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  1. Good morning Wyrdos! This is just a late monthly reminder that Malifaux is alive and kicking in Lubbock, TX! You can find us playing at Stormcrow Games, 2155 50th St, Lubbock, TX. We have changed out game days from Sundays to Fridays at 6:30PM to ??? (the ??? means we party -er, I mean- play until they store gets tired of us and forces us out). Come by with 50ss of your favorite crew and hang out. And if, for some reason, you're not hip to the Malifaux scene, we are always happy to give out demos! Also, if you're in town any other day and want to play, give me a shout or visit Stormcrow Facebook Community Group on (you guessed it) Facebook and you'll be sure to find someone willing to give up a Tuesday evening for a game.
  2. I was told that Nicodem may have dedicated his necromancy towards pursuing immortality. Ressers on the whole have differing goals and philosophies that drive what they do. That being said, Necromancers really aren't tied to the traditional principles guiding the Guild or the Arcanists. Of course, this is all just how I interpret the lore!
  3. I just saw the bit about the Resser warehouse. Is that associated with any one Master? I'd imagine a Seamus-type would react differently than,say, a Molly-type.
  4. I could see the Guild taking the opportunity rally public support, whether they actually care about the buildings or not. If they were waiting for an excuse to go after an opposing faction, or to just gain more control under the guise of "being tough on crime", this will be it. I could see an inflammatory, rabble-rousing article being printed in the Tattler and/or a noticeable increase in Guard hostility towards the local populace or certain social-economic communities. Does the Guild know if the buildings were destroyed through magical or mechanical means? Will there be a rumors of people disappearing from their beds in the middle of the night accompanied by whispers of Criids' name? If the Guild escalates into this obvious totalitarian style of government I very much doubt that the M&SU would stand idly by as (as far as I know) one of their strengths lies in public hatred towards the Guilds' overbearing presence.
  5. I can't wait to get McCabe on the table and tramplin' and stampedin' over everybody! #TrampStamp
  6. It seems, after some reading and re-reading, that the former is correct and the example could have used some extra attention from the editor.
  7. I mean, who doesn't love a system that actively encourages to fail? You're a dabbler that just embarrassed himself by failing to cast a fireball and instead singed the sleeve of your shirt? Draw a card! How awesome is it that you can only take certain talents if you have a negative in an aspect?
  8. With Malifaux back in business again we are going to hold weekly open demos for 3E! Who? Me. You. Everybody. Everything. Except for possums. What? Malifaux 3rd Edition When? 6:30PM to 10:30PM Where? Stormcrow Games: 2155 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79412
  9. The best thing about Basse is his ability to gain control of the board right away. Take advantage of Home on the Range and From the Shadows to position your models to target choke points choke points if there are any and get the jump on S&S. Dust markers, Slow, and staggered can be used to severely choke out their action economy.
  10. Ha! Did I just get someone in trouble? 🤔
  11. I appreciate the input. I plan on doing the bulk of my playing through my phone as the cost for 70+ cards would ridiculous, but I definitely play better with cards in front of me. I'm really only looking to print the remainder of Basse's crew as he will be my main master. #BasseClass
  12. With the lack of faction packs available to a decent amount of us -unless you want to shell out $50 on amazon (gulp)- printing the cards seems to be one of two options (the other is just using your phone). So, does anybody have any suggestions or instructions on how to print the released pdf cards so that they measure 70mmx120mm? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Congratulations to the staff at Wyrd for accomplishing this monumental project! Everything looks beautiful. I can't wait to take what y'all created and show it off to the nerds at my store.
  14. I find that one of the best things a DM or FM can do is be consistent with rules. Maps allow for this to happen, especially when players choose feats or weapons that are ranged, movement, or reach dependent. It's not fair to the player who spent a talent increasing their speed if the distance between the combatants aren't being tracked. On top of that, I feel having a map forces them to be more involved and tactical in their decision making, which really forces teamwork and character synergy.
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