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  1. Butterfly jump needs a cost, be it a trigger with a suit, a discard or something...
  2. Terrain looks pretty sparse, was it a factor?
  3. The effigy, a rogue necromancy, night terrors, Asura Rotten, Archie, and the Forgotten Marshall, to name some that fit with what he has.
  4. I would rather have a way to help, get "At Gunpoint" off, then turn them into fast-bots.
  5. So is anyone getting any use out of these guys? In my Parker Crews I have yet to find a place for them, they compete with Bandido's for space (scheme runners/ hunters), and not as good at it. Has any one ever got a meaningful action out of "At Gunpoint", hell, even card? Then the anti- synergy of their grit ability, w/ At Gunpoint, and more broadly how Parker plays. Parker wants to use enemy markers, not feed them to Dead Outlaws to keep alive. Basically Dead Outlaws suck... So how do we fix them? My humble opinion, and the easiest option is build the tome into the shoot. It solves the problem of making At Gunpoint useful, provides fodder for their heal, and buffs bandits and tormented. Thus cementing there place in both crews.
  6. The same, none of the games where beat downs. I just don't think you can judge how a crew operates, by playing once and calling it good, broken, or bad. I just played 4 games with the same crew, and happened to win them.
  7. Haven't been powergaming, I have been testing the same crew in whatever, situation they find themselves. The one game of reckoning I played was against Hoffman, and they did remarkably well.
  8. Nope, I have had 4 wins with this list. Haven't felt the need and I like to have some starting SS, for suits and what not.
  9. You have everything you need to play. I like Parker, Doc, Emmisary, Mad Dog, Sue, 1 Convict Gunslinger, & 2 Bandido's w/5ss remaining.
  10. A time on dead outlaws would be reason to bring them, otherwise they are just fast-bots for Jack Daw.
  11. Got another Hoffman vs Parker game in! Great battle my crew bounced off of them, well except for Maddog. He lived up to his name taking at a good chunk of his crew, but I had to sacrifice Sue & the Convict Gunslinger to keep him free to do it. Stickup does very little against Hoffman's crew, so I just had Parker ping models drop scheme markers, the damage allowed my minion to do search the ruins and plant explosives easily, and & Drop it fed my crew markers for fast. They did all the work for me scoring, while the rest of the crew distracted Hoffman's crew. So much fun!
  12. So the whole crew is broken because 4 model have a 5+, one of them a master, the other his only enforcer, plus the convict gunslingers? The gunslingers are still the only 2 that fulfill your criteria. My opponent didn't feel overwhelmed by my shooting, or my movement. Granted I only played one, but I shudder to think what it would be like to play Titania or Raspy, without it. We also played with alot of terrain which helped. Plus he played cagey, my master was stunned, injured and staggered with Phiona ready to deliver a message at the top of turn three, and Sue was chasing around a sneaky Watcher that was shooting shockwaves out it ass. My Mvp was Maddog Brackett who blasted the Guardian 2" back and with the next blast caught Mechanical attendant and Hoffman in it, killing the guardian with a severe on a negative flip. There where a lot of fun moments for both of us in the game.
  13. It might be your board also, if they're easily moving about, and getting multiple shots without cover or concealment, you probably need more terrain. You'll see lots of models feeding them there actions (via scheme dropping), which will in turn limit the rest of the crew. With crews like Rasputina, Kaeris, any crew which manipulates terrain, will dominate a Parker crew without it. Armor also helps mitigate this alot.
  14. Yin's in Resser's, right after Manos, right before Reva.
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