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  1. I've been mainlining the Viks and Parker and find all 3 of our upgrade not worth the tax anymore. I would rather have the stones...
  2. Yeah, I get it . I've been making Viks and Parker since the beta. I've been playing since 1.5 and have multiple crews in several factions, but life keeps me from playing as much as I like. Thanks for sharing your perspective!
  3. I was curious, for the reasoning. I've noticed most of your posts deal with Hamelin and why you chose bandits instead.
  4. I wanted to play Hamelin, but when I saw the encounter I wasn't sure how it was gonna perform, and I must admit I change my mind. Not gonna happen again. Also want to see how they perform. Why?
  5. kross1

    Zipp in OC

    I just wanna see someone play this: Zipp Earl Von Schill Mancha Roja Wrastler Wrastler Wrastler Just sayin'...
  6. Butterfly jump needs a cost, be it a trigger with a suit, a discard or something...
  7. Terrain looks pretty sparse, was it a factor?
  8. The effigy, a rogue necromancy, night terrors, Asura Rotten, Archie, and the Forgotten Marshall, to name some that fit with what he has.
  9. I would rather have a way to help, get "At Gunpoint" off, then turn them into fast-bots.
  10. So is anyone getting any use out of these guys? In my Parker Crews I have yet to find a place for them, they compete with Bandido's for space (scheme runners/ hunters), and not as good at it. Has any one ever got a meaningful action out of "At Gunpoint", hell, even card? Then the anti- synergy of their grit ability, w/ At Gunpoint, and more broadly how Parker plays. Parker wants to use enemy markers, not feed them to Dead Outlaws to keep alive. Basically Dead Outlaws suck... So how do we fix them? My humble opinion, and the easiest option is build the tome into the shoot. It solves the problem of making At Gunpoint useful, provides fodder for their heal, and buffs bandits and tormented. Thus cementing there place in both crews.
  11. The same, none of the games where beat downs. I just don't think you can judge how a crew operates, by playing once and calling it good, broken, or bad. I just played 4 games with the same crew, and happened to win them.
  12. Haven't been powergaming, I have been testing the same crew in whatever, situation they find themselves. The one game of reckoning I played was against Hoffman, and they did remarkably well.
  13. Nope, I have had 4 wins with this list. Haven't felt the need and I like to have some starting SS, for suits and what not.
  14. You have everything you need to play. I like Parker, Doc, Emmisary, Mad Dog, Sue, 1 Convict Gunslinger, & 2 Bandido's w/5ss remaining.
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