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  1. kross1

    Student of Conflict a totem?

    Technically, I suppose, but it came in the box, was a sister and a totem..... Not complaining, just curious.
  2. kross1

    Student of Conflict a totem?

    The fast trick can be nice with any crew, that drops scheme markers, 5 pts doesn't seem to bad.
  3. kross1

    Student of Conflict a totem?

  4. kross1

    Student of Conflict a totem?

    Like it says, and if not how come the Viks don't get one?
  5. Already downloaded it, nice job!!
  6. kross1

    The Viks

    I've been playing the viks for the last few games and while the the sling shot/ Scion are both undoubtedly good, sometimes it can be counter played or terrain is bad for it or so forth. Plus with Marlena in the mix, I have been trying to leverage more out of Ashes. I've been playing pokeball Viks and it's been a lot of fun, both for me and my opponents. In my last game, I managed to get a Dragon's bite off, with sister's in fury on Ash and Vanessa, and Blood just with the Mark on a executioner, killing it and, 2 watchers, and putting a bruising on Nelly, phiona moved twice, then Dragon's flighted Nelly, pushing into the printing press, killing it and burying, next turn Nelly pushed Ashes towards Phiona makes Phiona fast, child casts fury, Phiona drops debt and charges Blood, does 4 twice dropping here to htk. Then killing, but wait, soul tether goes off, Blood is back to 6, w/Htk. Vanessa is slow, walks within 6 of Phiona and drops Blood. Blood could've charged, but I went with a slow Ash and Dragon bite Phiona dropping her to 2 after all the Sister attacks and prevention, Finished her off with Blood on my next Activation. Glorious!!
  7. I'll be there, probably w/Clay....
  8. Impossible to read on a mobile phone.
  9. kross1

    Any ideas for Toshiro conversions?

    I gave him Kang's hat & put the the partial ashigaru from the Yan Lo model in front of him. So now it looks like he's doing what Yan can't.
  10. kross1

    Any ideas for Toshiro conversions?

    That's an Izamu proxy.
  11. kross1

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Shadow Emissary'

    They're bigger. Takes the same amount of space in my case, as 2 Joroguomo.
  12. kross1

    Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    I have a HH tourney coming up in a week or so, and i think i may go with this: Oftoto w/ call thunder 3 ss cache Sidir w/ promises Chiaki w/ pull of the grave Clock work trap Trying to slow everything, then beat it to death w/ Ototo. Works well with McCabe, should be able to handle this.
  13. kross1

    McDonald's Resers

    This is terrifying.....
  14. kross1

    Levi + rat engine = NPE

    While its unlikely that Aionus will kill Killjoy, he can wound him to the point one of your other models can take him out with minimal effort when he does appear.
  15. kross1

    Levi + rat engine = NPE

    Bring shooters, start shooting rats in his backfield. Anytime i hear outcasts, i bring shooters. Bring friekorp trappers, if you have too. Its 14 pts. If you don't have that, push your regular shooters forward make them the target the rats. Spread out, so if you can't kill the rats, Killjoy and the Viks don't punish you to badly.The majority of their list is the killjoy bomb. Make them pay for it. Take Aionus and kill Killjoy before he gets unburied. If not just kill the rats. If killjoy isn't close enough to charge you, he has to charge his own crew. It's a one trick pony. Play some "friendly" games against it