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  1. Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, TX is host to our ever growing Through the Breach community! We play every Tuesday from 6:30pm-11pm. All players are welcome! If you're new and want to sit in on a game, feel free to show up. If you're new and want to play, let me know; I have, like, 20 pre-made characters in my Henchman Binder. If you're an old hand and just happen to be passing through the area, give me a buzz. We'll be more than excited to host you other Wyrdos! -Anthony
  2. Hey y'all! It's been an uphill battle, but after enough pestering and (maybe) some big ol' alligator tears, I was finally able to get enough people "interested" in The Other Side! WIN! I will now be hosting TOS on Fridays at Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, TX from 6:30PM-11:30PM, which will take place alongside our regular Malifaux games. If you find yourself in the area and want to play a game on any other day pop me a message and we'll see what we can do! -Anthony
  3. This is a reminder that demos and regular games are being hosted at Fridays at Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, TX from 6:30PM-11:30PM. If you find yourself in the area and want to play a game on any other day pop me a message and we'll see what we can do! -Anthony
  4. Number 1: I apologize for posting this information super duper late. And- B: If you find yourself in Lubbock, TX, feel free to stop on by! This Saturday, November 9, 2019 (that's 232 Post Fortis to all the fan-boys and fan-gals out there!) Stormcrow Games (2155 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79412) will be hosting The Not-Quite-Halloween/ Not-Quite-Thanksgiving Malifaux Tournament. Registration starts at 11am with the tournament kicking off at 12pm. The entry fee is $5 for prize support. Currently, the prizes are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Last place certificates and a Saloon fate deck that will be raffled off. Every player has a chance to win the raffle, though placing in the tournament increases you chances at winning the raffle. Depending on the number of participants, we will have two two-hour rounds (50 Soul Stone hiring pools), and a third round for either team play or henchman hardcore (rules are found in GG0). The general rules, along with schemes and strategies, will be taken from Gaining Grounds Season Zero (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/5db9d54e3c4f652f768d593c/1572459855510/GG_Season_0.pdf). The exceptions for this tournament are: 1) Crews must contain a maximum of one Master 2) Dead Man Hand models are not allowed 3) Due to lack of player access to official models, proxies are allowed. Proxies must share their Master's/Leader's key word. Proxies must be easily distinguishable. The number of proxies are limited to 25% (rounding up) of the crew's model count. The set ups for rounds 1 and 2 (round 3 is super-secret-ultra-need-to-know!) are: Rough the first: Deployment- Flank Strategy- Plant Explosives Scheme- Detonate Charges Scheme- Breakthrough Scheme- Search the Ruins Scheme- Hold Up Their Forces Scheme- Take Prisoners Round B: Deployment- Standard Strategy: Turf War Scheme- Harness the Ley Line Scheme- Hold Up Their Forces Scheme- Power Ritual Scheme- Claim Jump Scheme- Vendetta Link to the facebook event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/985619745130003/
  5. Oh, it's definitely a new Explorers' Society Model. The emblem was included in the image. Hopefully a new crew with a new master!
  6. Thank you very much for the suggestion! The word doc is now a google doc.
  7. Thanks for the continuing replies. I'll spend the day researching and updating when time allows. I'll also work on tech/anti-tech pieces if y'all can get me a list. I know this list will include all versatile pieces and a select few (such as False Witness), but want to keep the selection limited for simplicity's sake (both for myself and new players!).
  8. And here I was, 2 pages away, looking at triggers! This was all I could find at the time haha
  9. I played my second game last night (KE vs CBM). We ran into a situation where my opponent was able to repeatedly attack my unit off of triggered actions. The atack loop went as follows: Adeodatos with Glory attacks with Arcane Barrage, cheats in a Red Joker to Trigger Reverse Cascade (Reverse Cascade: Take this action again), then triggers the ability Remnants of the Past (If a Fireteam in this unit cheated Fate, when that card would leave the Conflict, you may discard a card to draw the Cheated card back into your control hand.). With 3 cards in hand (one being a Red Joker) he was able to continuously cheat a mask to attack again and then pull the red joker back into his hand, only to cheat with it again to gain an additional use of Reverse Cascade. The problem is this: try as I might, I could not find anything in the Rules Manual that says you can't declare Triggers on actions that are the result of a Trigger. In Malifaux there is no way I can string 5 attacks because of Onslaught. But it doesn't seem to be the case in ToS. Please tell me I'm wrong!
  10. Thank you for all of the suggestions everyone! Keep them coming! I will be working on implementing the changes throughout the day. Also, if there is someone out there who thinks they can do a better job, for the sake of the community, feel free to kick me out and take the reigns! Haha I can't reiterate enough how unqualified I am at this... 😐
  11. I 100% agree. Any experience and skillful player can utilize just about any crew in any situation. This goes double when you're playing other experienced players who know your crews. Then the fun begins with bluffs and counter picks. My favorite thing to do is to take Lady J with LLC when killing Schemes are present and then just use her as highly effective (3 moves, a jump, and Ride With Me from Pale Rider) and unexpected scheme runner. This has worked really well with Plant Explosives and Breakthrough. But, like I said, this is merely a guide. It will be especially useful for new players who want a cursory knowledge on their crews strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully this will guide them towards some early wins and build confidence in themselves and their crews. I've seen players spend $50 on their crew, play them completely wrong (from a learner's perspective), and then never play that crew again. My plan is to have one for every faction that my meta plays. As a Guild player, I know I can't teach someone how to play Zoraida, especially since I've never seen her on the board. I also know that a lot of starting players down have the time, resources, energy, or inclination to devote hours on forums and discord server to learn how to play right out the gate. The least I can do for my small and hard-earned meta is to give them an easy to understand, quick-reference, training-wheels guide to their crews. *edit* Sorry if that felt a bit "ranty". I just wanted to reiterate the purpose of the document and avoid any other comments about how it could be an overly simplistic solution to a highly intricate problem. This is an excellent idea! I was initially going to just omit a master's name to show neutrality, but it might be better to color code or highlight. I was thinking about introducing deployment somehow, but couldn't figure out how to fit it in the graph. Admittedly, I'm pretty bad at this kind of stuff. If anyone can figure out an optimal way to include Deployment, let me know! Right now I'm doing keyword, but using the corresponding Master's initials as this takes up less space on the chart. I would like to, in the future, expand on this once the Master section is completed. The new list will probably include all versatile models and key models that are worth the extra soul stone, like False Witness. *Gulp!*
  12. This! I've done exactly this same set up and boy is it fun! I usually back Justice and Judge up with a Domador and/or Steward with LLC on each to make them as scary as possible.
  13. Awesome! I'll definitely put those in the working reference sheet.
  14. There's some hate for ol' Loney that I can't fully understand. When I'm taking Lady J, I usually take him (if my opponent likes to spread out) or Pale Rider (if we're dealing with a bubble crew).
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