly positioning, dropping scheme markers for Power Ritual and Protect Territory and preparing for general onslaught.





However in second turn Levi was able to shoot Ash Viki i dropped her life to 3 wounds. I was able to restore her health (2 wounds remained) and in return I jumped out and killed one Waif. Blood Viki positioned herself to make a quick kill in the next turn as I was hoping to seize initiative and jump both Sisters on Abomination, Levi and nearby Rusty (I have hand fool of medium and high masks so I could trigger loads of Whirlwinds) - see photo below with charge being prepared :D

Johana and Merc run on the far side of the table to drop scheme markers (and then claim markers).





As usual, despite burning the soul stone to re-flip initiative I failed and Ash Viki died of Levi's charge and summoned abomination in her place (2x severe damage thanks to channelling). Then Levi hit Blood Viki for 4 wounds and buried himself... Cheeky bastich... Well, Blood Viki was completely pissed off so she charged two abomination the way she would be in hard cover from Rusty (both abominations died in process). Johana and Merc drop Claimed markers, Lazarus approached them and fire once hitting Johana (3 damage). performer positioned herself to lure Lazarus away from Waif. One abomination dropped scheme marker on the far side for Power Ritual scheme.





Upkeep phase: Viks 1VP for stake the claim. Score: Viks 1 - Levi 0



On turn 4 I won initiative! Yay! I decided to wreck havoc and Blood Viki killed abomination and Rusty Alyce (Whirlwind and Joker for damage on Rusty!!!). In retaliation Levi killed Blood Viki but I was OK as she dragged his attention for long time and killed enough models herself. Then Levi jumped in the base contact with Abomination in the centre sacrificing poor construct.

Vanessa positioned herself to claim VP points for nearby Scheme Markers (Protect Territory) and took defensive stance Merc charged nearby abomination (who dropped claim marker this turn) but did only marginal damage and Johana positioned herself to slain this abomination next turn and dropped scheme marker needed for Power Ritual.




Upkeep phase : Viks 1VP for strategy. Score: Viks 2 - Levi 0



On turn 5 Vanessa shot Levi with no result and took defensive stance again, Levi and second abomination dropped claimed markers, Merc and abomination traded some blows but with no effect. Lazarus came closer and Performer tried to lure abomination out of Merc but with no success.



I flipped 9 at the end of the turn so game was over.


Upkeep phase: Viks 3VP for Power Ritual and 2VP for Protect Territory; Levi 1VP for Stake the Claim and 3VP for Power Ritual.


Final score: Viks 7 - Levi 4



General observations:

- sling-shot is a must against Levi. With Waif being safely positioned and Rusty's charge denial ability it is the only way to harm Levi and his minions really, really hard

- Levi is a monster... Channelling is even worse :D

- I need to grab 1 or 2 Void Wretches as the objective runners. Desperate Merc is cheap and generally OK but a bit to slow :D

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Game report - 19.02.2015


40SS Viks (daniello_s) vs Lucius (Gavin)


Deployment: Flank Deployment

Strategy: Reckoning

Schemes: ALITS, Power Ritual, Deliver Message, Distract, Bodyguard


Gavin brought Lucius (and he played him the first time ever) with:


Lucius (don't remember any unpgrades on him) - 7 pool

Guild Lawyer

2x Guild Guard

Death Marshal

Francisco Ortega

Santiago Ortega (I think he had some upgrade but again can't remind myself which one...)


I took:


Ash Viki (3SS pool)- Sisters in Spirit, Sisters in Fury, Synchronized Slaying

Blood Viki - Mark of Shez'uul, Oathkeeper

Maliafux Child

2x Convict Gunslinger


Desperate Merc


Gavin announced his schemes: Deliver the Message and Power Ritual

I announced one scheme: Power Ritual. Other I kept secret - Bodyguard on one of the Convict Gunslinger girl (black-haired one).


I won the flip and decided to deploy first.

After deployment it looked lie that:





Turn 1 was and advance into positions - I was preparing for second turn sling-shot, Gavin came closer to two table corners to drop scheme markers.


Score: Viks 0 - Lucius 0


On Turn 2 - I tried to kill Guild Guard with Gunslinger and his Rapid Fire but I failed miserably (1 wound inflicted...), Guild Lawyer 'cursed' Bishop so whenever Bishop hit someone in close combat would suffer one damage plus he Slow him down. Bishop used a chance and charged Lawyer killing him (and he suffered 2 wounds in process). Guild Guards hid behind building (where Lawyer died nearby). I have sling-shot fully buffed Blood Viki between Lucius and Marshal but again I failed miserably and did nothing to Lucius (soulstones were used) but I killed Marshal. Lucius used his movemnet trick with scheme marker and switch places with Francisco. Then Ortegas tried to kill Blood Viki but this time I had a lot of luck plus I burned two soulstones to keep her alive. Thankfully Child casted healing on nearby Ash successfully so Blood Viki came to life (at least a bit).


(Below - Bishop starts her killing spree. Scheme marker in the corner are Lawyer remains...)




Upkeep phase Turn 2: Viks +1VP for strategy;

Score: Viks 1 - Lucius 0


On Turn 3 Guild Guard tried to Menace Bishop with no success and paid this try with his life.

Blood Viki traded hits with Francisco - she was barely harmed and Francisco was left with one wound remaining. Santiago tried to kill Blood but again she survived with small scratch only.

Desperate Merc run towards Bishop in the other corner of the table. Lucius run and dropped scheme marker in third corner.

Gunslinger and Ash positioned themselves to strike next turn.


I announced Bodyguard scheme now.


(Below - Ortegas dance with Blood Viki and Ash and Gunslinger slowly join the party).




Upkeep phase Turn 3: No VP scored by either side.

Score: Viks 1 - Lucius 0



On turn 4 Gavin won initiative and used Francisco's action to get in base contact with Ash and did a swing but missed. I couldn't understand why he did that but the he explained that his next activation would be to run Lucius, drop scheme marker/swap places with Francisco and then Deliver the Message. All would be fine if not my Blood Viki who charged Santiago they way that she was also 2'' from Lucius. And because I had very good hand with high Masks I was able to swing at Santiago like a mad and in the same time trigger Whirlwind on Lucius - both guys were dead by the end of her activation.


On the other corner second Guild Guard took a peek from behind the house corner and tried to Menace Bishop with little success. In return Bishop killed this Guard. At this moment the game was almost over as the only model's left for Gavin was Francisco.


Ash Viki easily killed Francisco and run towards third corner to remove Gavin's scheme marker.

Desperate Merc dropped scheme marker in second corner and move b2b with Gavin's scheme marker.



Upkeep phase Turn 4: Viks +1VP for strategy.

Score: Viks 2 - Lucius 0


Turn 5 was quick - I removed two scheme markers and denied Gavin 2VP for his Power Ritual.

Game ended this turn.


Upkeep phase Turn : Viks +1VP for strategy, +3VP for Bodyguard and +3VP for Power Ritual; Lucius +1VP for Power Ritual


Final score: Viks 9 - Lucius 1

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This Thursday I have scheduled a re-match with Lucius but I'm really tempted to play Levi for the first time.


I came up with idea of steady supply of card and soulstones using four things - Tally Sheet on Levy, Hodgepodge Effigy (and his Loyalty to the coin) and Abomination hurting self-repairing Lazarus.

Just to clarify one thing - when I kill model with Levi who was 'blessed' by Hodgepodge - which trigger goes first: Tally Sheet or Loyalty? Basically I wonder if first I draw the card and then discard one to get Soulstone or first I need to discard the card to get Soulstone and then draw card for Tally Sheet?


Also if I have already 6 cards in my hand and I draw the card for Tally Sheet then I need to discard one card immediately, right?


PS. On the subject - is there any way to change topic name? I wouldn't mind to rename it to 'Viks and Levy on the job' :D

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